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Chapter 1 Lost in the Realm of Chaos

“Another day of hard work done.”


A woman in her later 30s sighed.


Her name is Rina Minazuki, a tech specialist on a certain black company. 


Like her usual days since she had entered the company, all she did was work, and work, a little socializing from time to time and rarely having vacations.


Her main pastime was to play after work, would usually be reading books or playing games.


“What game should I play today?”


She doesn’t have a specific genre as her favorite, and would frequently play the ones that peaked her interests.


Walking her usual route home, her vision suddenly started to blur.


“Huh, what’s happening?”


Confused, she did her best to calm down. But didn’t help her slowly fading consciousness. 


“Seriously, what…”


Without finishing her words, her consciousness faded.








Within the chaotic distortions in the boundaries of worlds, a being was leisurely doing its usual tasks in maintaining one of the newer worlds it had created.


After finishing its tasks, it noticed something strange withing the chaotic realm over the space that it resides in.


“Oh my, what’s this”


What it found was almost a spec of a presence within the chaotic realm, a lost soul who, luckily enough, took refuge within its domain.


“This is interesting, how many have passed since the last one visited my place?”


Curious, it scooped up the soul and scanned it to identify who it was and how it ended up in such a place.


“I see, she was caught up in a space distortion, how unlucky”


Now, understanding the circumstances, it contacted the being that might have been responsible for her demise.


“Hey, Yog, can you link me to the current manager of earth?”


It shouted in the chaotic, and after some time a part of that space distorted, forming an eye blinking as reacting to the call.


Moments later, the chaotic space became dyed in white.


The being also materialized itself into something humanoid, but barely looked human. A woman with 4 massive horns on her head, six pairs of wings that varied from angelic to reptilian like, arms and legs covered with scales and sharp claws, while black scale like armor barely covering her private parts, and 3 reptilian tail behind her.


She was known as Tiamat, one of the ancient gods who have also once been involved with earth.


She created a simple throne to sit on and waited for the current manager of earth to arrive.


Moments later, a golden gate appeared in front of her to which a human like being appeared with a face that one couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, and was wearing clothes resembling those of what the people of old wore.


It was this moment that the faith of the woman called Rina Minazuki would be drastically changed.