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Chapter 3 Please take care of Me


A rustling sound could be heard constantly.

There was something soft that could be felt on her cheeks.

In that comfortable sensation, Rei woke up.


「Ah,  you finally woke up」

「Hmmm……where is this? You are……」


In her hazy field of vision, a beautiful girl with bluish gray hair was looking down on her. She had a modest chest, deep blue eyes and pink lips. It was a first for Rei to see someone like that,






「……Ah! Rin-chan! Are you alright? Are you not injured? Where did the dragon go? 」


It seems like nothing else happened before I woke up. I then assaulted her with questions that kept on pooping out of my head.



「Calm down for now, I will explain it one by one. But before that we are currently inside a carriage……」

「Ooooh, I’m having a lap pillow! I am lucky to be alive! 」

「Please get up already」



After enjoying the sensation of her lap she was pushed aside by Rinna. She then reluctantly fixed herself up and took a good look at the clothes that Rinna was wearing


She was wearing a white shirt, a short skirt and was covered by a large black coat. In her hand was a wand with something like a rounded crystal. On the side, there was a big luggage that probably contained a lot of stuff.


On the other side, Rinna was also observing the girl while peeking under her cloak. That girl, despite having enough power to fight a giant dragon, she looks more like an ordinary girl. You can’t find any point in her appearance that she has received any kind of training—— But well, there are certainly places that are more emphasized more that it should have been. She had reddish brown hair and was wearing something like a star ornament on it, and she also had a friendly face and attitude. She was wearing strange clothes that she haven’t seen before, but other that everything was seemingly normal.


「First of all let me introduce myself. I am Rinna Gelsneal. As you can see, I am a Summoner. I am on a journey to the capital in order to find my sister」

「It wasn’t Rin…」

「Eh? 」

「Sorry, it was nothing. Well……there are some things I would also like to point out but for now, introductions. I am Kagaya Rei. Nice to meet you」

「Kagayarei……It’s a strange name. Is Kagaya your given name? 」

「Rei is my given name. The first one is my surname」

「Okay, nice to meet you too Rei」


At the end of the self-introduction, they started talking to each other about everything happened.

The other one also couldn’t help but ask questions that she was holding back since the time that she was summoned and also in order to know more about the girl.


「By the way Rin-chan, is this place……Earth? 」

「I don’t know the place you call eart is, but this place is called Valfrant」


After hearing that Rei couldn’t help but stood up. She then raised her hands and shout in excitement.


「I was summoned to a different world! My dream finally came true!」

「Eeh, Another World? What are you talking about? 」








「I can’t believe it. For other worlds to actually exists」


After Rei explained what it was like in her world, Rinna couldn’t help but be confused from the things that she told her about.


「Wait? Rin-chan is a Summoner, right? When I think of summoners, then it would be those that are supposed to call people from other worlds」

「That is just your imagination…… We summoners call for creatures residing somewhere in this world to form a contract with us. I have never ever heard of anyone actually calling people or creatures from other worlds」

「Then, how would you explain about my case? 」

「I don’t know. Summoning humans in first place is something that is unheard of on its own」


Rinna then stares at the broken crystal on her rod, even now it was still emitting a faint glow.


「……It was when I used this gem, after being engulfed in light Rei came out when it started to fade」


Following what she said, Rei remembers about the necklace that she was wearing positioned in her chest.


「Now that I recall about it, when I was facing that dragon, I noticed that the necklace I was wearing was also glowing」


What she wears was something like a locket pendant. When she opened the cover and looked inside, a broken crystal like jewelry that was placed inside was also glowing.


「It’s the same, it’s also glowing」

「……Nn, I don’t really know the meaning of this. But for now, let’s try returning Rei to the place where she was before」



Rei stared at her with a really disappointed appearance. Rinna also noticed her disappointment, so she asked.


「What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go back to where you came from? 」

「I don’t want to go back! Especially now that I wanted to start this exciting adventure! 」

「I don’t really understand why you wanted that…… but don’t worry, I’ll definitely call you back every now and then」

「Hey waー! Wait I say, really you don’t have to rush」


T the start she was thinking that she would now be able to escape that boring monochrome life, but now she is about to be returned to that life again.

She was desperately protesting about it, But Rinna didn’t listen to her words.

Intensifying her concentration, she tried reversing the process of she called for her. She then raised her cane signaling that she wanted her to return.


「——Return! 」


……She finished the process, but nothing happened.

Rinna looked like a pigeon hit by a peashooter from the shock.


「Eh, what? Why didn’t it activated? Return! Go back! Return!」


She did it again and again but it was the same results. The girl wondered why she wasn’t able to return her. The girl Rei was still seated in front of her, she then shook her head from the confusion.


「Why can’t I send her back!? Why……」

「I look forward to staying with you from now on, Rin-chan」


The girl sitting in front of her has her biggest smile plastered on her face after saying that. On the other hand, Rinna who summoned the human from another world and cannot return her back to her place was now suffering from a headache because of what happened.



「Uuuuuh, what is going on, why is this happening……」

「by the way, there was I would like to ask but missed the timing」


Rei tried asking Rinna but she was still holding her head and mumbling from the confusion.


「Why, even though she knows that I can’t send you back, why is she still feeling so carefree about it……」


After contemplating on her own for a bit more, she finally raised her head and sighed.


「So, what is it that you want to ask? 」

「It’s about this carriage and about that dragon from before」

「Ah, I haven’t mentioned about that. Rei was able to defeat that dragon. Do you still remember about it? 」

「Yes, of course, I was able to defeat it because of that sword of light that gave me tremendous power」


Rei who was staring her right hand closes it and grips it tight. A shining sword made of light. As soon as that appeared, she was able to feel tremendous power flowing inside of her.


「Even I was surprised. That dragon is on the level of an A Class summoned monster. A mere human will have no chance of defeating such a monster」

「Well, I don’t really know about it myself, but I am just an ordinary high school girl」

「I doon’t know about this hayskoolgirl you are saying, but your great strength and enhanced physical capacity probably because you were summoned」

「Enhanced? 」


Rei couldn’t help but tilt her head from the terms that she didn’t know about.


「A summoner is able to strengthen the foundations of their summoned beast. Even the same summoned beast would have different level of strength depending on the ability of the master」

「Eh, then is Rin-chan something like a great summoner!」

「No, I’m only a normal C Class Summoner……」


Although she was wearing her robe in a way that would make her look more dignified, Rinna couldn’t help but turn away because of embarrassment.


「What is a C Class?」

「It’s the rank of a Summoner. There are only few Summoners in this country and they start at C Class with S Class as the highest. I only belong to the bottom level of the Class」


When it comes to Summoners, what comes into Rinna’s mind is her sister. She was a genius that was already recognized as an S Rank Summoner when she was at the same age as Rinna right now, and is thinking as to what her sister is doing at the moment.


「Anyway, continuing from the time you defeated the dragon, Rei lost consciousness. After that I was able to ride in this carriage that passed by」

「I see. You mentioned that what summoners call are existing creatures in this world, right? Is that dragon also a wild animal or something that is living in this world?」


Rinna shook her immediately as a reply.

Then the talk became more serious as that was shown from her expression and her words that were filled with tension.


「Something like that is supposedly something that shouldn’t exist in this place. There have been no sightings of such monster living in this area. Second, the fact that despite being defeated by you, the dragon was not returned and vanished 」


For a dragon to be summoned, it would be an undisputed fact that it was a high level summoner capable of summoning of at least summoning a Red Dragon and commander it to attack Rinna.


「That means, Rinna-chan is……」

「Someone is definitely targeting my life. It would be a Summoner of at least Rank A or more higher……!」


Her voice started to shake. She knew, but even if she understood it, that fact alone would be more than enough to scare Rinna.


An existence with overwhelming power is targeting her life. Yet she doesn’t even know a single thing as to why she is being targeted. She hugged her knees and wrapped herself with her cloak. Rei who was looking at the small girl in front noticed that she was shaking in fear, and then Rei……


「It will be alright」


She whispers as she gently hugged the shivering little girl. A soft warmth and sweet smell enveloped Rinna.


「Even if they tried to attack you again, I will be there and fight along with my sword of light! 」


The warmth and sweet feeling slowly engulfed her whole body. That feeling made her remember the feeling of security and calmed her down, and then all of Rinna’s anxieties started to fade.


「Seriously, why are you so overconfident about that」


Rinna finally loosens herself and smiled. After releasing her from the hug, the two stared at each other. And before long, the two of them burst out laughing without knowing why.


——I feel like I would be get over anything as long as I’m with her.


Rinna felt that such a precocious feeling was starting to build up inside of her.