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Chapter 7 Gods and People

“Different Gods? You don’t manage it?”


“No, not anymore, though I did have a hand in its creation and stabilization, after it have become stable enough to only suffer a few problems, I left the management to the lower gods. Ones who can’t yet perpetuate their existences. They were also the ones responsible for the introduction of intelligent life to the world.”


“I see, do they have the same responsibility as Deus?”


“Similar, but Deus is a much higher existence than them, and he was more of a manager than a god. Unlike in your world where there are almost no interference from Gods, in this world, Gods presence were still prevalent. This is because lesser Gods needs faith to continue existing.”


“Tiamat is also a Goddess, right? Don’t you need fate to exist?”


“For someone like me, that is not necessary anymore. Ancient Gods like me have already accumulated more than enough faith and have become a stable existence. We usually just live off chaotic energy that could be gathered in this dimension, and would from time to time create worlds on a whim.”


“That sounds like and old person on retirement.”


“That is what we are, though. And a Deity have reached this stage usually tend to not get involved with the lesser Gods, unless they are our subordinates or kin.”


“Sounds complicated.”


“Not really, it just means that we are old, and they are young. Of course, if a young God could harness the chaotic pressure of this place, it won’t be long before they could stabilize themselves.”


“Anyway, we are getting a little too sidetracked. Are you sure you want to go to this world?”


“Ah, yeah. Sorry. Yes, I do like magic and stuff and if it has game elements like status and skills.”


“Alright, then next is building a proper vessel that could house your soul.”


“Can’t I just be a normal human?”


“Well, we could build it close enough to being human, but a normal human body won’t be able to house your soul. As I have mentioned before, your soul have pretty much mutated to survive in this chaotic realm that even lesser would normally be crushed.”


“So I can’t be a normal human anymore, what races can I choose?”


“Let’s see, narrowing down to races that won’t give you any strange complication. would be…”


The Races she suggested were the following.


High Elf – A humanoid race with long ears and have the highest compatibility to magic. Also deemed as Elven Royalty at birth, regardless if the parents are normal elf. Any High Elf born are usually adopted by the another high elf, either to be trained or to become their successor.


Dragonoid (Ancient) – The Highest Variant among the dragon people, although indistinguishable to other races, dragonoids have a strict hierarchical status in which the most primordial of their race would always be at the top. They are not strict with anything else and respect power over everything.


Half Spirit (Spirit King) – Half Spirits have the closest resemblance to humans, except for parts of their bodies becoming an assimilation of elements they control. Sigils and Marks on their bodies would normally be used to distinguish the class they belong to, with the Spirit King class at the top.


Demon Kin (Demon Lord) – Also known as demons to humans, A Race of beings that have monster elements on their bodies and sometimes being blamed for disasters. They possess a strong constitution that is both compatible with physical and magical affinity, making them look like a better version of humans if not for demonic parts, which distinguishes them from other races.


Arc Angel – A race of humanoids that live in the sky and have high affinity with holy and light magic. They are sometimes mistaken for Divine Messengers because of their resemblance.


High Beast – The highest being among the beast race, which were known as the kin of divine beasts. They are mostly worshiped by beastmen as a divine entity that represent their gods.


Among the races she mentioned this are the 6 that caught my interest. There are also insect hybrids and fish people among them, but they were too weird for me. So I narrowed them down to these 6.