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Chapter 2 Dungeon Creation

TL: Kunizuka

TLC: Chinozuku


Author Notes : It’s been late!

「 At this rate, it’s gonna be dangerous … 」


Because, when I explored the forest, there are lots of those Feather Rabbit.


I’m surprised that I’m still safe.


If anything, I feel like those Feather Rabbits ignored me.


Well, for now it’s good if that’s the case.


For now …


「 It’s dungeon creating time! 」


Yes, creating a dungeon.


I have already decided on a place to create the dungeon.


Because, when I was exploring the forest I found a great place.


Let’s go!



After walking through the forest for a while, I reached my destination.


This place seems undisturbed, so this is (probably) a perfect place to build a dungeon.


「 【Dungeon Create】 」


I put my hand on the ground and shout the skill name.


Then, I was surrounded by light …



When I woke up, I was not in the forest like before, but in a room made of soil.


【Dungeon Create】has been done and it has been confirmed by 【Appraisal】 skill, I also have some understanding about this room.


This room is called 【Master Room】, it is a room that can only be entered by the Dungeon Master and those recognized by the Dungeon Master.


I checked around this room once more.


There’s a slightly creepy throne in front of me.


Apart from that, there’s nothing else in this room.


Let me say it again.


Nothing else at all.


「 … Well, why there is only a creepy throne here! 」


I wanted to have at least the bare minimum of necessary items……


「 Well, it’s fine.

It seems that I can do various things with 【Dungeon Create】 ability 」


It’s a really useful skill.


「 【Menu】 」


With 【Appraisal】 skill, I obtained the information.


Then, a screen like a status screen appeared.


  • ○●○




【Dungeon Create】


【Monster Summoning】


【Monster Customization】


【DP Shop】




Remaining DP : 1000 DP


  • ○●○


Speaking of 【Menu】, this 【Menu】 screen appeared.


I can do a lot of things from here.


For now, I pressed 【Monster Summoning】.


And then


  • ○●○


〔Monster Summoning〕


Remaining DP : 1000 DP


Voice Input 『               』 Search


Goblin  (5 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Hob Goblin (30 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Goblin Rider (85 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Goblin Lord (300 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Goblin King (850 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Goblin Kaiser (1650 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Goblin Soldier (18 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Goblin Knight (45 DP) 【Details】【Summon】







  • ○●○


When the 【Menu】 screen disappeared, 【Monster Summoning】 screen appeared.