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Chapter 5 Mofumofu


「Rin-chan, let me cuddle you!」



While they were having breakfast, Rei suddenly declared.


「No, I don’t understand what you are trying to imply」

「It’s your hair! That fluffy twin tail of yours! 」


She pointed at the thick bundle of hair that was reaching Rinna’s waist, and it was styled in a twin tail and was really fluffy looking.

Every time she moves her head, her hair follows with a swing from side to side.

She wanted to touch it with her hands, and if possible she would like to bury her face on it.

Such desires grew as Rei continued staring at Rinna.


「I don’t want to. We are heading out today, so Rei should also prepare.」


While enjoying the delicious Salad and spicy soup that Rei prepared, Rinna’s body warmed up.

In addition to that, the bread prepared was delicious which made Rinna fully satisfied. ——Rei on the other hand, was in the corner being ignored.


「Uu, Rin-chan is so cold…… However, I definitely won’t give up!」



「Now then, Rei. Are you ready to head out?」


Their breakfast has ended, and it’s now time to explore the capital.

There are many things they need to prepare for Rei, like daily necessities, food and clothing.


「I’m almost done, so wait for a bit……hey」


While Rei was getting dressed up in front of the mirror, she looks over Rinna who was waiting at the entrance of the room.

She was carrying a huge amount of luggage the same way as before.


「Rin-chan!? What is with that huge amount of luggage! What’s inside that?」

「Well, various things needed in case of emergency. I’ve prepared everything, so were ready to head out」

「Nononono, there will be a lot of things we need to buy, we can’t bring such a big luggage before we even begin!?」


After explaining to Rinna what the necessary things they need to bring, Rei immediately removed everything else.


「Ahhh, why……」

「We only need the map and wallets. That is enough」

「What about food if we get lost, also a smoking cylinder when needed, and, and…」


While Rinna was struggling to reach out to the luggage that was left behind, Rei caught Rinna and dragged her out of the room then locked it.








As expected of the capital, there were many people that come and go.

There were various stores and street stalls lined up at the side of a beautifully paved cobble stone road.

Shopkeepers, tourists, knights and even summoners from the royal palace were busily moving around.

At the moment, Rei was so excited that it won’t be a surprise if she started screaming, while Rinna follows her behind.


「That store over there sells weapons! Uwah, that person was wearing armor! Hey, hey, Rin-chan, let’s go at the store over there…… eh」

「Uuu, there are so many people…… If I get lost, I won’t be able to return anymore……」

「Rin-chan, you’re exaggerating」


It seems like getting lost yesterday ended up becoming a trauma for her, adding to that is the fact that she’s only carrying her purse and a map.

Rei who noticed Rinna being anxious, immediately reached out to her.


「Here, hold my hand. If you do so, then we won’t be separated」



She finally smiled and held out her hand. Rei also immediately grabbed her hand and held it tightly. With this, they will never be separated.


「Now then, let’s go find some clothes first.」

「……That’s right, let’s go」


They were walking side by side. With the warmth of their connected hands, Rinna’s anxiety slowly fades, and finally disappeared.



At first, the two entered a clothing store. Inside was filled with colorful clothes and underwear and there was also a fitting room.


「Uwah, they sure have a wide variety in here」

「I was also surprised…… It’s completely different in comparison to the clothing store at our place」


What Rei purchased was a set of white shirt and pink miniskirt.

Rei immediately went inside the fitting room to change her clothes. She then places her uniform inside the shopping bag and went to find a few more sets.


「I still need to find a few more clothes. I also must not forget to find some sleepwear」


After selecting several clothes, sleepwear and underwear, she returned to Rinna who was also looking around the store.


「Rin-chan, I’ve made you wait. Sorry」

「No problem, the store was so big that I didn’t get bored looking around」

「Rin-chan what did you want to buy?」

「I’m not particularly troubled with clothes. After all I’ve brought as much as I could」


During their conversation, Rei’s gaze moved over to Rinna’s back.


「Ah, Rin-chan, are you interested in that one piece? Wait, isn’t this a maid uniform, there’s also a Gothic Lolita outfit over there. No wait, what’s with this variety of clothes……」

「……N, now let’s go. Next will be the weapon shop」

「Eh!? Weapon Shop! I’ll go, I’ll go!」


Rinna who perceived the crisis of being a dress-up doll, was somehow able to escape.



The two people left the store while holding hands after receiving thanks from the store clerk.

The two then continued finding their way through the crowd.


Right then, one store caught Rei’s attention.

On the storefront, a line of colorless gems were lined up while more colorful ones were lined up at the inner part of the store.


「Rin-chan, isn’t that a shop for summoned beasts?」


Rinna followed Rei’s line of sight. Then she nodded as if convinced that it was so.


「Right, that’s definitely a store that deals with summoners. Although there’s only C and B rank summons on display」

「Eh, you can buy summoned beasts!?」


Rinna then responded to Rei’s surprised reaction.


「They are allowing Ranchers who raise such summons to be registered as summoning gems. However, if it’s A rank summon and above, they are not normally raised or sold because of the danger they could bring. Such creatures can only be acquired by encountering them on the wild」

「……So they were a fixed choice」


It was like buying things at a farm.

The image that Rei expected of summoners crumbled after knowing that information.



After buying a steel sword at a weapon shop, the two headed towards the western section of the capital to find something to eat.

It was not as crowded anymore compared to when they have just arrived, but the two still held each other’s hand.


On the west section of the capital, there were many grocery stores and shops selling daily necessities.

Most of the people they encountered on the way are residents of the city.

However, there are also many restaurants in the area and because of that, a number of tourists and visitors could also be found.


「My very own sword…… Ooohh, with this, I could finally feel that I’m in a different world……」


Rei touches the handle of the steel sword in a sheath that was hanging on her waist.

Rinna who was watching Rei’s reaction couldn’t really understand what she was feeling right now.


「By the way, we sure were buying a lot of things, do we still have enough to continue shopping?」

「It’s alright, there should still be plenty……」


As soon as Rinna held up her wallet filled with coins, a man collides with her and quickly ran away.



「Rin-chan, are you alright? What’s with that person just now!」

「I’m okay…… Eh, where did it go! My wallet!」


Rei immediately searched for the man who ran away. She immediately located the man and she also found Rinna’s wallet held in his hand.


「……Rin-chan, will you be alright waiting for me around here?」


It was a plain yet angry voice. The warmth from her hand started diminishing, and Rinna also becomes a little nervous.


「I will definitely come back soon」


In the next moment, Rei strongly kicked the ground and immediately appeared in front of the man.


「Hii, what, what’s going on!」


Despite being terribly confused, the man still managed to take out his wand with a jewel on top from his pocket.

That man was also a summoner—— however, will he be fast enough to summon on time.

He relaxed thinking that he could somehow manage, but that is not the case this time and he didn’t realize this.

Rei immediately attacked with a full force punch, but for a moment a thought ran through her head.

If I hit him with all my power, will he be able to survive?


「For the crime of stealing Rin-chan’s wallet, reflect and atone for it」


And it easily connected in a snap.




The spins about three times in the air, then he fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

His face was swollen red, but other than that it seems like no other complications have been found and he was still alive.

After regaining Rinna’s wallet, a loud cheer was heard from her surroundings.


「That’s amazing, nee-chan!」

「That was the person who also robbed my wallet before! That was really cool」

「Won’t she be stronger than a knight」


Rei couldn’t help but scratch her head out of embarrassment as she listens to the people praising her.

In the middle of the crowd, Rinna makes her way and rushes towards Rei.


「Rei, are you alright」

「I’m fine, you didn’t have to be worried. Also, Rin-chan, I got the wallet back」


When Rinna understood that Rei was alright while she was waving her wallet, she lets out a sigh of relief.

The man was immediately apprehended by knights who heard about the commotion.

After that, they continued walking while holding hands.



After buying ingredients and daily necessities, then after having lunch at a restaurant, the two finally returned home.

Rinna then started a conversation with Rei.


「Rei, about this morning, thank you. I was able to safely retrieve my wallet」


After a bit, her words were cut off and she blushed red like a maple leaf, and then she continued.


「That’s why……As a sign of my gratitude…… What you said this morning……I’ll allow it」


Rinna’s face then completely turned red even reaching her ears. Rei who didn’t expect that also turned into stone for a moment and then came back to life to confirm.


「Is, is that really alright? Is it okay, for me to mofumofu?」


Rinna didn’t say anything in return and only nodded.

Rei, was already at her limits. No,, she no longer needed to be patient.


Rei was seated opposite to Rinna. Rei then slowly reaches out to her hair. Rinna’s face burned red even further and she looks away while Rei approaches her hair with her fingers.




Slowly, with her trembling hand, Rei gently held Rinna’s twin tails.

Her fingers finally came in contact with her bluish gray hair.


「Oooohhh…… This, this is……」


And then she buried her fingers on her hair. It was very fluffy and comfortable to touch. It felt like electric currents were running through her back as her fine hair wrapped around her fingers. She continued moving her hands enjoying the best sensation she have ever touched.




A sweet voice came out of Rinna as she felt tickled by the sensation.

Her hair sways gently and the scent of shampoo tickles her nose. Forgetting the time, Rei continued stroking Rinna’s hair.








A knocking sound was heard resonating through the room.

Then after hearing a reply from inside the room, the doorknob was turned,


「Excuse me. Knight Commander, we have come to report」

「Aa, good work. A lot of reports surely came in today」


Various documents were handed to the knight commander. As she looked over it, the woman who was called knight commander stopped at a certain document.


「Nn? What is this? Why a report about a pickpocketing incident? How did this ended up in the documents submitted to me」


As she read the report, her atmosphere suddenly changed into something serious.


「Was this report confirmed? Did a human really do something like this? 」

「There were a lot of eyewitness at the scene. It was easily verified by all the witnesses」

「Is that so…… This is interesting! This, this certainly is interesting!! Ha, haha, hahahaha!」


A loud laughter reverberated in the office.