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Chapter 16 Gale and Thunder

TL: Yuki



A huge thundercloud swirled overhead.


 The huge thundercloud swirling overhead, reverberating with an eerie sound like a roar, is accumulating an enormous amount of power inside it.


 The lightning strike released from this cloud could be as powerful as a strike from an S-class summoned beast if not more.


「 That……If I don’t avoid it, it’ gonna be bad.……!」


Bolt Lizard’s lightning strike is a straight line attack and does not track if the target evades.


Rei is well aware of this, as she has been exposed to a lot of attacks up until now.


But the blow from that thundercloud would probably be a very thick electric shock.


If she didn’t move far enough away, she wouldn’t be able to escape unharmed.


「 Even if I were to say that……」


Rei shifted her eyes from above her head to her surroundings.


A dozen or so small thunderclouds surrounded her, arranged in a circle around her.


It is a cloud cage cunningly set up to keep her from ever escaping the range of the kill.


「 These guys, aren’t they a little too smart.……?」


I can’t help but complain.


 The small thunderclouds will not launch electric shocks, probably.


The purpose may be to fire when she tries to escape and block her escape route.


It is impossible for Rei’s current agility to avoid the lightning strike of that speed and density, and to escape the attack range of the giant cloud.


「 I guess all is not lost yet……」


「 Rei Onee-san! This is not good!!」


There’s no escaping that situation.


 If this continues, Rei is certain to lose her life.


 There is no time to talk about exams anymore.


「Fuu-chan, let’s go!」


「 Fuu~ 」


Shifle was about to take the jewel out of her pocket when she suddenly turned to look at Rinna.


In this situation, she hadn’t uttered a single word since earlier.


This was unnatural, no matter how much she told her elf to remain calm.


「 Rinna Onee-san?」


Rinna grasped the cane with both hands and meditated, concentrating on her consciousness.


 There was one move left for her to make that would turn this situation upside down.


 If she failed, no, she didn’t think about that at all.


With the sole intention of helping Rei, she concentrated and built up a mass of mental energy in her body.


What she imagines is strengthening the legs.


Rinna opened her eyes and sent the energy she had stored to Rei.


「 Enhanced agility speed boost!!!」


Rei’s body was enveloped in a white light.


Rinna’s thoughts and power raced through her.


「 Rin-chan……thanks 」


A moment later, the huge black cloud emits an intense light.


Rei kicked the ground as hard as she could and started running.


 Thunderbolts of interceptors gushed out from countless small thunderclouds.


 ——I see it. You’re too slow!


Leaning her body and shifting her head, Rei ran through the cage of lightning like a gale, avoiding it with minimal movement.


Immediately afterwards, an extremely thick thunderbolt ripped through the earth with a tremendous roar.


The bedrock shattered and a cloud of dust rose up.


「 Rei Onee-san, What happened to you!?」


From where Shifle and the others were standing, Rei could not be seen due to the sand that was flying around.


「 It’s okay. Rei’s fine.」


 Rinna’s voice was calm and collected.


 As Shifle strains her eyes, she can see the shadow of a person in the dust and smoke.


 The figure moved at a high speed and raised her sword, which made a crackling sound.


When the dust cloud eventually cleared, Rei had stunned the last bolt lizard with a stunning strike.


「 Phew, I’ve managed it somehow……」


 Rei lay down on the ground on her back.


 The white light that had covered her body disappeared.


「 Rei, are you injured!」


 Rinna runs up to Rei to check.


It seems that she did not faint or become too physically exhausted.


「 Rinna Onee-san, you’ve succeeded in making a partial enhancement at the last minute.」


 You’ re a real piece of work, Shifle thought to herself.


With this, the test was successful and Rinna was promoted to B class.


「 But maybe soon enough she won’t just be B-Rank at all, right Fuu-chan.」


「 Fuuー?」


Rinna runs to Rei’s side and helps her up.


「 Rei, sorry…… You put yourself in harm’s way because of a lapse in judgment on my part……」


「 I don’t mind. I’m fine. What you did earlier was a partial strengthening, right, Rin-chan.」


「 Ah, Umm. I just managed to……make it succeed 」


「 That’s great, Rin-chan! Congrats!!」


「 Muguu…」


Rei hugged Rinna vigorously.


With her face buried in her chest, Rinna flaps her arms and legs.



「 Hai, hai, that’s the end of the flirting. We have to finish the capture operation before they regain consciousness.」


「 Oh, right, Rin-chan, we have to hurry.」


「 Fuel, it’s because Rei won’t let me go.」


 Was it my imagination that he seemed to be complaining, but also a little regretful?


As soon as she released her body from Rei, Rinna took out a jewel from her backpack and applied it to the forehead of the fallen bolt lizards.


「 Okay, that’s the last of it.」


When the last tenth piece turned yellow, Rinna looked at it with great feeling.


Now all we have to do is report to the guild, and we’ll be promoted to B-class summoners.


She had been so worried about Rei’s safety that she hadn’t been able to focus on that until now, but now she was finally starting to feel it.


She tuck the last one carefully into her luggage.


Then she looked up at the cloudy sky and exhaled heavily with a sense of accomplishment.


 –It would have been even better if the sky had been blue.


「 Well then, let’s go back before the lizards wake up.」


「 Yeah, let’s get off the mountain.」


As the three of them were about to leave, the Volt Lizard and the others suddenly regained consciousness.


She braced herself, but it seemed they were farther away than she cared to admit.


They look up, to the left and to the right, and disappear as if frightened by something.


「-What’s going on?」


「 It’s like something is approaching!」


Eventually, the sound of loud flapping wings reached their ears.


Looking up in the sky, Rinna saw a huge bird circling with its huge wings spread out.


Covered in yellow feathers, it was a monster that looked to be about eight meters long.


「 That’s a Garuda! I can’t believe a class-A summon showed up here……!」


「 I’m sure I was lured here by the extremely thick lightning strike earlier! It’s favorite food is bolt lizards.」


 The Garuda continues to circle above the three of them.


 The girls were probably already in its sights.


 Rei smiled wryly as she pulled out the sword at her hip.


「 Rin-chan, I don’t feel like losing right now, how about you, Rin-chan?」


「 I’m the same 」


 We both lined up and looked at the enemy above us.


 The trajectory of the turn had changed.


 Soon it would swoop down and attack us.


「 I’m sorry to say this, but Shifle is supposed to be in charge of this kind of thing.」


Coughing, Shifle stepped forward in front of them.


Indeed, her role was originally to be prepared in case a high-ranking summon attacked.


「 And, honestly. I was itching to show them together. Come on, let’s go! Fuu-chan!」


「 Fuu 」


 Fuu-chan jumped off Shifle’s head with great force.


 Shifle took the jewel out of her pocket and placed it on top of the trekking pole.


 The glow of the jewel was blue.


「 The Blue Jewel! S-class summon.……!」


「 That climbing staff, it was a summoning staff……」


Shifle closes her eyes and focuses her mind.


 Fuu-chan’s small body was enveloped in a blue glow, changing its size and shape.


 The light bursts open to reveal a huge bird covered in beautiful green feathers.


 The sharp eyes of a bird of prey glared at the enemy, and its long tail feathers fluttered on its beautiful streamlined body.


「 Summoning complete! Let’s do it, Fuu-chan!」


「 Kiiiiiii!!」


Shifle points her staff at Garuda in the sky.


It was a majestic figure worthy of the name “King of the Sky” took off into the sky.


「 That’s Fuu-chan’s true form!」


「 That’s Frezberk!!」


 Fuu-chan, a Frezberk reach the same altitude as the Garuda circling above.


The Garuda immediately creates a huge thundercloud against the sudden appearance of an enemy.


 It is incomparably larger than the Bolt Lizard’s.


The interval between launches would probably be very short.


「 It’s useless! That won’t work on Fuu-chan!」


Frezberk possesses the magical power of wind.


It has immense wind power that is said to control all the atmosphere.


 It converts its magic power into wind and shoots it at the thundercloud.


 The blade of the gale blew the thundercloud into pieces.


 Garuda was dismayed as its greatest weapon was easily defeated.


「 Time to finish it! Blow it away!!」


 Ahead of the Frezberg, there was a change in the atmosphere.


 A small vortex was created, which quickly transformed into a tornado.


 With a flap of its green wings, the tornado heads straight for the Garuda.


 Sensing the danger, Garuda turns its back and runs away.


 However, the tornado was faster than its speed.


 When the giant yellow bird was caught in the vortex of the wind, it was swallowed up and spun around at high speed.


 In the midst of the violent rotation, it must have lost track of its top and bottom.


 Eventually, it was thrown out of the tornado and crashed to the ground.


 The Garuda that fell to the grass seemed to have fainted.


「 You have done well, Fuu-chan.」


As the Frezberk landed in front of Shifle, Shifle raised her wand.


 Then, with a pop, the little Fuu-chan reappears.