Chapter 1 Another World

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TL:  Kunizuka

TLC: Chinozuku


Author Notes : It’s a little late! I’m sorry!

When I woke up, I was in a forest.


「 This place is … 」


As far as I remembered.


–I was reincarnated to another world by God.


「 I see … So this place is another world? 」


I observed the forest again.


Then, I think that this really is a different world after all.


「 Because … because, because …! 」


「 Why are there wings growing out of the tree …! 」


It’s really strange.


The strange trees in this forest, is not only the tree with wings growing out of it, there’s also a tree that looks like a spider, and a tree that have lots of eyeballs on its branches.


「 But, this is no time to be surprised … First things first, let’s explore this forest 」


Well, This is fun … When I was in Japan, I have never felt like this.


「 I’m looking forward to see what kind of things there are from now on 」


Well, let’s explore!



Well, I’m glad that there are lots of interesting things.


After that I explored the forest safely, and (probably) I came back to where I was before, I thought.


Besides that strange tree, I encountered a strange creature with wings growing on its head, and a creature that looks like a human and insect with 20 arms.


In addition, there probably is a largest tree among these huge trees.


「 Come to think of it, amongst my skills there’s a skill called 【Sunlight Weakness】 」


Just in case, I used【Appraisal】to check it, as the name 【Sunlight Weakness】 suggest, it’s a skill that will lower my status considerably if I come in contact with sunlight.


Now that I look at my status again, it was much lower than when I saw it at God’s place.


「 It’ll be bad if I got attacked now, right? 」


Come to think of it, the creature that I encountered when I was exploring, isn’t that a monster …!?


Ah, that’s the mysterious creature with wings growing on its head …!


「 【Appraisal】 」


  • ○●○


Name : No Name


Race : Feather Rabbit Lv 28


Title : 【Monster of Glycos Forest】


Rank : D+


HP : 108/108


MP : 86/86


Strength : 82


Defense : 68


Agility : 107


Dexterity : 23


Luck : 32


Skill : 【Lunge : Lv 4】 【Flight : Lv 1】


  • ○●○


Eh … it’s so strong?


Its level is higher than me, its dexterity is low but its agility is over 100 …


I mean, this mysterious creature was a rabbit …


Now that I take a look closely at that head with wings growing out of it, I couldn’t see its rabbit ear …


That mysterious creature (Feather Rabbit) didn’t seem to notice me, and it just went to the forest.


When I saw that, I thought.


Monsters is not an occupation, but a rank huh.


Author Notes :


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3/31   I changed the title of the Feather Rabbit to Monster of Forest.


4/12   I changed the rank of the Feather Rabbit from C- to D+.


4/23   I changed the reading of Feather Rabbit from Wing Rabbit to Feather Rabbit.


In addition, HP and MP were added to the status of the Feather Rabbit. I’m really sorry!

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