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Chapter 4: Toward the village 012 ~A horn was grown~

TL: Chinozuku ED: Yuki Awaken from the nap, when I stretched my hands upward, I realized something was different with my head. I tried to touch the base of my ears with both hands. ………….   My head grew horns…….   Dear father and mother in heaven. At last, I grew horns! No,   「Wh,

Chapter 4: Toward the village 010 ~Animal with strange scream~

TL: Chinozuku ED: Yuki 「Ah, Kuu! There are goat-like creature at the rock cliff, goat-like creature!」   Hee~ goat? they can climb that high~ that surprised me~. Kuu’s movement become strange when I thought about it.   「Kuun, kuun」 Kuu cried while hiding behind me.   Eh, what happened? those goats are magical beast? While

Chapter 4: Toward the village 009 〜Cute is justice〜 

TL: Chinozuku ED: Yuki   Now, let’s hunt some monster if we meet some!   For the time being, we started to move in the opposite direction from the lake where cool beauty is. While walking, we met with around 5 rabbit (?)-like monsters!   「Waah〜! Waah〜! There’s a lot of fluffy fluffy〜♪」   I