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Chapter 5 Arrangements for the Lost

“Welcome to my domain, the Castle of Eternity within the Chaotic boundaries”


Tiamat declared in a smug tone as if boasting about it. She was emanating a presence of divinity that it made me want to kneel on the spot.


“You really are an interesting one, even archangels would bow before my divinity just by exposure from it.”


Tiamat said with an amused look on her face.




Switching her her cross leg, with one arm on her chin in a sloppy position, she answered.


“Divinity is what we so-called Gods exude, which is also the symbol of our power, and me as one of the ancient ones would exude a strong one compared to newly born gods or even the current manager of earth. Yet, you, a plain human soul, was bathed in such divinity that would make a normal human feel like they are being crushed, endured it as if it were only a little heavy atmosphere. That’s why you piqued my interest since the time I found you”


So that pressure a while ago that I felt, making me feel like kneeling was Divinity or rather Divine Pressure…, however, hearing this, I was surprised that I unconsciously asked.


“Found me?”


“Yes, for some reason, you ended up lost in my domain, weakened to the point of almost vanishing but still survived. If it was not for me, you might have already vanished in this chaotic realm. Even young gods don’t dare traverse this realm, after all.”


Tiamat then explained the details about how I was found and my condition, along with how she ended up in contact with the manager of Earth, resulting in this situation.


“That seems dangerous like a dangerous situation, though.”


“It is indeed, still, that might have been the reason why you can endure my divine pressure. Divine Pressure from Divinity is directly applied to one’s soul, and since your soul have endured pressure from the chaotic realm that even young gods can’t normally endure, it made you more resilient than a normal soul. I won’t even be surprised if your soul vessel could house a God.”


She then complained about not having any subordinates because the younger gods couldn’t last long in her domain. She did have subordinates, though, but they don’t reside in the chaotic realm.


“I don’t really understand, but what you mean is that my soul became strong?”


“That’s the short gist of it. Anyway, returning to the topic of inciting you to one of the worlds I created, what do you wish the world would be like? you can choose from a world similar to earth, a sci-fi word with technology that has advanced enough to travel space, or a world of sword and magic?”


“Is it really alright for me to choose?”


“Of course, since you have my interest, I would like to see what changes, your presence would do to the world itself. Some worlds have been stagnant, that I would usually send over people from other worlds to stimulate it. In your case, though, it would probably not just end up as a small ripple.”


“But I don’t really have a desire to change the world or anything of that purpose.”


“Don’t worry, just having the presence of a visitor would change the world itself, even if you don’t get directly involved. One such change that happened before was the improvement of the circulation of magic power in one of the magical worlds.”


“I see, if I don’t really need to do something, then it would be alright.”


She then asked me to pick the kind of world that I wish to go to… but well, that have already been decided, right? After all, Deus did give me that gift, so not taking advantage of it would just be wasting his consideration.