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Chapter 9 Chaos Child

“Oh, I expected you to choose something different but to think you have selected this one… I completely forgot about this one myself”


Tiamat chuckled, a face filled with reminiscence.


“Was there something wrong with my choice?”


Rina inquired.


“Not really, it’s just that this one made me feel nostalgic, and it’s not really a particular race. This one is kind of related to me after all”


“Huh, how so?”


“Well, you see, this one is something I used before as my vessel to travel down the lower worlds.”


Shocked by what Tiamat said, Rina asked again in panic.


“Eh, why was a God’s Vessel included in the choices?”


“That’s a mistake on my part, it’s been eons since I have last descended on the lower realms after all”


“Can’t you descend normally like other Gods from the stories I’ve read about?”


“I technically could, but that would spell the end of that world.”




The revelation knocked over even Rina’s wildest imagination, but Tiamat continued to explain.


“There’s a reason why I used the vessel I mentioned, earlier. In my current state, from before I created that vessel, my presence is strong enough to literally crush a world, no matter how much I suppress it. It’s not I am doing the crushing, but it’s more like the world itself won’t be able to contain my power.”


“Is that also the reason why you stay in the chaos realm most of the time?”


“That’s just part of it, it’s simply that normal realms won’t be able to contain me, and it would either end up warped or crushed.”


Rina was simply baffled by her explanation. She knew that Tiamat was a powerful entity from her interaction with the earth manager, but she didn’t expect it to be this much. Noticing that they were moving away from the topic, Rina returned it back to what they actually needed to talk about.


“So, this vessel, how does it work?”


“When I was using that, I would usually split a part of my consciousness and like it with that core and send it over to the realm or world I would visit.”


“I see, so is it alright for me to use this, or rather reincarnate into this?”


“I don’t see any problems with that, besides, you have already been dyed in my power to begin with the moment you entered my realm. So, there won’t be any problems.”


Rina sighed when Tiamat confirmed that there was no problem with her choice.


They then talked about the details as to what kind of race it is or why it was included as a race.


“So why was this ended up in the race choices when it’s not technically a specific race?”


“It was an accident on my side because I did need to register it as a race to the worlds I used it on to make the world recognize it as a normal existence. Otherwise, it would have been rejected.”


Noticing Rina’s confusion from the explanation, Tiamat clarified it in more detail.


“You see, when introducing a new being to the world, you need to make the world recognize it. Even invaders are recognized as invaders, and since it is technically a living thing(?) it was recognized by the world as a Unique Race, which is prevents is from multiplying. Unique races are beings that have been recognized by the world to be so powerful that having more than one of them would harm it.”


“I see, so that means if I reincarnate as this, that means I would be living on my own my whole life?”


“Not necessarily, you could live a normal life even reproduce, well, those will be things you’ll understand when you are reincarnated. I’ll also tamper with its system a bit because you won’t be able to use it’s full potential in its current state, being set for my use.”


Saying so, Tiamat produced something resembling a mechanical orb in front of me, about the size of a baseball. It had a mechanical look with lines and latches here and there, yet those latches don’t seem like they would open or detach.


Glowing in Tiamat’s hand for a bit, the lines and latches shifted as if looking like a sci-fi ball, rearranging the inner parts of it and and then returning into a solid ball. After finishing her work, Tiamat looked at me.


“Alright, the adjustments have been finished to match your soul, shall we start with the soul binding to reincarnate you?”


After silently thinking yes, my vision vanished.


[When you wake up, you will be in the world I will be sending you, don’t worry, the rest will be explained to you later.]


In my fading consciousness, Tiamat sent me that last message directly in my mind. Then I let myself be embraced by darkness until my consciousness finally vanished.