TL: Chinozuku

I–Kiranuma Shinji, spend a boring daily life.


I wake up from sleep, eat rice, and go to school.

Then, when school finished, I went home.

And then I sleep again.


Repeating this everyday…. An everyday life without any motivation is boring.


It would be better if I have some friend to talk to but, I have communication disorder, so I have been alone since junior high.


Isn’t there anything interesting….?


I went to school while thinking that.



On the way back from school, I saw a boy trying to crossed the traffic light even though it’s still red.


The boy ran toward the ball, honestly speaking, it was really dangerous.


People around seems to have noticed but, no one said anything.


Then, when the boy ran to the pedestrian crossing, a car came running toward the boy.


The traffic light is green so of course cars are coming.


At this rate, the boy will–


When thought so, I was already running.


I went to the boy and pushed him toward the sidewalk.