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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 93

[wp-night-mode-button] I’m Alive… ugh… my family came earlier than expected so I had to accommodate them the entire time…   SIgh… things have finally calmed down now so I am able to upload…   For now here’s for today…   still prepping stuff for year end stuff…   I don’t know if I can upload

Goddess Chapter 24

[wp-night-mode-button] New Chapter!!!   Sorry for the late release~~~   Nya~~~ Will release more soon~~~   Here’s the chapter~~~   Chapter 24

The Beastman’s Goddess Chapter 23

[wp-night-mode-button] More chapters are coming soon…   As I am reviving everything I am currently in the middle of preparing stuff once again for translations…   Here’s a chapter for now…   Chapter 23

Chapter 6 Visitors and New Beginnings

[wp-night-mode-button] It had been a hectic month because of all that have happened after the incident.   The hunters who checked the location that Luna mentioned found nothing unusual with the place or its surroundings other than the strange pillar and grave that Luna mentioned.   After the hunters returned, the village chief sent people

Saint Mari Chapter 8

[wp-night-mode-button] I am back…   Yes I am still alive…   Sorry for the long hiatus…   IRL stuff are just making me more and more busy lately…   Not to mention every time I feel like I finally have free time to do stuff, something else would come up and take my time…