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Chapter 8 More Choices and Reincarnation

“So, have you decided?”


Tiamat asked.


“Is this the only choices I could pick?”


I replied, understanding what Tiamat mentioned, I know that there are other beings far better than the ones presented. I noticed this after reading details of the ones she presented first. The ones she presented were ones that would likely be able to integrate the easiest with society. 


“There are more that would be possible for you to pick, but those others were, in a way, could be called special entities, though. I won’t recommend them, even if those races would be most compatible to house your soul. Also, those unique entities can’t and won’t be able to reproduce. That’s why I would only propose it if you would want to go on the path of a loner. And as young being as yourself, I really don’t want you to go on that path.”


“It’s alright, I’d like to see it. I just find the previous races kind of normal. I don’t know why, but I feel like I can’t see myself as any of those. Though being a dragon kin seems nice.”


“I see, then see for yourself if you would like to be any of these”


Primordial Demon – The Pinnacle of Demons, also known as the origin of all demons. A unique being that could be said to be the blueprint of all Demonkin. Such being forgotten in history, but would sometimes return when the population of Demonkin is on the brink of extinction or a World Disaster was about to happen.


Dragon God – The Pinnacle of all Dragons, the same with the Primordial Demon, was also known as the origin of all dragons. Only one of this being is born in this world. This being was believed to be a force that returns the balance between nature and humanity, even though it was only the whims of this being to do so.




There were a lot of choices, around 40 more races with varying unique traits and were mostly non-human. After checking most of them, I found myself looking at a certain race.


Chaos Child – Also known as the emissary of chaos, sent directly by the Goddess of Chaos to do her bidding. A being that possess abilities that did not follow the rules of the world.


Yes, this one. This one is somehow attracting me, no, it would more explainable to say that my soul is wanting to resonate with this. I kind of understand why, though, the most probable reason was because my soul got reinforced by chaos itself.


I asked Tiamat for more details about this unique race.


“Um, Tiamat, what about this one?”


I handed Tiamat the translucent projection.


“A Chaos Child, huh, that feels nostalgic”


Tiamat smiled as if reminiscing something.


“What exactly is that unique being?”


I asked for further details.


“Hmmm, how to explain this, well you could say that this very being is me, or a part of me. It’s an avatar I use when I want to roam a world I create, sometimes just to watch over the current era, and sometimes to stimulate it to grow.”


“Wait, it’s not a being, but something like an avatar?”


“That would be the closest you could represent it. Well, it’s kind of complicated than just an avatar, but let’s leave those aside.”


I see, probably not just a normal avatar, and knowing a bit of mythology, it must be something similar to what Gods use to visit the mortal realm in those written scriptures.


“If it’s like your avatar, would I be able to use it?”


“Well, yes, I mean, I did mention to include everything that could house your soul. That is just basically a doll though that I created, so I can visit the worlds I have created. But like I have mentioned, if you choose this, you won’t be able to live a normal life, you won’t be able to have children, and most of all you will live with an infinite lifespan. Although you may still get killed because it’s not an immortal body.”


“I see, so I would have to decide between being able to live the closest to being human or completely abandoning it. But just out of curiosity, what would happen if I die?”


With a serious look on her face, she answered.


“Well, with your soul turning into a special kind, you will be returned to me. And would once again ask you to continue living a different life in another world or if you don’t want to continue anymore, I could wipe out your soul or absorb it. I can’t return you to a normal world reincarnation cycle any more after all, so that’s the only thing I could offer you.”


“Can’t I be converted into a normal soul anymore?”


“No, also your memories and individuality have completely mixed into your soul that it could not even be refreshed by a normal soul reincarnation system. So the only choices I could offer you now, are those 3, to reincarnate in another world by my power, to be literally wiped out of existence or to be absorbed by me”


I was a conflicted by her explanation regarding my soul, especially the devouring part, but I guess I have no choice in regard to that. And even if it was by accident, I did get under her protection and was offered a choice, even if could just literally have wiped out or devoured me on the spot. For now, I have decided on my Choice. I don’t know what details about that race, but I have decided to become a Chaos Child.