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Chapter 6 Skill

TL: Kunizuka

TLC: Chinozuku

It seems, the dungeon has been created.


With this my remaining DP is 50 DP but……


I have nothing to do!


Hmm, there’s no other choice, time to test out my skills.


Since coming to this world, I have not used any other skills besides 【Appraisal】.


First, checking my status.


  • ○●○


Name : Kirinuma Shinji


Race : Lesser Vampire Lv 1


Occupation : Dungeon Master


Title : 【Earthling】【Novice Dungeon Master】


Rank : D-


HP : 280/280〔+30〕


MP : 150/150


Attack : 65〔+30〕


Defense : 67〔+30〕


Agility : 62〔+30〕


Dexterity : 28


Luck : 48


Skill : 【Dungeon Create : Lv -】【Blood Sucking : Lv 1】【Regeneration : Lv 1】【Sunlight Weakness : Lv -】【Appraisal : Lv 1】【Spearmanship : Lv 1】【Physical Ability Strengthening : Lv 1】【Alchemy : Lv 1】【Darkness Magic : Lv 1】


  • ○●○


It looked like the same as when I looked at it back in the forest, but at that time there are (- 50) besides (+ 30), but this time there are no (- 50).


Is it because sunlight cannot reach the insides of the dungeon?


Well it doesn’t matter right now, let’s think about that later.


……First, let’s start from 【Spearmanship】.


I used the remaining 50 DP to buy an Iron Spear.


……With this I have used up all of my DP.


Well, I had to use it, and that’s fine.



Then, I used 【Appraisal】 on 【Spearmanship】.


  • ○●○




Effect : Increases the spear handling ability for the owner of this skill.

When the skill Lv goes up, the skill owner will learn additional arts.


  • ○●○


Something like that.


It seems that I will learn additional arts as its level goes up.


……But, how do I raise the level of this 【Spearmanship】? Even my 【Appraisal】 is still on level 1……


For the time being, I’ll try using the spear properly.


「 Oh ! 」


I have never used a spear before, but I can use it easily, this 【Spearmanship】 is incredible!



I continued to practice using the spear after that.


And kept doing it with all my strength.


And the result……


……The level of 【Spearmanship】 increased by 1!


I thought it was weird that the 【Spearmanship】 level is only increased by one, but it’s probably because I got a great attack arts too.


Along with Lv up, I learned a new Arts called 【Stab】, it seems to be a technique to stab using a spear.


I tried to use it … It only scratched the wall of the room a bit, so I don’t know how powerful it is.


I don’t know if the wall in my room is just too hard or if this Arts is just too weak.


With that, time to try other skills.


For now, there is nothing else I can try besides 【Dark Magic】 huh……


……Then, I’ll practice this 【Dark Magic】 and increase its level.


If I keep using this spells that I learned at level 1 【Dark Magic】, its level should increase, probably.


By the way, the spells I learned at level 1 【Dark Magic】 is 【Darkness】, it is a magic that covers a radius of 10m with pure black fog.


It seems that this fog will not disappear as long as I still have MP left.


By the way the consumption rate is 1 MP/s.


It seems that I’ll be able to maintain the fog for 150 seconds if I try hard enough, but it seems I’ll faint when my MP reaches 0, and I felt sick as my MP approaches 0, so 100 seconds is good enough I think.


I’ll try it.


「 Feed on my magical power black fog and envelop all! 【Dark】 」


It is easy to use.

I only need to say the incantation.


Incantation is the thing that people with “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome” would probably say.


It was so embarrassing, but I tried my best to say it because it seems that everyone who can use magic in this world are also using the incantations like that.


The moment I used it, my surroundings are enveloped by black fog.


And, I thought I was pretty amazing.


Because … because I can’t see anything either!


Normally, I should be able to see … Ah, is it impossible without skill after all?


Come to think of it, amongst the skill to choose, there is no such thing as 【Night Vision】 skill.


Well, it’s fine?


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4/16   I added rank to the status because I forgot to write it before.