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Chapter 44 Leticia

TL:    Yuki   ________________________________________________   “Na…!”   I gulped.   …No, there are cases where evolved Goblins are recognized as subhumans, and since they form such an advanced nest, it’s not surprising that some of them can at least speak. But it was still a shocking thing.   Without being upset about this, Black

Chapter 43 Black Knight

TL:    Yuki ________________________________________________   ◇   “Let’s go, Chibi, Youmu!”   I shouted, and we quickly packed up on the two Goblin Knights guarding the entrance to the nest.   “Gee! Giiiiiiiiii!”   One of the Goblin Knights notices this and turns to look at us, readying his weapon, but it’s too late. At

Chapter 42 Invasion

TL:    Yuki   ________________________________________________   ◇   She ran through the forest, taking Chibi and Youmu with her.   “…Damn.”” Damn.”   The words spontaneously flowed out of my mouth.   [Calm down Leticia, if you want to get in, it’s going to be a series of battles from here. Don’t waste your energy.]

Chapter 41 Side Story Luka Group 3

TL:    Yuki ________________________________________________   ◇   【Side:Gobsuke】   “Well… I guess we’re screwed.”   Luka Anego said as she walked through the Lord’s den.   Thanks to my master, I can’t speak to her, but I can somewhat understand what she says.   I can’t help but understand that feeling. Because the Lord’s den

Chapter 40 Side Story Luka Group 2

TL:    Yuki ________________________________________________   【 Side:Aya 】   ◇   With a thud, my fist plunges into a Goblin’s face.   Of course, I can’t kill him for the sake of taming him. I just put my fist on the spot where Goblin was going to run into it beforehand……   The counter, as