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Chapter 10 A New World

Slowly, my consciousness resurfaced, but I couldn’t make up anything. No sight, no sound, not even feeling anything around me, as if I was just floating in nothingness.


However, what was different was that I was unable to feel the suppressing pressure I felt when I was in the chaos realm, so I have definitely left the place.


[Rina, hey, you are finally awake. The connection is is also stable.]


I was surprised when I suddenly heard a voice, but I then remembered that it was Tiamat’s voice and relaxed. Even though I couldn’t feel anything. Is she going to explain what’s happening to me right now?


[Ah, you are probably confused because right now, you most likely don’t have any of your senses active. But don’t be scared, that’s normal. And since I currently can’t read your mind, I’ll only instruct you on what to do. Also, this communication is one-sided because, so you won’t be able to reply too.]


Hmmm, she’s probably using her authority, power, or something to directly communicate with me.


[Well then, first, in your mind, say activate core as if you are activating a voice program in your phone.]


I immediately followed her instructions.


[Activate Core…]


At first, I didn’t feel anything, then slowly I could feel something build up in the center of my being. Then I could hear strange noises like a mechanical device starting up. 


then a seemingly robotic voice followed it.


[Core Activation complete, waiting for further instructions. If you require help, please refer to the manual and call Help Menu]


It was then followed by Tiamat’s voice confirming that I have successfully activated the Core.


[Alright, that’s good, you have activated it properly. Then I will explain a bit, right now, your core is active, but you are still in a state of stasis. You would need to use the Help Menu for further details, so I’ll only tell you to do your best. I can’t interfere more than what I am currently doing or that world would end up with distortions. Anyway, just note that everything is inside the help menu, even including information about this world. So do your best. I will be watching from over there and enjoy your adventures. Goodbye for now.]


Without giving me any help at all, she left me at the mercy of the help menu, which would probably tell me about the rest I needed to know.


For the time being, I decided to follow her instructions.


[Help Menu]


Saying so, in my mind, a frame similar to that of a game came out in front of me as if it were a floating monitor. I noticed a blinking punctuation mark on the and because there is no mouse or pointer to use to click it, I only thought of opening it.


Seemingly succeeding, I read the instructions that were displayed in front of me. The explanation was easy to understand, probably because Tiamat arranged if to be easy for me to learn from. After following the initial procedures I needed to do, I then issued commands to check my current condition.


[Core Status]


Issuing the command, I was shown a detail of my current condition.


Current Core Status: Active


Registered Name : [None]


Registered Soul : [Rina] (Temporary Name)

Current Status : (Body Composition Not Yet Created)


Urgent Requirements : (Command to Generate Body)


I see, no wonder I don’t have any sense available. For now, I need to create my body according to manual. I probably look like the ball Tiamat was holding before. Anyway, to create my body…


[Command: Environment Scan]

[Command: Select Biological Components]

[Command: Create New Body Using Biological Components]


After issuing the command, I could feel energy spreading out around me, which was the first feeling I actually felt. I wonder what looks like from the outside.


[Command Initialized.]


The Core announced. I’m still not used to this, so I am still under full assist mode. On Tiamat’s notes, she mentioned that when I was used to the commands and stuff, I would be able to manipulate everything with the assistance. 


[Body Components are currently being gathered. Do you require further instructions on the desired body type?]


Following the notes, I issued it to replicated closely to what my soul data look like, creating a body that would resemble me from my previous life, but would be using this world’s components.


The Core then notified me that it was finished in gathering what it needed to create my body and ask me to command the creation.


[Command: Create Body]


I still couldn’t feel anything, but I could see a percentage bar that shows the progress of body creation. When it reached 100%, the Core requested for me to command to link my senses.


[Command: Partial Sensory Link Initialize]


After Issuing the command, I only linked my vision first in order for me not be in a sudden shock and slowly link my senses from there. Linking only my eyes, I slowly opened it. But what greeted me was surely shocking. After all, what greeted my view was a giant monster that look like a dragon with its mouth open and flames were about to burst out of it.


A moment later, my vision was covered in flames, and once again disappeared.


I didn’t expect that to happen, but that was quite a greeting. I wonder where I was. Not panicking at my situation. I issued another command.


[Command: Emergency Relocation, Area Condition Safe.]


Not knowing what was happening outside, I could hear some sounds from the Core, activating the relocation.


Tiamat did tell me that the Core was strong enough to withstand the attack of a God, so a dragon breath won’t probably damage me.


Now then, I hope that in the next location, I there won’t be interference like what happened this time.