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Chapter 13 Reminiscence


ED: Yuki

「…Mnn, where…」

「Ah, Rinna, you’re awake?」


Rinna had woken up to a room she was unfamiliar with.

Rei was sitting at the side of the bed, staring intently at Rinna.

She seemed relieved that Rinna had regained her conscious.

Shifle was behind her too.


「We’re at the inn. Do you remember fainting during the training? 」

「Yea…, after I sent my strength to Rei, I felt really tired…」

「It’s okay to sleep more」


Shifle went to the bedside to Rinna.

Fuu-chan wasn’t on top of her head but was sound asleep on the table.


After Rinna fainted, Rei was in a huge panic.

She picked her up and was about to rush to find a doctor.

But Shifle disagreed with that, and instructed her to rest.

And so they took up a room in the inn, and let Rinna rest there.


The outside was already covered in darkness with the day already passed.

It seems like she had lost her sense of time as well.


「Sorry for causing the trouble」

「It’s alright Rinna」


Rei patted Rinna, who looked down, eyes filled with sadness.

It seemed like that managed to warm up Rinna’s heart.


「It is very hard to control the amount of power given for Partial Strengthening. If more than required is given, the summoner’s body will be pushed to the limit.」

「Is that why it’s a high difficulty technique?」

「Indeed. Shifle fainted countless of times to when I first started.」


Shifle seemed to remember her past failures from Rei’s words.

She might have been ten, but you could feel her dignified presence.

Rinna stared at the ceiling, letting out a sigh.


「Seems like I’m still far away from my sister huh」


Rinna’s sister, Diina.

An S rank summoner, a genius as most would put it.

A question arose in Rei’s mind.


「Hey, was Rinna taught any techniques from your sister?」

「Shifle finds it strange too. If a person is of A rank standard, Partial Strengthening would be something they would be able to do to. For you to not know that…」

「Yea… I find that strange too…」


Her kind sister had always protected her.

As she went through the memories of her with her sister, Rinna continued speaking.


「Actually, my sister did not tell me anything about being a summoner.」

「What do you mean!?」

「Diina didn’t teach you anything at all?」


The two were unable to hide their surprise from this.

Diina, an S rank summoner was the best and closest teacher Rinna should have.

And yet, she didn’t teach anything at all.


「How should I put this. It seemed like my sister didn’t think that I would become a summoner.」

「It wasn’t cause you two had a bad relationship or anything right?」

「My sister was very kind. Even now, I still think she’s the ideal sister one could have. But regardless of how many times I asked, she wouldn’t teach me any summoner techniques. All of what I’ve learnt is self-taught.」


The sisters seemed to have been in a good relationship.

However, Diina had never taught Rinna anything about the summoning arts.

It’s almost as if…


「It’s like she didn’t want you to become a summoner.」


Rinna had a gut feeling about that too.

That her sister could’ve not wanted her to become a summoner, that is.


「There’s so many things we don’t know about, like the assailant and the sword of light…」

「What about that?」


As Rinna muttered those words, Shifle obviously had some questions to ask.


「The thing is, it seems like I’m being targeted by some higher class summoner.」

「What!? Is that true!?」


Rei and Rinna shook their heads in agreement.

「We believe that the two Orthrus were also set by the assailant.」


Shilfe seemed to get the gist of it while she was being marveled by this news.

In the first place, having Orthruses appear at the entrance of that forest was off in itself.


「And as for the sword of light, it’s a mysterious power that I’m able to use.」


Rei lowered her head, moving her finger over the pendant, gazing at her right hand.


「It’s at times where I strongly wish to protect Rinna, probably. The pendant will start to glow…」

「Also, when I strongly wish to help Rei, the gem which I called her from will start to glow.」

「Eh!? Really!?」


Those words made Rei’s eyes light up, as she happily asked.

When Rinna realized what she had said, her face turned red, and she tried correcting herself.


「A-Anyways! And when that happens, the sword of light appears in Rei right hand.」

「When that happens, I’ll get a whole lot of power. Though, it takes up quite a lot of stamina from me.」


Deep in thought, Shifle deeply nodded, as she sorted out the thoughts in her head.


「I’ve never heard of anything like it before. It seems like Rinna has some sort of special powers.」

「Some, special powers…?」


If something like that really resided in Rinna…


The unknown assailant’s motive could be tied to that.

It was mere speculation, but they were connecting the dots one by one.


As they brooded over the heavy silence, there was a knock on the door.


「Your food has arrived.」


The door opened, and food from the inn was brought in.

Probably due to them being near the mountain, meat, fish from the rivers as well as mountain vegetables were brought in. It was a menu focusing on the blessings of the mountains.


「This seems good- hey Fuu-chan! That’s my portion!」



Fuu-chan immediately jumped on the meat lined up on the table.

Shifle grabbed Fuu-chan with both hands, desperately holding it back.

Rei and Rinna’s expressions both softened seeing such an amusing sight.

After the server was done lining up the food, they shut the door, with a 「enjoy」.


「Rinna, can we finish this?」

「Mmm, I think so… actually, I’m famished.」


Rinna slowly got out of the bed and took her seat.

Rei sat herself beside her and tried suggesting something to Rinna she did before.


「Hey, Rinna. Shall I feed you? 」



And she got struck down immediately.


「Uuu, why」

「I mean… Shifle’s right there…」

「…Erm, does that mean if no one’s around…?」


After a quick glance, Rinna silently nodded.

And she stayed that way silently, with her face turning as red as a beat.

Rei followed suit, turning red and stiff.


「…Ah, erm, Anyways shall we eat? Before it turns cold.」



And then, the two stiffly started on their meals.


Shifle seemed to have noticed something and proceeded to look over the two of them affectionately.


「I see I see, looks like the two of them have a different relationship compared to us, Fuu-chan.」





「Phew, that was a good bath wasn’t it, Shifle」

「Nufuu, it was heavenly」


This was the inn’s great baths.

Rei and Shifle were sitting in the big bathtub.


「It’s real nice to be able to stretch out my legs. I can’t do this in my bath at home.」

「Yea. The fatigue just gets washed away.」


Atop of her head was a towel, with Fuu-chan not in sight.

Of course, it wouldn’t be nice to have feathers all over the bath, and so Fuu-chan was keeping watch over the room with Rinna.


「Though, it would’ve been nice if Rinna could’ve came as well.」


When Rei invited Rinna to the baths, she used the reason that she was tired and wanting to go by herself to more leisurely enjoy her bath as her reason to reject Rei.

Though, she was saying that while being flustered and red.


「But if she’s tired then there’s no choice I guess…」

「No, I don’t think its… But I have to say Rei, you have some high-quality goods right there.」


Shifle said slyly, while observing her two bulges.


「Wait, Shifle where are you looking while saying that!?」


Rei became flustered, hiding it with her hands.

Shifle laughed as she watched Rei embarrassed.


「Ahaha, Rei’s real cute.」


After laughing, Shifle suddenly turned quiet.

As Rei thought that she became tired after laughing, Shifle started speaking.


「…Hey, Rei. Can you hear me out? 」

「…What’s the matter, Shifle. I don’t mind.」


As Shifle took a serious tone, Rei turned her attention to listening to Shifle.


「Have I properly taught Rinna? …Did I act as a A class summoner should have? 」


Her face turned dark, with her usual innocence completely gone.


「Shifle, you did well. You were a great mentor you know? 」



Rei was unaware of what she had discovered.

However, that was without a doubt, words that came from the bottom of Rei’s heart.

With her words, Shifle smiled brightly and stood up proudly.


「Yea! Shifle will continue working hard tomorrow too! 」