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Chapter 2 A Sword of Light


It was a strange sight that appeared in front of her. For the time being, Rei tried grasping her current situation. The first thing she understood was that she was in a vast meadow that you could see into the horizon. You won’t find such vast grassland on a small country like Japan.


If it’s on Hokkaido, or maybe some wide plain then it’s possible…… that’s not probably the case this time though.

Next is the huge dragon in front of her.       There’s no way such a creature would exists on the plains of Hokkaido. You won’t even find something like that on earth or more like it didn’t even exist there in the first place.


「A Girl? Why……」


She heard a voice from behind her. A little girl with long hair, the hair was tied on both sides of her head, and she sitting down on the ground. Looking towards her, she could feel embarrassment from being stared at probably because of the difference of their clothes.




Looking at the little girl, she couldn’t but blurt out such words. But finally settling down, and hearing the footsteps of the giant dragon, Rinna called out to her in panic pointing toward the large creature approaching behind her.


「Dangerous! Behind you! Dragon coming! 」


Rinna was thinking that it might already be too late pointing it out, because the fire dragon already considered the both of them as prey. After a sweeping sound, the dragon roared and once more began to pursue the two with huge steps.


「Uwa, that’s right! We need to escape. Can you stand up?」


She reached out to Rinna who was still down.


「I can, probably……Uugh! I probably hurt my leg」


Rinna reached out to the hand that was offered, but then frowned after a jolt of pain run through her right ankle.

Even as they were struggling, the dragon was quickly approaching. It was only a really short distance away before they become reachable by its claw attacks.


「Yosh! I will carry you」


After saying that, she immediately pulled Rinna up and held her close. It was the so called princess-carry. It was very embarrassing for Rinna, but it couldn’t be helped so she could only endure it. What’s more important right now is survival than facing embarrassment.


On the other hand, Rei felt strange sense of discomfort. The girl she held was really light. No, that is-


「Hold on tight and be sure not to bite your tongue」

「Eh? That-」


Having a strange belief flowing into her, Rei started running immediately.



When she started running, she reached speeds which normal human beings would never be able to reach.




Rinna screamed when she was assaulted by the violent air resistance and vibrations. She was so confused that she couldn’t even understand what is happening anymore.


Rei was also puzzled.

About the current situation, her own power, and the huge dragon that was chasing them at almost the same speed as her.

……Wait Dragon?


「Hey wait a minute? How fast can that creature move? 」


For a creature having a huge body, to run at speeds like that of her. Her first choice of trying to immediately run away was removed. If it can move in the same speed as her, then it will be a battle of endurance. But if that’s the case, then will she be able to beat it with her current power, is what she thought?

It will definitely be a bad bet. But if they only kept on running away like this, then what awaits them when they tire out is still going to be death. Instead of arriving in such horrible result, betting on her power was way much better!


「Hey you, what’s your name? 」

「Er, Riii, nnn, nnaaa」


Rinna who was being shaken by the wind pressure could only mutter such words. It can’t be helped with the current situation that they are in.


「Rinna-chan. I was thinking that running away would be pointless. That’s why I would like to face it up front」

「Nuu, but」

「Rinna-chan, Do you have any weapon that you are carrying in you baggage? 」

「I have a dagger, but will that help」


She slowed down until reaching a stop. Then she gently put down Rinna and took out the dagger that she was keeping in her bag.


「That’s impossible! Even if you use that, you won’t be able to deal enough damage to beat it! 」

「Well, I did think that it won’t be an easy win. I will do my best and try to at least be able to disable it if possible」

「But, even with a regular sword, it would be impossible…」

「It’s fine, I’ll be alright」


She took a long stare at Rinna. She felt that she needed to protect this girl at all cost. It was an impulse that was telling to do it no matter what. It was strange that even though they’ve just only met, she was willing to face a dragon, and when she looks at her almost crying face, all the fear shrouding her disappeared.


「It’s here」


After giving Rinna a confident smile, she moved her gaze to the crimson giant that stood in front of her, she felt extremely calm.



Before the dragon could react, she immediately closed in the gap between them. Rei then dodged an attack from the dragon by jumping to her right. It was a really high jump of about 5 meters which was also a surprise for her.


「As expected, even my jumping ability went up! 」


She doesn’t know the reason behind all of this, but that’s not what she needs to think about at the moment.

After landing, she immediately dodged by jumping to the side once more the thick tail that approached her.

When she landed, she made a quick turn aiming for the head of the dragon.


「If it’s the common pattern. Then the eyes of a dragon would definitely be soft」


Holding her dagger in reverse, she quickly approached her target from the left side trying to stab it with all her strength.


「Take this!!」


Doing a full swing, the dagger was quickly approaching the dragon’s eye. However, probably realizing her plan, the dragon quickly tried closing its eyelids to protect its eye.


「I have also expected that you would do that! 」


Just before it was able to close, she managed to slip the dagger in a small gap in its eye. Then with all her strength, she pushes the dagger inside the gap burying it in the dragon’s eye.


However though it was good hit, it was not a fatal attack. It was impossible for the short blade of a dagger to reach into its brain. Because of the pain it received, the dragon shook its head wildly flinging her away. The power of the throw was by no means weak and she was smashed with a heavy force into the ground.


「Guha! Uguh……」


Hitting the ground, she received an impact as if her whole body was about to fall apart, bounced from the impact, and rolled away from the force. An intense amount of pain assaulted her that she has never experienced before.




That was what went inside in her head for a moment. But after seeing the little girl watching her with a crying face, she can’t help but stop thinking about it, and that she would definitely regret it for the rest of her life if she succumbs to fear at that moment.


She doesn’t understand why or the reason behind it, but she knew that she must absolutely save her no matter what. Despite not knowing why, that strong feeling within her was pushing her to move forward.


「That’s why……」


Standing up, she glared at her enemy once more and wished.


Power, ——I need the power to be able to protect her!



Rinna’s heart was also being filled with remorse. Perhaps that person was also just a normal girl, is what she thought. That abnormal physical ability was definitely granted to her when she was summoned. But that would still be useless against the hard-to-break scales of that beast, and it won’t be defeated by only damaging its eye.


Rinna also prayed.

A miracle, anything, please help her——please send her help!



Such wish happened at the same time.


The necklace that was hanging on her neck that was a memento of her mother, and the broken jewel the end of Rinna’s staff started shining like at the time she arrived in that place.

But this time, the light gathered and compressed in Rei’s right hand. It then took the form of a sword made of light.


Although there wasn’t any substance in it, she was able to hold it as if it was a real object.

The blade became translucent and had a glowing aura like a hazy flame.


「What exactly, happened」


Rei looked toward Rinna in question. But the way she looks was telling her that she also didn’t know about what is happening.



「If it’s with this…… I can do it! 」


Her whole body is now filled with power. It was incomparable to the power she had felt before. All the wounds and pain she received from the dragon also disappeared. And in her current state, she had a feeling that she will never lose.



Kicking the ground, she immediately approached the dragon with tremendous speed. In the next instant, she was already below the belly of the giant.

The first thing she did was check her power by delivering a kick to the belly of the giant creature.

Her feet easily sunk into its belly without receiving shock damage from the impact, and without even feeling any resistance from the tough skin of the dragon. That made the dragon groan in pain and was lifted into the air from the force of the kick. Rei who is now confident of her power clasped the sword with both hands.


「Oryaaaaaaa! 」


Holding the sword with both hands she swings it with all her power towards the dragon.

Without even a sense of resistance, the blade easily cut into the dragon’s gigantic body and destroyed everything that the blade passed through.

The power of the slash itself created a shock wave blowing away the dragon after crushing its front.

The huge creature couldn’t even release a roar after the attack and rolled over like a broken toy.

It eventually stopped moving and disappeared into particles of light.


「For her to easily beat it…… Amazing, that summon, an A Rank summoned beast」


Rinna couldn’t believe her eyes. But when she finally realizes the situation, she couldn’t help but smile and waved at her.


「Yey! Did you see that Rinna-chan? 」

「Um, are you okay. Haa〜〜, thank goodness」


Rinna who was extremely worried, finally calmed down and exhales a deep breath then plopped to the ground.

After a bit, the light emitted by the jewels started to fade, then the sword of light vanished. And after that……


「Uwah, the world is starting to spin around……」


Rei then fell on the ground.








There was silver haired woman who was watching the flow of events from high above the sky.

There was no sign of her receiving any kind of feedback, even after the A Rank summoned beast was destroyed.


「What a splendid display, Fufufu」


After distorting her mouth into a grin filled with joy, she faded into the sky and disappeared.