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Chapter 6 Knight Commander’s Proposal


The summoner’s guild requires all those who have become a summoner be registered.

Or rather without registering at the guild, you won’t be recognized as a summoner.

To those that have just become summoners, their ranks when registered will be C and would only be given simple chores as requests.

If judged that they have the ability be promoted, they will be given a chance to apply for a promotion.

In other words, with their current status, Rinna could only accept simple requests.


「Even though I’m already here?」


In the building where summoners are registered, Rei and Rinna are currently facing each other on a round table.

Receiving the explanation from Rinna, Rei seems to be dissatisfied about it.


「I defeated a dragon! And I am Rin-chan’s summon, so just doing simple chores right now is just strange」

「It couldn’t be helped, rules are rules after all. This is how people improved by doing things little by little」


Rinna looks at the counter while sipping the hot cocoa that she holds with both hands.

What she wanted to know is the whereabouts of her sister, and she was hoping to find any clues that could link to her.

However, neither her sister nor her whereabouts were unknown despite being known as a famous summoner.

She couldn’t help but sigh as she returns her gaze to the complaining Rei.


「I should go look for a request soon. Good Requests are going to be taken first after all」

「Good luck」


Rei shows a dissatisfied when she stood up to leave, Rinna then heads towards the reception counter.

After talking to the lady in the Reception Counter, she presents her guild card.

The guild card is an ID issued to all summoners. Name, Rank, Birth Place and other information are stored inside the card and its color changes depending on the rank.


「Rinna Gelsneal-chan is it. I’ve been informed of your transfer from the town of Floji」


After looking though the information in her white guild card, the Receptionist then hands Rinna a book containing request for Middle Class Rank C requests.


「These are the requests that currently available. Please come back to the counter once you have decided on a request that you want to take」

「I understand」


Rinna then returns to the table where Rei was sitting with the request book. She then places the book on the table and open it’s pages.



「Now then, are there any good requests……hmmm」

「What about this one? Need help to summon an electric type beast to help in the powerplant」

「Not that one, because the reward is lower than the market price. How about this one……」


A summoner’s livelihood relies on the amount of rewards a job could offer. And when the two were stuck together doing their best to look for a decent job, a hand interrupted them pointing out on a request page.


「How about taking this delivery of 20 forest mushrooms? After all, we are training near this area today」


When the two turned around out of surprise, they were greeted by a blond woman covered in silver armor.


「Uwaah, who!?」

「Now way, Hilde Freid!? The Real One!?」


Rei and Rinna were surprised at the same time but each of them reacted differently. She then laughs vigorously at the reaction of the two. She then pulls out a chair and seated near the two.


「Hahahaha. It seems like this girl knows me. That’s right, I am indeed Hilde Freid」

「Hey, Rin-chan. Who is this person? 」


Rinna who was staring at Hilde filled with awe, finally speaks.


「Hilde Freid, the knight commander of Valfranc Kingdom! Was widely known as an S-Rank summoner who climbed the top ranks of knighthood at the age of 18! An amazing person!!」


Rei was slightly taken aback because Rinna’s sudden reaction.


「Hahaha, it’s kind of embarrassing if you point it out like that. By the way, may I know who your names? 」


Hilde shows them a bright smile as she urges the two to introduce themselves.

Rinna immediately introduced herself nervously.


「Ah, umm, I am Rinna Gelsneal! A C Rank Summoner」

「It’s not the usual Rin-chan……」


Hilde’s eyebrows suddenly twitched when hearing about her last name.


「Gelsneal is it……It might be rude of me to ask but, are you by any means related to Dinna?」

「Eh, do you know something about my sister!」


Rinna suddenly jumps out of her chair from tension probably thinking that she might get information for her reason to be in the capital.

Hilde replies as she holds Rinna’s shoulders to make her calm down and return to her seat.


「No, I’m sorry. She is a famous person after all. All I know is that she went missing some time ago. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be much of help to you」

「Is……that so」


Finally calming down, Rinna shrugged her shoulders out of disappointment.

Noticing the heavy atmosphere starting to take over, Rei introduced herself as a change of pace.


「Next is my introduction, I guess. Kaga……no, that’s not how to do it. I’m Rei Kagaya, 16 years old! I came from another world! Rin-chan is my summoner!」



Rinna was not able to stop her this time from dropping a bomb. Hilde nodded to her introduction as if reaching a certain understanding about the situation.


「The activities of the two of you have reached my office a few days ago. At first I didn’t really believe that a human would be able to do such feats, but as a summoned being…… That sounds really interesting! 」


After tapping her knees and standing up, Hilde stares at Rei and speaks.


「Rei-dono, would you like to have a bout with me」

「Eh, by bout, do you mean a duel!?」


To be suddenly challenged by an S-Rank Summoner, was something Rei didn’t even dream of expecting.

On the side, the sound of a chair falling down could be heard, with a hand suddenly grabbing the table.

It was Rinna who was shocked to the point the she even lost her speech.


「Well, it’s not really something big like a duel. I’m only interested in your abilities, you see」

「Oi, Rei…… Refuse it, refuse it right now」

「Alright, I’ll accept it!」


It was an immediate answer.

The talk of the two continues leaving Rinna who was lying flat on the table.


「Is that so, then about what I’ve said earlier, please accept the mushroom delivery quest that I’ve asked. Today, the knights will be training on the grounds nearby the forest. Let’s have a small bout at that place」

「Fighting against a Knight Commander! That sounds so exciting!」

「Is that so, alright, hahaha! I’ll prepare a carriage to send you to our training grounds. I’ll be looking forward to that bout」


Hilde then left in high spirits.

Rinna finally speaks out after being completely overwhelmed.


「You know, you have no idea just how amazing of a person that was」

「I didn’t really accept that without thinking about things, you know」


Suddenly, Rei expression changed as she show looks at Rinna with a serious atmosphere around her.


「I want to know just how much power I have and fighting that person is the best way to do it. If Rin-chan gets attacked once again, I would need to understand just how strong do I need to be in order to properly protect you 」

「Uuugh. Mou, I don’t care anymore, do whatever you want……」


Continuing the talk wouldn’t mean much anymore, so the two didn’t exchange any words after that.

She couldn’t stand that straightforward gaze, so Rinna shyly looked away.








The west entrance of the capital is the gateway towards the forest area.

Rei and Rinna who received the delivery request have departed towards the forest riding the carriage that was prepared by the knight commander.

It was a fancy horse drawn carriage with an emblem of the royal knights, and there are only around 20 of them in service.

After leaving the capital, they passed by a wide grassland.


From there, they will be heading towards the training ground of the knights where Rei will be having a bout with Hilde.

After that, they will be entering the forest in order to complete the request.


「Hey, Rin-chan, are the knights really that strong?」


The excited Rei asks Rinna who was sitting across her.


「They are good at fighting enemies with swords and are good at riding flying monsters. I have seen them fighting while riding monsters resembling giant grasshoppers before……」

「What are you saying. Can’t a normal person do something like that? 」


Rei couldn’t help but feel confused after hearing Rinna’s unexpected response.


「That? Are they not fighting using summons? 」

「No, they do fight. They are all also summoners, you know」

「Ah, I see. And about Hilde-san, she is an S-Rank summoner right…… In other words, am I going to fight her summon too」


Rei nods after feeling convinced after assuming that the fight would be like that.


「No, you see, about Hilde-san……」

「Uwaaaah, look Rin-chan, look outside! It’s a big Summoner’s Ranch! There’s a lot of weird creatures inside!」


Rinna was completely ignored by Rei who’s object of interest have already moved to the scenery before her.

Rinna also relaxes and changed interest after seeing what was outside.


「Well, she will understand it soon, I guess」


While in the middle of her murmur, she pulls out a sandwich out of her bag and enjoys it while watching the scenery.

She was also happy watching the scenery as she stuffs her cheeks full with food.