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Chapter 13 Final Adjustments and Ruin Exploration

As I continued my travel towards my destination, I adjusted my status once more, finally creating a status that would be more fitting for this world.

At first, I thought my adjustments were alright, but after rechecking all the data that I have gathered again, I realized that my status have been a little unreasonable. And although it was not impossible to achieve, it would be a little too suspicious unless I found a way to explain everything.


So, after some adjustments again, my status ended up like this:


Name : Luna Chaos

Race: Changeling (Human/Elf)

HP 5,000 

MP 3,000

STR 100

DEX 140

VIT 90

INT 170

SPD 200

LUK 100


Unique Skills:

Craft Master LV-, Tool Analysis LV-

Title Skills:

Fear Resistance LV 4, Endurance LV 4

Normal Skills:

Barrier Magic LV 3, Four Elemental Magic LV 2, Bow Mastery LV 2, Evasion LV 2, Tool Handling LV 3

Passive Skills:

Mana Regeneration LV 2, Magic Manipulation LV 2

All Elemental Resistance LV 3, Mana Regeneration LV 3

Titles: Unyielding Soul


This is now how my status looks like in status reading machines and even in status analysis skills. I also made sure to include skills that help me explain the way I fight.


I found that unique skills were not really uncommon but could go from useless, to weird to powerful. Having a unique skill doesn’t make one a powerful individual, after all. Besides, my true abilities have been hidden in my core and have been protected by a layer of chaos barrier, making it practically invisible to normal people.


My Core status had also been update after I properly registered a new name for my current self and finally linked my soul to it properly.


My current core status is this:

==Core Status==


Registered Name :[Luna Chaos]


Registered Soul :[Luna Chaos]

Race: Chaos Child

HP 100,000,000

MP 50,000,000






LUK 100


Unique Skills:

Infinity Barrier LV-, Indomitable Shell LV-, Chaos Retaliation LV-, (new) Chaos Control LV-, Material Manipulation LV-, (new) Full Soul Control LV-

Title Skills:

Normal Skills:

Passive Skills:


Titles: Kin of the Goddess of Chaos, Unyielding Soul, Blessings of Chaos, The Only One, Representative of the Chaos Goddess, Favor of the Chaos Goddess.


After properly binding my soul to the core, the core now displays a similar status to my body, and although I could still scan to display it the same way as before, this is more simplified and easy to understand.


I also recalled that attack and defense status were not included in the general status because both can be affected by various things, so when Tiamat created this system, it seems like she excluded it from the reading.


A person could still have a general idea of how strong a person is if they are fighting without using anything and based on their status alone.


After recalling more useful notes that Tiamat added to my memory, I finally reached my destination. What now stood in front of me were ruins of a building, and there was barely anything but broken pillars and cracked flooring.


Judging from the position of the pillars and the amount of area, the floor covered, I could assume that it’s either a big mansion or some other big structure. But because of the nature of the barrier in this area and this building being at the center of this place, this building was probably a temple.


Checking the remnants of the ruins, I found a small opening that seems to be a path underground. I couldn’t detect anything underground using soul control, which allows me to detect any beings that have a soul, so if there was anything underneath, it would either be golems or undead.


But because of the barrier surrounding this area, only golems would likely appear. Which I would also be able to detect with Chaos Control. Normal Golems also use cores which have a rather peculiar energy wavelength that would be easy for me to detect.


“Well, nothing really could stop me if I were up to it, so it didn’t really matter if this place is dangerous.”


And so, without much hesitation, I went down to what was hidden below.