Daybreak Summoner

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Daybreak Summoner ~I will protect that girl who summoned me into this world with everything I’ve got~
akatsuki no shōkanshi  watashi o i sekai shōkan shita anomusume no koto o , nani ga nan demo mamoritai 



The lonely girl, Kagaya Rei was suddenly summoned to another world by a girl named Rinna.

It was a world of Swords and Magic that she have admired for a long time.

Having obtained great superhuman powers and mysterious abilities, Reika will fight for Rinna as a summoned beast.

She wasn’t particularly longing for her old world, and she decided that she will enjoy her new life living together with Rinna.

These two girls holding each other’s hands will stand firm facing all the difficulties they will be facing ahead of their journey.

A Girl meets Girl Royal Road Fantasy

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Chapter 1 The Summoned Girl and the Summoner Girl
Chapter 2 A Sword of Light
Chapter 3 Please take care of Me
Chapter 4 Thank You
Chapter 5 Mofumofu
Chapter 6 Knight Commander’s Proposal
Chapter 7 Bout
Chapter 8 In The Forest
Chapter 9 The Power
Chapter 10 Rinna’s feelings
Chapter 11 The Girl with Flax Colored Hair
Chapter 12 Special Training Start!
Chapter 13 Reminiscence
Chapter 14 Towards the Thunder Mountains
Chapter 15 Lightning Cage
Chapter 16 Gale and Thunder