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Chapter 3 Skeleton

TL: Kunizuka

TLC: Chinozuku


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Come to think of it, the remaining DP is shown on every screen.


First of all, DP stands for Dungeon Point, and is a currency that can be used to create dungeons, monsters, or to buy things.


I can’t do anything without DP.


That what was written when I saw it with 【Appraisal】.


And now, I have 1000 DP.


It seems that from the beginning, I have to use these points to create the dungeon.


I looked at the 【Monster Summoning】 screen.


「 I need 5 DP for a Goblin huh … 」


Is this really cheap?


I looked at the details of the goblin from 【Monster Summoning】 screen, but it looks like they are not that strong … It seems that they also need to be fed …


However, it seems that their numbers will increase a lot, so that’s probably a good thing……


But still, they need to be fed.


Ah, if it’s undead then they don’t need to be fed at all, do they? They’re already dead after all.


There is a search function on the 【Monster Summoning】 screen, let’s test it, shall we?


The term is undead monsters … and their cost shouldn’t be more than 10 DP.


  • ○●○


〔Monster Summoning〕


Remaining DP : 1000 DP


Voice Input 『Undead Monster, 10 DP or less』 【Search】


Skeleton (3 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Lesser Zombie (6 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


Lesser Ghost (10 DP) 【Details】【Summon】


  • ○●○


The result of the search function, returned these 3 monsters’ name.


Skeleton is cheaper than Goblin huh……


It’s weaker than your usual small fry monster in RPG, isn’t it?


……Well, it doesn’t need to be fed, so that’s nice.


First of all, I’ll summon 10 skeletons.


When I pressed 【Summon】, a black magic circle appeared in front of me, and skeleton bones came out from there.


Yes, skeleton bones.


It looks like a skeleton bones model in the science room.


There’s a total of 10 skeletons kneeling before me.


「 Well, can you understand my words? 」


The skeletons nodded in response to my question.


「 First of all, stand up 」


The skeletons rattled, and all the skeletons stood up at once.


To be honest, it was scary.


But, I have something to do.


That is……


「 【Appraisal】 」


Yes, 【Appraisal】.


Well, I have been relying on this skill a lot.


To be honest I have never used other skills.


  • ○●○


Name : No Name


Race : Skeleton Lv 1


Title : 【Dungeon Monster】, 【Undead】


Rank : F+


HP : 28/28


MP : 0/0


Strength : 12


Defense : 16


Agility : 8


Dexterity : 2


Luck : 6


Skill : 【Undead : Lv -】


  • ○●○


The status of the skeletons that I saw using 【Appraisal】, were all the same except for Luck.


By the way the effect of 【Undead】 is …


  • ○●○


【Undead : Lv -】


Effect : Even if HP becomes 0, the owner of this skill will revive.

When the owner of this skill is attacked by Holy Element, they will disappear.


Description : Initial skill of an Undead type monsters.


  • ○●○


More or less like that.


……As expected of the undead.


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