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Chapter 14 Reunion… Kind of

As soon as I entered the room below, I was greeted by a door that, even though seemingly old, still stood strong and had a minimal amount of damage. Light was leaking through its gaps, allowing me to see the intricate features of the door and the walls in the room. 


The room was small, so I didn’t look up the details on it and focused my attention on the room instead. I was cautiously about to touch the door, but it suddenly opened, flooding the room with blinding light to the point of taking away my vision.


As soon as my vision started to return, I realized that I was not in that room anymore.


“Where is this place?”


I asked myself.


I am now in a place I didn’t recognize. A garden, or rather something resembling one. There are no walls around, so it was like I was on a tiny island surrounded by white void. 


Looking around, I found a place which look like a set of chairs and a table. That was the only notable place around, so I approached it. 


“What a strange place… it feels similar to when I was-“


“When you were in my castle, right?”


before I could finish my speech, a familiar voice was heard from behind me.




When I turned to look who it was, she appeared out of thin air, but only on the size of a normal human.


“The one and only, well, even though I am here, I am not really.”


How long has it been, still as beautiful as I remembered. She approached me close after my inquiry.


“Then who or what is it that is in front of me?”


She wasn’t supposed to be able to appear in this world, so I wonder why she is here now?


“Well, something similar to, a Chaos Child or rather a husk of one.”


“A husk?”


“A remnant, something that was left behind after I returned to my realm, I did mention before that I have been here, right?”


Thinking about our conversations from some time ago, I did remember her mentioning that.


“As for the reason why I am only in this state is for the safety of this world. Due to my growth in power from absorbing chaos, it would require me some extreme calculation just to be able to appear here, if we are talking about the real me or part of it”


So, basically, she’s too powerful for this world to accept. She did mention that she was having trouble visiting the lower  worlds she created due to her accumulated powers.


“But why are you here now?”


She said she can’t, but won’t she be able to move around using that so-called husk, like right now?


“I can read what rou are thinking about, you know? You could say that this place is a bit special. This is one of the several sanctuaries I have created while I could still move around in this world, so it’s a unique space that is filled with my power. Not even the current managers of this world would be able to approach this place.”


“I see, and the husk?”


“It’s the main medium I used to create sanctuaries. As I have placed in the guidebook and your information bank, A chaos child would molt every several years to adapt the body to its growth. The leftover from that Molting is a husk. It could also be a corpse of one.”


“Huh, A chaos Child could die?”


I was shocked by the sudden revelation, but Tiamat followed up.


“It is technically a living being, so yes, though it would need a ridiculous amount of power to kill one. Or a specialized tool. When I created this species, I created for fun before, but I don’t know if it still exists and even if it did, it still won’t be that easy”


“I see, so it’s safe to assume that I am currently almost invulnerable?”


“Yes, unless you are facing a power on the level of a God. Also, unlike the previous generation of Chaos Child, your current body is special.”


That reassures me the most. I don’t to suddenly end up dead while travelling from some unknown force I should have avoided.


“Well, we have more to talk, so why don’t get seated.”


I followed Tiamat to the table, and we seated in front of each other. Then with the swing of her hand, a cute tea set popped out of thin air and floated down the table. It was followed by a set of pastries placed on a fancy tray.


After everything settled down, the table now looked like a fancy tea part table. There were only 2 people present, though.


While I was still contemplating about the current situation, Tiamat picked up the teapot and poured tea for the two of us. To think that a Supreme Deity such as herself would be the one to serve me tea.


While I was sipping the tea she prepared, Tiamat continued our conversation.


“You must be curious as to what this place is and why I am here.”


“Yes, I mean after all the setup you did for me to come to this world, it would have been weird if you ended up coming to this world on your own anyway, and my purpose would pretty much not needed.”


“Well, as I have mentioned, this is a special place and this me right here now is just a husk, what actually enabled me to appear here is your presence.”


“My presence?”


“Right now, your presence serves as a link for me to be able to connect to this husk, the same as the activation of this sanctuary.”


“Does that mean that the energy field I felt when I was around this ruin was activated by my presence?”


“That’s right. Also, the reason I connected to this husk was to inform you about it and other things that have happened, 20 years before your awakening.”


“Eh, 20 years? I just woke several days ago, right?”


“Awakening, yes, but not the time that passed after I sent you over.”


So, 20 years already passed, and I didn’t even know… not like I would know it anyway when I was in a state similar to a Cryostasis.


“Did anything major happen in the world during my time being in a stasis state?”


“Not really much world wise, but a lot nationwide. Also, it seemed like some events happened on the day I sent you. You can find out about that on your own.”


“Alright, I’ll look it up when I visit a place with civilization. I did discover places where people live a little far from here when I was scouting.”


Tiamat put down the teacup she was holding, then she looked at me.


“Shall we start the story from the time you arrived, then?”


I also put down my teacup and faced her. I was quite mesmerized by her staring straight at me, but now is the time to concentrate.