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Chapter 1 The Summoned Girl and the Summoner Girl




Unlocking the front door, she entered the room that she has gotten used to.

Just like usual, nobody came to greet her, it’s the usual her talking to myself.

She put aside that bag that she carried, and then she sat down at the entryway and sighed, then she look at the pendant that was hanging on her neck that she placed on her palm.


That girl, Kagaya Rei was living alone.

She lost her parents at an early age of 10 years old, and also didn’t have any relatives so she’s living alone.

She was living off her parent’s heritage, but it’s not an unlimited amount.


Every time school ended and she was on the way home, she goes to the supermarket to do her part-time job.

Despite being ignored by other veteran aunts she was doing her best at her job, after that she need to prepare dinner and do housework on her own.

After all that is going straight to bed.

She didn’t have time to have fun, wasn’t able to make friends, nobody got along with her, and even if she didn’t socialize with anyone, bad rumors surrounded her.


When she reached 16 years old, she was already tired of her life.

She wished, if there would be anyone who to take her out of that miserable life.

Bring her to a world of Sword and Magic that she have been desiring all this time.


It was the usual, she, who have been thinking about that all the time, felt refreshed and took a look at her precious pendant once more.

But then suddenly, her mother’s memento, the pendant glowed, it was a blinding light that cover her whole body……



——and when the light dissipates, there was a dragon right in front of her.




That’s the only expression she could think of at the unreasonable situation she got into.








On a green grassy meadow that felt like it would last forever, a clear blue sky could be seen.

A refreshing breeze tickles her hair.

It was a little girl that was walking on a highway that was roughly paved with dirt and stones.

She, Rinna Gelsneal, was travelling a road heading towards the capital.


Rinna was born and raised on a small country town called Floji.

Surrounded by her parents and big sister, she had a happy childhood. But five years ago, her sister suddenly disappeared. Her family never told anything about it, but news came suddenly one day.


Her sister was deemed as a Genius.

At the young age of 15, she was able to summon and S Rank summon, and was regarded as a living legend.

That woman, Dina, became Gelsneal’s Pride.

She admired her sister, and also wanted to walk the same path as her.

Every day, she dreamed of the day that she would catch up to her sister’s distant back.


Rinna pestered her parents day by day to allow her to look for her sister, and when she became 15 years old, she was finally given the permission.

And right now, she is travelling in search of her sister with the only clue she had, that is, that she was living in the capital of the country called Valf that is the most populated place in the country.


「Uu, walking to the capital is really hard…… I wish a carriage would pass by and allow me to accompany them」


Rinna wipes off the sweat from her forehead and sighs.

In front of her was a seemingly endless field of green grass. The capital city is still nowhere to be seen.



Then before she realized it, there was a shadow that fell from above her.

It was the shadow of a person.

A woman was flying above her wearing a robe with a wide open chest.


If anyone saw this scene, it would be quite astonishing.

Even strong summoners won’t be able to do something like float in the air for a long time like this.


「Found you…… that girl’s only. Fufufu, oh how long have I waited for a time like this to happen」


The woman’s long silver hair sways from the wind as she shows a bewitching smile.

She then took out a long metal staff from her pocket.

There was a red jewel attached to its tip.


「Come out, It’s time for you to wake up, Red Dragon」


When the woman raised her wand after chanting, red lights came out of the jewel from the metal rod and created a whirlpool of light.




Rinna who was carrying her heavy luggage felt something big falling to the ground.

And 「That」something that fell to the ground, unleashed a loud roar in front of her, then her eyes met up with the large creature.

All of a sudden, she found a gigantic creature standing menacingly in front of her.


「Wah……! A Flame Dragon!? Why did you suddenly summon an A Class Summoned Beast!?」



A Class A summoned beast is really rare summon that one would need to struggle a lot in order to obtain such treasure.

Why would someone just suddenly summon it out of nowhere and make it run wild like this.

And of course, Rinna completely understood that the summoned beast was aiming for her life at that moment.


Rinna was certainly surprised and puzzled by the sudden event happening in front of her.

But she forced herself to calm down, and then think of a way on how to deal with her dilemma.

A Red Dragon, it was a really power class of summoned beast.

Its crimson scales are harder than steel and its claws and talons are way shaper than normal or even powerful swords.

And above everything else, it could fire a scorching breath on its mouth.

She is too outmatched in every point being only a C Class summoner.


Her pale hope that it was not yet hostile to her broke the moment the dragon set its sight on to her.

The Dragon who recognized Rinna as its target immediately tried to deliver a slash attack with its claws.


「I have to escape!」


Throwing her luggage away, she tried her best escaping with everything she has.

Barely dodging the red dragon’s claws, she pulled out a transparent colorless crystal out of her pocket and attaches it to her cane.


「I wish I could a least earn a little bit of time, please…… Come out, Little Wyvern!」


The jewel that was attached to the tip of the cane shines, and a small green flying dragon, a C Rank Summoned beast called Little Wyvern came out.


「Blow up wind and dust giving us cover!」


It was a summoned beast that was not really compatible with battle, but they have decently powerful wings.

Her strategy was trying to blind her enemy and escape.

That’s the only thing the C-Rank Summoner Rinna could think of in her current state and in those wide open grasslands.

That was the best that she was capable of doing at that time.

But it failed……


The dust cloud did hamper the red dragon’s vision.

For a moment, the dragon closed its eyes and shakes its head from side to side.

But in the next moment, it opened it again along with opening its mouth. And then,




A burning line of fire was released from its mouth, blowing away all the dust and the Little Wyvern.




Rinna who suffered the feedback from her defeated summoned beast fell down in agony.

When a summoned beast is defeated, a feedback would be sent back to its caster depending on the amount of power the summoned beast had.

For a C class summon it is relatively weak, but it would still be sufficient enough to knock down a 15 year old little girl.


「Guhu! Guhu……! I can’t anymoe……, is, is this the end?」


I haven’t even done anything yet.

I am still clueless about my big sister, and this attack was just too unreasonable.

Tears started falling from her eyes as she continuous to cough.

At that moment, a small broken jewel rolled in front of her.

Seeing that falling down in front of her brought her a bit of nostalgia.


It was called『Cracked Treasure』 that was being handed down in her family for generations.

It was a treasure that was handed down without anyone knowing what it was for.

Her mother gave it to her as a memento for her journey.

Rinna stared at the treasure, she was thinking that it was such a cruel thing to be given as gift to her, but she noticed, it was giving off a dull luminescence.


The crimson dragon was slowly approaching her from behind.

It was purposely slowing down as if playing around with its prey.

In front of imminent death, she took the jewel and tried attaching her to her wand then prayed.


「Please, I will offer my everything, someone, anyone…… come!」



——and then, a bright light engulfed the crystal.


It was a dazzling brilliance that she has never witnessed before.

The dragon and even the Rinna were both blinded for a moment from the explosion of light that suddenly appeared.

Then the light eventually converges, and a figure of something was formed.


「Summon…… Successful?」


When the light finally dissolves, what appeared between Rinna and the flame dragon was……


「What…… the」


It was a girl who wore clothes that she had never seen before.