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Chapter 9 Night of Two Moons

TL:Yuki   We have been hunting the Alps together since then, using a variety of skills. But the Dark Wolf seems to be only playing around.       I push the blood armament to the last target then took a break.       【Defeated Alp –Demonized- 3 experience points gained】      

Chapter 8 Alptrent

  TL: Yuki ……Oi. A few minutes ago, I definitely set up a very obvious flag.   「Ahahahaha……」   In front of me is the dark wolf sitting with its tail spinning around while gazing at me as if waiting for praise.   I was certainly brought to a place with a fruit bearing tree.

Chapter 7 Dark Wolf

  TL: Yuki 「……Nn, Haaah……」 After all the tension was released, I couldn’t help but sit down. My arm was still hurting, but it’s fortunate that my bones were not broken. After I killed the goblin, I could feel a surge of power entering my body. Was that experience points? Now that I think about

Chapter 6 First Battle

 TL Yuki Now, before starting my exploration of the forest, the first thing I need to do is…… 「Blood Armament」 This time, I clearly pictured what I wanted before starting the chant activation. That doesn’t mean that it would turned into some kind of special move though.  I have noticed this during storage and appraisal

Chapter 5 Storage, Appraisal and Natural Providence

TL: Yuki Now then, the next thing I would like to test is【Storage】. My range of actions would depend on the capacity of this magic. A small black hole appeared in front of me. My hand easily went inside when I put it in, and of course there’s nothing inside it. The stone disappeared when