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I was Reincarnated Chapter 60

More Toto Chapter!!!     Still setting up for the next batch to work on, and I’m taking a break for a day or two to relax after getting my 2nd shot…     That’s all for today!!!   Here’s the chapter!!!   Chapter 60

Chapter 58 Giant

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   No, I mean, what are you doing here…   『 I knew it, she did die after all. 』   Helvetia said as soon as she saw Rikka-chan.   What do you mean by “I knew it”? Well, I mean, maybe the color of her eyes has changed, but

I was Reincarnated Chapter 58

More Toto Chapter!!!   I am currently trying to reach the goal of $150 optional direct donation, I have accumulated $40 so far, and it would really help me a lot if I could reach it.   For those who want to be patrons, I have posted more chapter on patreon now while limiting releases

I was Reincarnated Chapter 57

Toto Chapter!!! To those who didn’t see my announcement, I will post it over here too!!! Toto will be ending soon, it’s only be a few chapters left before the arc ends. I plan to go on super focus mode in Goddess next and complete it this or next month after Toto to clear up