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Chapter 93 – With a Little Courage and Pride

[wp-night-mode-button] Since the start of the endless battle against the Tyrant Scorpions……More than 10 hours have passed. From that point onwards, the level of the scorpions gradually increased. On the other hand my sword just became weirder as the battle continued.   「It’s the 3rd molting!!」   Yes, the sword continued its pace of peeling

Chapter 92 Deadly Trap Road Floor 20

[wp-night-mode-button] TL:     Yuki ED:    Filip ________________________________________________ The next day, everyone woke up after hearing my stomach rumble. It looks like they started to consider my stomach as some sort of alarm clock.   「La Veil~It’s morning~it’s time~to~wake~up~」 「Muh~haaah~……good morning Arena. Master too, good morning」 「Hai, good morning. What are we having for

Chapter 91 Group Level Up ③ Underground Floors 7 to 19

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________ The next day, we went down another floor as we continued to raise the children’s levels and after a few hours, we finally reached the 11th floor. Perhaps due to proper meals and sleeping well every day, the children now looked much better and healthier compared to the first

Chapter 90 Group Level Up ② Underground Floors 3 to 7

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________ As we went down another level after everyone leveled up, I asked the kids to give the Pure Slime a name. She will be our new companion and definitely going to follow us for a long time, so of course I want a name for it.   After a

Chapter 89 Group Level Up ① Underground Floors 1 to 3

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ED: Filip   After entering the dungeon, we arrived at an open area of a forest. It’s in a different dimension after all. The adventurers already there were watching us suspiciously, but I started talking to the children and ignored everything else.   「First, those who are carrying patched bags, line up