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Chapter 4 Arrangements for the Lost

“What I wish to do?”


Deus nodded in response to her, then added.


“Yes, it was technically my mistake for not noticing that distortion which ended with you getting caught in it, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if not for Tiamat coming over and informing me about it.”


“I, I see, but speaking of wishes, would it be possible for me to return to life on earth?”


“Well, if I did some major tweaks, it would be possible, but do you really wish to return to that kind of life?”


Hearing Deus’ words, Rina thought about it again. for more than 5 year, she was just working, she doesn’t have any relatives anymore that she would need to care for since the her mother, father and grandparents have already passed away either from old age or some hearth disease. Even her hobbies doesn’t really bound her back on earth, and even she did have a few relationships, it were all failed ones.


Realizing this, her desire to return to earth was slowly fading in her mind.


She then asked Deus.


“What choices do I have other than returning to earth?”


Probably also reading her mind, Deus gave her a calm smile and answered.


“For now, there’s two, three at first, but you don’t seem to be interested in going back. It would either be to return to the wheel of reincarnation like all dead people do, or be invited into one of the worlds that Tiamat have created.”


Tiamat who was watching their interaction and haven’t really joined in was showing her a beaming smile.


“Hmmm, I still want to live and heaven’t really enjoyed my life, so if I won’t be burdened by something like saving the world or fighting something like a demon king, or getting summoned to some kingdom, then I am interested Tiamat-sama’s invitation”


Hearing this, Tiamat’s smile bloomed even more.


“I see, then everything should be settled with this, however let me give you a gift as an apology for my mismanagement.”


A ball of light was then handed by Deus to Rina, not knowing what it was, Rina asked Deus.


“What is this?”


“It’s a soul core, something like an unborn soul. When you arrive in any of the worlds that Tiamat would suggest, you could use that to create a life form that will become your companion. I would recommend a dragon though since Tiamat is also a Dragon God, it will definitely receive Tiamat’s blessings”


Hearing this, Rina looked at Tiamat, and Tiamat nodded as if to confirm what Deus said.


“Then, this should settle everything, I will be returning to my work now, I leave the rest to Tiamat”


After saying so, A big golden gate suddenly appeared behind Deus that vanished after he entered and closed the gate.


“Well then, Rina, shall we move over to my place?”


Tiamat who have been silent all this time said, after which the surrounding space distorted and before I knew it, we were inside something resembling a throne room, and Tiamat was sitting on top of the throne, with me standing on a carpet before the stairs of her throne.