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Chapter 6 The World and Circumstances

After the exchange, what popped out in front of me were several holograms that seems to be worlds under she had created over time, they were like hundreds of floating marbles in front of me, and when I touch one of them, the visuals expands the world and a panel about the world on its side is shown.


It’s like one of those popular MMO games I’ve played that was sci-fi based, and we move from planet to planet. Tiamat then explained that what I’m seeing now is a reproduction similar to that, for me to understand it more easily. She also mentioned that I can sort or filter it to the type I prefer and after filtering it to with things like Fantasy, Magic, Dungeons, Game System, etc. the number of worlds narrowed.


I can’t even believe that all the things I have placed on the filter actually existed… 


“Um, Tiamat, am I right to assume that all that I have placed on filters actually work as I expected?”


“Well, what you have placed is pretty much just a broad identification, so it might not actually match what you were expecting. But the general terms like magic and fantasy is only based on the concept of your imagination, to which this system matches with what could be currently found on these worlds”


“I don’t get it, but I would just assume that putting magic and dungeons means that it would be a world where such things exist, right?”


“That’s about right if you simplify it”


“I see”


Looking back again at the worlds in front of me, there’s only 5 left after sorting everything. After checking the general information about each world, I noticed that they were all a bit too similar from each other with only a few differences like size, ecology of creatures, number of continents.


Out of the 5, I chose the biggest and oldest of the five. What I’m surprised though is even the oldest among them was only around 500 million in age, yet the there’s already proper civilizations and the wildlife and nature have already stabilized to a point where new evolutions or changes in ecology haven’t happened in over a million years.


“Tiamat, this world seems interesting, but could I ask why there’s only a limited variation of creatures?”


“That’s an interesting question, I didn’t expect you to ask something of that level and would just jump on the world like all others who I have guided before but, you are indeed different.”


“I may not look it, but I am quite a curious person, I even think about why fantasy stories and games have like a limited number of creatures within them, to which I thought at first that the developer just didn’t want to create so many creatures in their databases.”


“I see, well there is actually a simple explanation to that. I call it forced stabilization.”


“Forced Stabilization?”


“That’s right, knowing the history of your world, would you expect intelligent life to exist in a world so young?”


“If I based it on the theory of evolution from our world, no, I don’t think so.”


“That there is the answer, and as to why there is intelligent life in such a world, is that they were introduced into the world and not a product of natural evolution. A similar circumstance happened with the creatures.”


“At first, when this world was created, I have introduced a lot of flora and fauna from other stable worlds I manage, and because of the unique environment, creatures started evolution and mutation in a strange path, and unlike on earth, instead of spreading out the variations, they became narrower and narrower as the millennials passed by which end becoming the current generation of creatures that have fully adapted to the world.”


“I see, so it’s not that there were unaccounted creatures, but instead they have squeezed their evolutionary path to an almost singular point.”


“That’s right, they do exist, the singular point of every creature, like Fenrir for the wolves, Ancient Dragon for reptilian, and many more. Those creatures are the pinnacle of life forms in this world. Some have also received protection and intellect from the different gods that are managing that world”