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Chapter 5 Automatic Production

TL: Kunizuka

TLC: Chinozuku

Rin the Skeleton Leader kneeled down before me.


「 Can you understand my words? 」


The skeleton understand my words already there’s no need to check it again, is probably what you think, but I’ll ask again just in case.


Rin nodded as a response to my question.


「 Can you talk? 」


The information said so but I’ll ask just in case.


It nodded again.


「 Then, say something 」


Then, after Rin nodded again, with a louder voice


「 Nice to meet you, Master! 」


Is what she said.


It really can talk!


「 I command you.

Train those skeletons. 」


「 Understood, Master! 」


For starters, I gave it an order.


Because there’s nothing else to do.


Ah, right!


Should I give it a weapon?


「 【Menu】 」


Then I picked 【DP Shop】.


【DP Shop】 as the name suggest, it’s a shop where you can buy something in exchange for DP.


  • ○●○


〔DP Shop〕


Remaining DP : 745 DP


Voice Input 『               』 【Search】


Wooden Stick (1 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Wooden Sword (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Wooden Cane (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Wooden Spear (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Wooden Axe (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Wooden Bow (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Wooden Arrow x 10 (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】







  • ○●○


As usual, there are lots of things, so I entered sword as the search condition in the search bar.


  • ○●○


〔DP Shop〕


Remaining DP : 745 DP


Voice Input 『Sword』【Search】


Wooden Sword (5 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Stone Sword (15 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Iron Sword (50 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Silver Sword (75 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Platinum Sword (145 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Mythril Sword (650 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】









  • ○●○


It seems that there are still many swords …


So that the sword color will be the same as Rin’s bone color, I added Red color as another condition in the search bar.


Then …


  • ○●○


〔DP Shop〕


Remaining DP : 745 DP


Voice Input 『Sword, Red』【Search】


Red Iron Sword (95 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Red Iron Dagger (80 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Red Silver Sword (120 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】


Red Silver Dagger (95 DP) 【Details】【Purchase】








  • ○●○


As this result came up, I bought a Red Iron Sword.


In addition, I also bought 10 Iron Swords.


I’ll give these weapons to Rin and the others.


Just now I used 595 DP huh……


I also used some DPs earlier to summon Rin … I haven’t even make the dungeon yet……


But, I still have to make it work.


「 Okay, let’s do this! 」


First, I returned to 【Menu】, then I choose 【Dungeon Create】.


  • ○●○


〔Dungeon Create〕


Remaining DP : 150 DP


【Dungeon Production】


【Additional Facilities】


【Trap Creation】


【Automatic Production】


  • ○●○


Then, this screen came up but……


「 I only have 150 DP remaining huh … 」


This is bad.


Well, I’ll try to do my best.


「 Ah, I’m not good at this kind of thing 」


What to do … I thought for a moment, but I as soon I saw 【Automatic Production】 I feel relieved.


Because it’s automatic!


Of course I pressed it.


  • ○●○


〔Automatic Production〕


Remaining DP : 150 DP


Make the dungeon using 100 DP


Make the dungeon using 300 DP


Make the dungeon using 800 DP


  • ○●○


「 100 DP, 300 DP, and 800 DP huh…… 」


I’m glad there’s an option to build using 100 DP.


Then I pressed the 100 DP option.


Then, it told me to set the Type but I left it as 【Cave】 which is the basic type.


Then …




Suddenly, my room starts shaking……


When the shaking stopped……


……【Production is Complete】 was written.

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