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Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing He

  Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing Hero   TL: Yuki ED: Filip   ________________________________________________   「 Mou, you meanie. My face still hurts~……」   「 After this, you need to stop peeking at the Master’s underwear.」   「 Right 」   「 Uuuu~~~」   La Veil and the alter ego Aidle gave me a

Chapter 107 Air Travel Dream

TL: Yuki ED: Filip   「 Now that I think about it, that was an unusually forceful move on your part, Master.」   「 I can’t help it. It has to have that kind of impact. Besides, we have to use the name value of the martial arts association, right? You know, for the fun

Chapter 106 Cleaning Up the Remaining Troubles

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   「 Are you sure you want me to go with them?」   「 No problem. It’ll be easier for them to talk to the people there if there’s an adult around. They’ll need one, right?」   『 I was entrusted with that matter. Hurry up and get on, human.

Chapter 105 I just wanted to say 「 Thank you 」

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   La Veil ordered the 『 Blue Dragon 』 Lucretze to disperse the remaining adventurers. Lucretze didn’t know that she had come here either, so we asked him to tell us the whole story and why we ended up here. Well, we were all wearing hoods, you know. It’s no

Chapter 104 We meet here, but it’s been a thousand years

TL: Yuki ED: Filip  I practiced my fairy magic until midnight and came up with something gelatinous that just barely tasted like something, but I didn’t regret it.  So, since I think everyone was mostly asleep by now, we got into action. We put the kids on the Red Dragons and flew them out of