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Chapter 3 Arrangements for the Lost

“Let’s start with introductions then”


Rina nodded, not wanting to interrupt the woman in front of her.


“I am Tiamat, one of the ancient beings that once managed earth, you could consider me as something like that of an ancient god.”


Rina only nodded in response, still confused about her current situation. She then turned her sights to the other being.


“I am the current manager of earth, and well, as for my name, it would probably be too hard for a human to speak it so just call me Deus”


She also nodded in response. Then also introduced herself.


“I, I am Rina Minazuki, a Japanese woman working for a tech company.”


Tiamat only smiled in response. Then Deus asked.


“Do you still recall what happened to you before you ended up in this place?”


Rina thought about it again, replaying her the last of her memories. After finishing her work, she was tiredly walking back home, following her the usual route she takes to her apartment. At some point, her vision suddenly started becoming blurry and her consciousness started to fade.


The next thing she knew, she was already standing before these two beings, which were probably Gods. In her mind, she formulated the her situation resembled some of the novels she had been reading and following that thought, she realized that what might happen to her would be similar.


“Hmmmm, you have an interesting imagination. Well, it is not far from impossible to happen, though”


Tiamat commented as if she were reading her mind, which she did.


“I see, but first we should explain to you what happened and why you ended up here.”


Rina nodded, she also wanted some clarity as to how she ended up in this place.


“First, is that you have gotten yourself in a space distortion, which I would say was an extremely rare and unlucky event. The last one I could remember who have gotten involved in such an accident happened thousands of years ago.”


Dues said, which did surprise Rina, but she had already got a bit of a grasp on her current situation. It would have been either 3 things on her mind, getting caught in an accident and dying, forcefully summoned, or getting caught up in a random event.


“I see, so what is going to happen to me now?”


She asked Deus.


“That’s what we will be discussing from here on”


“I see”


“For now, let me ask you, what do you wish to do?”