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Misaki’s Log Chapter 12

Finally had time to write…   Sigh, it’s been a while…   I will also do some revisions soon and will be announce on next chapter release…   I also have to add a lot of things on the character references and will be drawing the map of the current continent soon.   I am

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 89

Hello everyone…     I AM BACK!!!   A lot of stuff was happening IRL so I wasn’t really able to do anything… still a doing a lot of stuff so I might not be able to translate a lot this month too… Well, if my schedule becomes more open I will announce it…  

Daybreak Summoner Chapter 14

Hmmmmmmm…   I got distracted XD….   I’m currently learning digital art so my time got skewed…   I have finished chapters of fairies but I’m still reviewing it…   so for this will be for today…   sorry, I will also release some art pieces soon when my lessons are done XD…   btw

Kansutoppu!!! Chapter 62

Kansu~ Kansu~ Kansu~ Kansu~~~   Sorry for the very long sleep…   I was way too busy last month to do anything…   This month I have mostly free time now so I will be translating more XD…   Well if I don’t get too distracted by my gaming that is…   I’m also practicing

Chapter 88

And another fairy chapter today…   Nyaaa~~~~   I will probaby be going at this pace…   XD…   for now this is for today…   Chapter 88