Chapter 4 Thank You

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「We can see it now, that’s the capital city Valf」

「Uwaaah, amazing!」


Rei immediately looked out of the carriage window, with eyes shining brightly. A pure white castle on a hill was illuminated by the sun, along with a vast city that was spreading out around the city.


Valfranc Kingdom is an area completely surrounded by forest. Small towns are scattered around it with the capital city of Valf placed on the center of the country. Numerous summoners and their summoned partners were living here along with the people that support them.

While Rei was trembling in excitement, Rinna was rummaging through her baggage looking for something.


「When we arrive at the capital, we have to go here first. It’s written in this memo that mom gave me」


What Rinna took out of the baggage was a certain memo. Rei also took a look at the contents after looking away from the window. What was written was the name and address of the property called Volkroom.


「What is this address?」

「It’s an Inn that is run by my mother’s friend, we will be able to rent a room at a cheap price. That’s what mom requested on a letter she gave me to deliver」


After they finished reading the memo, Rei and Rinna both look out the window. The Capital City Walf, to Rinna who have never left the countryside was also excited about it. Although it’s not as much excitement compared to Rei, it’s still a fact that she’s also excited.








「Thank you very much!」

「Thank you for taking care of us 」

「Don’t mind it, see you again sometime」


They are currently at the east gate of the capital. This is the gateway that was facing with the grasslands where the two came from. There are many carriages around here that wait for people travelling outside of the capital and others that have just arrived including the one they were riding on. After saying our farewell to the coachman, the two headed towards the gate of the capital.


「Alright, it’s the start of a big adventure Rin-chan!」


Standing in front of the gate of the capital, Rei was filled with tension. On the other hand, Rinna was rummaging through her baggage once more and took out a big piece of paper.


「What is that? There sure are a lot of thing inside of Rin-chan’s bag」

「This, it’s a map of the capital. If we have this, we won’t easilt get lost. Must prepare everything, must not make a mistake 」


With a smug face, Rinna immediately checks the map to verify the location of the address.


「The address is in the residential area which is near the eastern gate. Let’s see… it should be around here」


After Rinna points the address in the map, she then stood up. She immediately started walking towards the city in a good mood.


「Let’s go Rei, follow me」

「Reliable! You’re so reliable Rinna-chan! 」


And so Rei immediately followed Rinna who was filled with confindence, and……



「Well…… It should be around here, but…… somehow, it’s different……」

「Are you okay? Should I do it instead? 」


They were lost.


「Uu…… what’s wrong with this city. There’s so many similar building around……」


Rinna who continued looking at the map, seems to have finally given up. She then slump her shoulders and handed the map and the note to Rei. The description written was a brick house with a similar design to the other houses in a confusing stone alley. It couldn’t be helped for Rinna who had never been to the city to get lost.


「Well then, it should be around here. First go to the second alley, then turn left, and then…」


With map on hand, Rei tried to locate the place that was stated on the memo. Rinna followed her filled with anxiety. Soon enough, they finally reached their destination. It was a two story building that resembled Rei’s apartment.


「We have arrived Rinna-chan. This looks like the place that was described to be in a complicated alley as stated in the memo」

「Ha, how were you able to locate it so easily……」



Rinna went inside the Inn and headed to the manager’s room then knocked the door to it twice.


「Excuse me, I’m Rinna Gelsneal.  May talk to the manager? 」


Soon after that, a middle aged woman with a good physique came out of the door.


「Oh, my(TL:Ara ara) Rinna-chan is it. Welcome, you sure have travelled far.  I’ve already heard about the situation from Gina. You did a good job reaching this place after a long trip」


The landlady couldn’t help but gently smile knowing just how far Rinna-chan travelled in order to reach that place. At first her attention was focused on Rinna, talking about her hometown, but then she noticed the girl next to her.


「My, who might you be? Are you Rinna-chan’s friend? 」

「I am Rei. I am Rin-chan’s Summon, also helper」


Rinna immediately tried to cover Rei’s mouth, and quickly tried to distract the landlady.


「She’s a friend! A friend! I met her along the way, and helped her because she seems to be troubled and don’t know what to do」

「My, my, is that so. Then it would be a good thing if you stay together, right?」


She thought that she might have succeeded in her deception.

Rinna then releases her grip, and Rei who’s mouth was freed took a deep breath.


「Why did you lie about it」

「There have never been any new of anyone summoning a human. If I told her that, she probably won’t believe it and would be worried about me instead.」

「Ah, is that so, sorry」


While the two were talking to each other in a silent voice, the landlady returned with keys and guided them to their rooms.


「Now then, both of you. The room is over here」


The two followed the landlady who went up the stairs that was outside of the landlady’s office. After following her for a while, the landlady stopped in front of the door with a number tag off 203.


「It will be here. There’s also furniture prepared inside」


The room was unlocked and opened, and then the two were guided inside. A living room a bedroom and even a small kitchen were there. There’s also a bathroom and a toilet included. Seeing this, they understood that this place was a such a splendid property.


「Is it really alright for us to have such a splendid room?」

「If it’s only something like this then it’s fine. After all, Gina-san did leave her daughter under my care after all.」


After giving them the key to their room, she continued.


「Sorry, I thought that it would only be Rinna-chan coming over, so I’ve only prepared a bed for single person.」


After leaving the two on their own, the room was closed. Rei immediately inspected the room filled with curiosity.


In the living room/bedroom, there was a bed for one person and a large wooden table. The table had 4 four chairs surrounding it. There was even a large mirror on a stand, and they could use it to fix their appearance before heading out.

Another thing that stands out is the mini-kitchen. It was fully equipped with many cooking utensils. As Rei continued her checking out the room, Rinna sat on the bed clouded with a complex expression.


「Is there something wrong? Rin-chan」

「No, well……」


——do I have to sleep with her, but won’t that make us a little too close. I want to sleep comfortably on my own though. In the first place, will her sleeping posture be alright?

Various thoughts were running through her head.



After noticing that the sun was about to set, Rei check the ingredients inside the food storage are that was provided to them and started preparing to cook.


「Rei, do you know how to cook?」

「I have been living alone for a while now. Because I had no choice but to do it on my own, I was able to naturally learn it」


She then started chopping vegetables making a smooth chopping sound on the chopping board.


「Alone? What about your mother and father? 」

「When I was still a small child, they got caught in an accident……, and so」

「Ah…… sorry」


Seeing Rinna becoming depressed because of knpwing that, Rei couldn’t help but smile wryly.


「It’s alright, I don’t mind. On the other hand, can Rin-chan cook?」


In order to change the atmosphere, Rei immediately changed the topic. However, Rinna didn’t answer back and awkwardly looked away.


「We, well…… I think it should be okay?」

「Auu……, is, is that really so」


Confirming by seeing the girl’s reaction, Rei kind of understood her disposition, and so she decided to add cooking duty as one of her tasks.



After a while Rei serves the dishes that she prepared on the table. A stew made out of chicken-like meat and broiled beef-like meat with vegetables. There’s also freshly cooked cereal that was boiled and some fresh salad.




Rinna who was presented such a feast in front of her had shining eyes filled with expectations.  Rei wh didn’t know about ingredients of that did her best despite and only tried to wing it. However, her culinary skills have somehow succeeded in assessing the ingredients and their uses.


「I don’t know if my way of preparation or seasoning would suit your taste but please do enjoy the food」

「Well then, let’s eat. Amuh…… tasty! Rei, you’re amazing!!」


It seems like her way of preparations successfully grabbed Rinna’s stomach. On another note, Rei realized that it was the first time for her having someone eating the meals she prepared. She then tried recalling the last time she had such a fun meal. Watching Rinna who was filling her mouth with food made Rei spill a sweet smile.


「The food was really good. I think it’s even better in comparison to mom’s cooking.」

「Rin-chan’s mom is it…… right, Rin-chan came here looking for her sister, right?」

「Un. That’s right, as I have said before, I came here to look for my sister’s whereabouts」

「I see, but won’t you be lonely being far away from your mom?」


After thinking about it for a bit Rinna answers.


「I won’t say that I won’t be lonely, but I’m more concerned about finding my sister’s whereabouts」

「You sure like your sister a lot」


Rinna blushed in embarrassment after hearing Rei’s comment, and Rei could only return a smile.


「That’s right. My sister is both my pride and my goal. It’s a big wall that I wanted to overcome someday……」

「I hope you find her soon」


Rinna silently whispers something, the thought about the sister she had in her memories.



Rei who finished washing the dishes was once more filled with excitement. After all, next is the event of bathing with friends which have been an unknown territory to her. So she asked Rinna filled with expectations.


「Hey, hey, Rin-chan. Do you want to take a bath together?」

「No, we won’t fit in. Absolutely」

「Auu, is that so. Too bad then」


The bathroom was indeed small. The bath tub was also small that two people won’t probably fit inside it. Because of that, Rei’s proposal was rejected and it was decided that the two of them would take separate baths.



Rinna who finished bathing changed into pajamas and was lazily sitting on the bed. After a bit, Rei came out of the bath with only a bath towel covering her.


「Awawa…… Umm, I forgot that I don’t have any clothes other than that one」


When she was summoned, she had nothing else with her but her school uniform. During the fight with the dragon, she was running and rolling around which made it quite dirty. She didn’t have anything else as clothing other than that.


「It couldn’t be helped, just were those for the time being and let’s go to bed. Let’s go shopping tomorrow」


Rinna who was already in her pajamas quickly dived into the bed after pointing that out.


「Rin-chan had a lot of luggage, right? Can’t you lend me at least one of you pajamas?」

「Fine, since it couldn’t be helped……」


Rinna then gets out of bed and rummages inside her luggage. Eventually a set of pajamas were taken out and was handed to Rei.


「For the time being, wear this」

「Thank you, Rin-chan!」


Rei immediately changed her clothes after giving her thanks, but when she started to button her clothes, she groaned in a bit in pain.


「Uuuuu, now, let’s sleep……」


The pajama worn by Rei was supposed to be a standard size. However, the buttons, especially the ones on her chest area felt like they were about to pop up. Rinna who witnessed this was attacked by an incredible sense of defeat.



「Rei, are you still awake?」


A bit after they lay down, Rinna begins to speak. They were sleeping on a small single bed and they are currently facing each other.


「Nn, I’m still awake」

「Sorry, I got you involved in such a strange and dangerous situation. 」


Rinna who seems to be uneasy continued to talk about the how sorry she was about that situation. After all, she involved an unrelated girl and to the point that it even endangered her life. Not to mention that she can’t even send her back home. This guilt that continued to pile up inside her heart which made her feels really depressed even if she compensates her. By then Rei also spoke while stroking Rinna’s head.


「You don’t have to apologize. I am actually grateful to Rin-chan」


「Un. You see, I’ve always been living alone, living all alone for a really long time, without friends, without parents, without even time to play outside. I was even wondering for a while now, just what I was living for. That’s why today, even with all the troubles, I had a really great time with Rin-chan」


It was a really scary event, but still it was the best day ever for her. She was grateful to the girl that gave meaning to her life. Rei then smiled as she hugged Rinna’s body and stared into her deep blue eyes.


「That’s why…… I give you my thanks. I’m really happy that I was able to meet Rin-chan」


At this situation, Rinna’s heart also started to beat stronger. She doesn’t really understand why, but her face and body also starts to heat up. Rinna ended up being a little impatient that Rei would notice this.


「Rin-chan, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. Well then, good night」

「……Nn, good night」


Rei embraces Rinna and Rinna closes her eyes in her embrace. While feeling each other’s warmth, the two was finally able to rest and a long day was over.

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