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Chapter 11 A New World (2)

[Command: Partial Sensory Link Initialize]


I once again opened my eyes, now greeted by a wide blue sky. I have also linked control on my new body, so I could move it. 


I then stood up and checked my surroundings.


I am currently lying on an empty plot of land in the middle of a wide prairie. The reason why this plot became nothing but soil was because of the collection to create my body.


After finding out that there doesn’t seem to be any dangerous creatures around, I finally activated a full link.

[Command: Full Sensory Link]


Seconds after hearing some mechanical sounds inside my head, I was flooded with senses like touch, smell etc. which felt new to me. Though it should be similar to what I could feel from my previous body because of deriving data from my soul. It seems like it has been enhanced because of the core, adapting it to this world.


[Core Status]


After rechecking my condition, a lot of new information have been added.


Registered Name : [None]

Registered Soul : [Rina] (Temporary Name)

Current Status : [

Body Type: Human

Synchronization Condition: 100%

Body Status:

HP 100

MP 100

STR 10

DEX 10

VIT 10

INT 10

SPD 10

LUK 10


Soul Status:

Unique Skills:
Unlimited Growth LV-, Soul Sealing LV-, Total Extraction LV-

Title Skills:
Chaos Manipulation LV-, Soul Shell LV-, Chaos Resistance LV-

Normal Skills:

Passive Skills:

Titles: Kin of the Goddess of Chaos, Unyielding Soul, Blessings of Chaos



Requirements : (Name and Soul Binding)


I see, according to this status, I am weak. A normal status of a 16-year-old normal villager would be something like this, according to the manual.

Registered Name : Mark

Race: Human

HP 1000

MP 200

STR 50

DEX 30

VIT 40

INT 20

SPD 20

LUK 10


Unique Skills:

Title Skills:

Normal Skills:

Farming LV 3

Passive Skills:

Endurance Up LV 3



While the average status of one you to be considered a here is something like this. 


Registered Name : Allan Lucent

Race: Human

HP 150,000

MP 100,000

STR 1150

DEX 1200

VIT 900

INT 1000

SPD 400

LUK 50


Unique Skills:

Hero Aura, Hero Blade

Title Skills:

Divine Magic LV-, Divine Sword Art LV-, Light Immunity  LV-

Normal Skills:

Sword Mastery LV 10, Evasion LV 10, Shield Mastery LV 10, etc.

Passive Skills:

Light Resistance LV 10, Dark Resistance LV 5, Elemental Resistance 5, etc.


Hero of the Goddess of Light


Compared to those two, I am even weaker than a villager at the moment. However, this was because of the nature of my race itself. If I am to put my Core Status out, it would be something like this.

Registered Name :[None]

Race: Chaos Child

HP 25,150,000

MP 40,500,000






LUK 100


Unique Skills:

Infinity Barrier LV-, Indomitable Shell LV-, Chaos Retaliation LV-

Title Skills:

Normal Skills:

Passive Skills:

All Elemental Resistance LV-, Mana Regeneration LV 5


Titles: Kin of the Goddess of Chaos, Unyielding Soul, Blessings of Chaos, The Only One, Representative of the Chaos Goddess, Favor of the Chaos Goddess.


The Status of my Core is also  pretty much nonexistent even compare to the body I created, in exchange though, I have a ridiculous amount of HP and MP.


Well, for my Core as long as it has HP it won’t and not only does it have ridiculous amount of HP and MP, the Unique Skills it possessed are also too broken.


Infinity Barrier LV-:
Creates a powerful that is strong enough to seal Gods.


Indomitable Shell LV

Improves Drastically the defensive value of the User Recognized allies.


Chaos Retaliation :

After receiving a certain amount of damage, the core will be activated and would launch a 180* Mana Shockwave that would kill those that considered weak.


I don’t know how much mana it would take for me to activate Chaos Retaliation, so I will have to test it out some time in the future.