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Chapter 2 Awakening of the Lost

“Greetings Tiamat, I am the current manager of earth !@#!@!!#”


The being in front of her introduced himself in a language that would only be comprehensible to beings of the same stature as them.


He then continued.


“Why was I called upon your presence?”


Tiamat didn’t reply and just opened her hand, to which a vivid ball of energy popped out. That ball of energy was the lost soul that Tiamat found in her domain.


“That, how did…”


Not able to finish its reaction, Tiamat finally spoke.


“Do you have any Idea how this one ended up in my realm?”


Snapping out of shock, the being downheartedly reply.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t”


“I see, well that doesn’t matter anymore since nothing can be done as it had already happened. I’ll pass over her memory as to how she ended up in my realm.”


Upon checking the information that Tiamat sent, his face slowly cramped. He had always worked hard maintaining the world that is earth, but no matter how perfectly it was done, there would be some slip-up happening from time to time.


One such slip-up cased this soul’s life. Looking back at the soul and Tiamat, he was thinking of ways to make amends, and the two of them discussed it.


But first, they both decided to awaken the lost soul to listen to their discussion, which will very much decide the course of her faith.


“Then, for now, I shall awaken this lost soul”


A surging amount of energy inserted into the soul, and slowly it took the shake of a person.








Regaining her consciousness, RIna slowly opened her eyes.


“Huh, where am…”


What greeted her vision was a white space that covered the place and a giant who looked like a woman that was sitting on what seemed to be a throne.


She then realized that she was standing on top of the hand of that woman who was looking at her.




Shocked by her current situation, which was so abnormal, she was starting to lose her sanity.


Then a calm, soothing voice entered her ears as the giant spoke to her.


“Calm down, human, you are in the presence of a great old one”


Without knowing what happened, Rina’s mind started to calm down.


The giant then put her and to her surprise, even though there was no food underneath her, it felt as if she was standing on solid ground.


“Have you calmed down now”


Suddenly, she heard a different voice from behind her.


It was a voice so neutral she couldn’t tell if it was from a man or a woman. Turning around, she found herself faced with another being, so beautiful yet gender-neutral, her mind thought it was a trap.


“Shall we start the discussions then”


Hearing the woman’s words again, she turned back to the giant figure, only to find it shrunk to the size of a normal human and was walking towards her.