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Chapter 12 Remodeling and Exploration

After testing a few more test with my skills, status have changed. My current status under normal analysis skills would look like this:

Registered Name : Luna Chaos

Race: Changeling (Human/Elf)

HP 10,000 (25,150,000)

MP 7,000 (40,500,000)

STR 100

DEX 140

VIT 90

INT 170

SPD 200

LUK 100


Unique Skills:

(Infinity Barrier LV-, Indomitable Shell LV-, Chaos Retaliation LV-)

Title Skills:

Normal Skills:

Barrier Magic LV 3, Four Elemental Magic LV 4, Bow Mastery LV 3, Evasion LV 3

Passive Skills:

Mana Regeneration LV 2, Magic Manipulation LV 3

(All Elemental Resistance LV-, Mana Regeneration LV 5)


(Titles: Kin of the Goddess of Chaos, Unyielding Soul, Blessings of Chaos, The Only One, Representative of the Chaos Goddess, Favor of the Chaos Goddess.)


all attributes inside parenthesis are hidden by one of my chaos abilities and would not be normally seen by anyone. I have also adjusted my body skills to be decently above average, so it won’t be suspicious to others.


As to how I manipulated my status and attributes? It’s one of the basic function of command, although I did need to gather materials to be able to do so.


It took me a few hours disintegrating the around 1 km are of the plain, since the only biological materials around here were plants. And I needed magically infused plants to create a stable body.


Still, Chaos manipulation is a really  variable skill. I could literally create anything with it as long as I have a detailed idea on how the object works. I could also scan objects and reproduce it. But because what I have recreated is made up chaos matter, it doesn’t really stay long and would disperse after a while.


I am current standing in the middle of the empty plot of land that was the result of me creating my body. I could probably use this area as my base. Before I establish that, though, I am still waiting for my observers that I sent out a while ago to map the area.


“Oh, they are finally back”


I told myself as I watch the sky where several orb-like objects appeared as if breaking out of an illusion. They were observer orbs that I’ve created with some unusable materials extracted from creating my body. Tiamat also gave me knowledge to create things by manipulating materials itself, which is different from Chaos Manipulation.


after collecting all the observers, I retrieved the data they have collected and created something like a hologram map of the surrounding that was only visible to me. A colored 3D hologram of the area around 100 km from me, which was highly detailed and shows the location of even animals and monsters.


According to the map, the nearest civilized area is around 20 km away from here, and this grassland area spreads out to around 3 km in radius. I also discovered some sort of ruins from the center of this place, so I planned to go there later.


After I finished organizing the information I have acquired, including data about clothing and other common information from the nearest civilization, I recreated various outfits resembling the outwear common to that place.


It was quite a strange feeling not being bother by not wearing any clothes because my current body is something like my clothes too since my real body is my core. Tiamat surely made adjustments to my soul to be able to adapt to this body.


Using the observers, I have also evaluated the average status of people and my current status didn’t really seem that impossible to achieve since I also got data from local adventurers and people that were travelling around the area.


After dressing myself up and creating tools that are similar to commonly used goods. I stored everything else in a pocket dimension that I linked using chaos manipulation. I still have many Material Cubes to use in case I need to create something again, which were the excess materials used to create my body.


Before I made my move, I created a big mirror not with using chaos manipulation to make sure the mirror I created is a clear mirror similar to what I use in my previous life. I then finally for the first time checked my appearance.


looking at myself in front of a full-body mirror, I was around 146 cm tall, a little short compared to my previous body. My eyes are purple with a tinge of red at the center, my hair silver and long enough to reach my back. I kind of resembled my old self in face structure, but a bit paler.


I was wearing a typical adventurer’s garb made from unknown material but still look similar to normal clothes people use. Of course, I made various alterations to make it a bit more unique, but not that much that it would stand out.


I have a childish appearance, but my eyes have a strong look similar to my eyes in my previous life. Other than is my ears which are a little longer and sharper than human ears because of my race.


When I created my body, I was able to select different race options and decided to pick up something that interested me. According to the knowledge given to me by Tiamat, changelings and halflings are the result of crossbreeding or regressive genes. 


When I finished checking my appearance, I faced towards the location of the ruins I found to check it out. although I did get a top view of the place and a little scan of the area, I didn’t do any detailed checks because I decided to visit it myself.


There are countries here that are pure race supremacist, but not that many and those countries would usually be isolated by surrounding nations, unless they are strong enough to force others to follow their views.


Luckily enough, this place is near the kingdom of Ariande, a kingdom near the southern part of En Vanicia, the name of this continent. A peaceful nation surrounded by allied countries that don’t discriminate based on race and have been around for over a thousand years. Also known as one of the strongest country in this continent.


“Now then, time to start my adventure!”


The flatland surrounding me looked kind of bizarre because there’s nothing around it left but dirt, though there should still be roots left underground since I made sure to only scrape the surface, so the plants should sprout again even if I left it alone.


“I do feel a strange kind of energy in this area, different from magic, so this place might be either a sanctuary or a sealed place. The answer to this should definitely be found in those ruins if my instincts are right.”


And so with thoughts of wanting to discover what was inside those ruins, I walked straight in pleased manner. My curiosity might have been more hyped compared to my previous life because I am now starting a journey on a new world.