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Chapter 11 The Girl with Flax Colored Hair


ED: Yuki


「A special promotion test!?」

「Wait what’s that?」


It was at the counter of the summoner’s guild.

Today, there were a great number of summoners bustling around.

Their next request came on the day right after they had finished their mushroom gathering.

It came, but…

Rinna was confused by the receptionist’s sudden proposal.

Right behind her, Rei was happily looking on.


「We have received a report from the knights regarding the case of the subjugation of 2 Orthros.」


The receptionist then began her explanation with a troubled look on her face.

Even if it was reliable information which came from the knights, a C-class summoner defeating 2 Orthroses was still something quite hard to believe after all.

In actuality, the one who killed them was Rei.

That was the reason for Rinna’s hesitation.

Even if she had a chance to be raised to the B class, she felt that it would not have suited her.


「Normally, one would have to consistently complete C rank requests before being promoted to the B rank. However, if they can be seen to have potential, they are also able to be promoted to the B rank by taking the promotion test.」

「A promotion test huh… what should we do…」


The one who was most aware that they were still lacking in power was Rinna.

Rinna was contemplating if should they reject the offer.


「In addition, as this test involves venturing to dangerous grounds, an A class summoner will be accompanying you.」


An A class summoner… After those words left her lips, Rinna’s expression changed.

Her hands on the counter, she pushed herself forward.


「We can go along with A class summoners!?」

「Yes, you will」

「We’ll accept it!」


Surprised by her instantaneous decision, Rei asked Rinna.


「Rinna, weren’t you going to decline it?」

「If we are able to go with an A class then it’s a different story. It’ll give us a lot more experience than going alone.」


If they were able to learn from the A class, the amount of experience they would gain as compared to learning on their own was immeasurable.

The problem was her accepting it so casually.


「In that case, here are the details of the promotion test.」


What was shown on the request form was ‘The capture of 10 Bolt lizards’.

The completion reward was that of 50 thousand G, quite a high one.

Along with that was the difficulty of the request.

The area would be at the thunderous mountain ranges of Nizabel.


「It’s a pretty far off place. Just travelling there would take us about 2 days.」


The receptionist took out a box containing 10 clear gems and put them on the table.


「These will be your funds. The travel expenses will be payed in full by the guild. We will contact accompanying summoner so please meet them at the capital’s east entrance carriage park.」



Rinna took up the box with the gems with some effort, and went off.


「Rinna, what are those gems?」

「They’re gems which don’t have any summons registered in them. The test this time will be to register these.」

「Isn’t that easier than expected?」


As she placed the box down on the provisions table, Rinna shook her head.


「Capturing summons are much harder than subjugation. It’s cause you have to hold back and make sure that you don’t kill them.」

「So we’ll need to stop them from moving while making sure they’re alive?」

「Yeap. And then if an unregistered stone comes into contact with the summon’s head, a link will be established between the two and the beast will be summonable.」


Rinna packed the gems in the box into her belongings.


「The summoner who’s accompanying us won’t lend us any help regarding the request either so we’ll have to keep our wits about us.

「Let’s do this Rinna」


After packing the gems, Rinna firmly nodded.


「Yea, I’ll make sure I get stronger.」




The Nizabel mountain range


Great peaks to the north of Valfront.

There were many ore mines there and it was far off from the capital, making the creatures living there much more dangerous.


「It’s going to be a long journey. We’d better prepare well.」

「It feels like you’re prepared for anything…」


The next morning at 6, the two had finished their preparations for the journey ahead.

Gigantic luggage towered over the two.

It was already taller than Rinna was.

Rei looked on with an astounded look.


「No oversights! If anything happens, we can rest assured. Now let’s go! 」

「But the entrance…」


As she opened the door with gusto, she took a step out and…


Her luggage was caught by the door.



「Yea, you can’t get out」

「Uuu… why….」

「It’s alright, let’s lessen the load!」


Rinna slumped onto her knees.

Rei comforted her while patting her head.


The east entrance of the capital


The carriages which head to the mountain leave from here.

Nearby, there were several carriages with people riding them.

The two waited for the accompanying summoner while in the midst of the busy morning.


「Hey, what’s the A class person gonna be like?」

「It’s an A rank, an A! It’s definitely gonna be someone awesome! 」


As if she were a child, Rinna could bare contain her excitement.

Rei smiled at Rinna, whose eyes were sparkling.


「You seem pretty happy Rinna」

「Of course! After hearing that it’s gonna be an A class and they’re even gonna tag along with us, is there anything more exciting than this? 」


Was what she said with her small body waving, and a swaying pair of twintails.

Rei suppressed her inner urges to jump at her.


「Hey you」


What the two had heard, was the voice of a young girl.


A ten year old looking girl with a white robe headed towards the two.


「You are Rinna yes? Sorry to keep you waiting.」

「Er, who are you? What’s your name? 」


Rei kindly crouched and asked as their eyes met.

As for Rinna, for some reason, her whole body was shaking and her mouth was ajar.


「Shifle is Shifle. I’ll be following you two.」

「We’re going to somewhere dangerous now you know? It’s a little hard for that…」

「Rei…! No! She’s…」


「The A class summoner… Shifle Garden…!」



Rei looked at Shifle, then at Rinna, then back at Shifle again.


「That is correct.」



In her bewilderment, Rei observed Shifle.

It was an innocent, smiling young girl before her.

She had light brown hair, or more accurately, flax coloured pigtails.

She had a staff in her hand, though its tip did not have any gems in it.


Also, there was something riding atop her head.

Rei thought it was a stuffed toy at first, but upon closer inspection, she realized it was a living thing.

It had a round body which grew green feathers, sleepy looking eyes, a beak, wings, feet, and even tail feathers. It was definitely some creature.


She concluded that it was probably some kind of bird.


「Really? Is this girl really an A rank summoner? 」

「There is no doubt that Shifle is an A class summoner. You’re being rude.」

「S-Sorry, it just shocked me a little」


Puffing her cheeks, Shifle turned away.

Right after Rei apologized, Shifle smiled right away.


「It’s alright. Shifle is an adult so I won’t mind」



At that moment, the bird (probably) on her head started making noises.


「Uwa, its squawking」

「This here is Fuu-chan. Please introduce yourselves」

「I see. I’m Rei Kagaya. Nice to meet you, Shifle, Fuu-chan」

「Pleased to meet you」



After the two and the bird peacefully exchanged their greeting, right behind was the fearful Rinna who crept closer.


「H-Hi, erm, I’m, Rinna Gelsneal」

「Rinna you’re so stiff」


It was just like the other time with Hilde. It seems like Rinna doesn’t do well with famous people.

She was so nervous that her voice sounded weird.


「Hey it’s THE Shifle Garden! She’s an A rank at the mere age of ten…」

「Shifle isn’t that great. Anyways, Rinna is older than Shifle.」


Shifle’s face turned a little cloudy.

But she immediately returned to a smile again, and the mood brightened up once more.


「And anyways Diina is much more impressive. She’s already an A rank at the age of nine.」

「You see Rinna, Shifle’s saying that too」

「Uuugh… nice to meet you, Shifle」


Unwillingly dropping the formalities, Rinna stuck her hand out for a shake.


「Yeap, nice to meet you」


Looking satisfied, she shook that hand with both of hers firmly.


「By the way, is Rei a friend of Rinna’s?」


Shifle looked on curiously.

It was a natural question, after all why would a summoner have a person with them.


「Erm… I, came from another world and am Rinna’s summon」

「…Are you serious?」



A summon being a human was something unprecedented.

Her face hardened from being startled, which made her lose her composure.


「Well, we can continue with that later. It’s about time for us to set off now.」

「It wouldn’t be nice of us to keep the carriage driver waiting」

「Well then, off we go to the mountain ranges of Nizabel!」



「C’mon now, Rinna you too」

「…Ye, Yea…」


The three raised their fists high.

And so, the long yet short journey towards the north to the Nizabel mountain ranges started.