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Prologue 2

TL: Chinozuku

God was in front of me.


The God said that I was struck by a car and died.


However, the boy I tried to help was safe, so my death is not futile.


To begin with, I don’t have any regrets in this boring world.


If I had to say, I wasn’t able to get a girlfriend?


「So what will happen to me from now on? Dear God?」


「Huh? I have talked about it a while ago…..」


「I did not hear that.

Please, say it once again.」


「You should have a better attitude toward your superior….. well whatever.

Whatever I say will be pointless.」


「Ou, I think that’s good.」


God’s appearance is that of a kid but, don’t be fooled.


The God seems to be over 1000 years old, he’s a great grandfather.


…….Well, I don’t know God’s lifespan though.


「I feel like you have said something rude but……」


「It’s your imagination, your imagination.」


Also, his way of speaking is annoying.


It’s annoying, unbearable annoying but…..


For me who hasn’t talked to other people for a long time, it’s still a little fun but…….


「…..What will happen to you after this, right?」




「……The problem is, your death is an exception.

Originally speaking, after you saved that boy, you were hit by a car but, you should be miraculously saved by the others, that’s why your soul have no place neither in heaven nor in hell, even if you were reborn on earth, various problem will arose…..」


「You serious!」


Heaven is one thing but, even hell is not a place for me…….


Huh? What will happen to me?


「Seriously, what will happen to me?」


「Welll-, do you prefer to be reincarnated in another world?」


God asked so.


Another world?


「Oy, tell me the details.」


「Hmm? You’re interested in another world?」


「Of course!」


I like that kind of novel!


…… I brought it to kill time.


「Hmm, I see…… I’ll speak but, to begin with, do you know why does another world is okay but not on earth?」


Why though? I don’t know but…..


「You don’t seem to understand.」


「Ou, I don’t know at all.」


「The reason is simple.

Because you’re irregular!」


I, irregular? Why?


「Oy, why I’m irregular! Tell me more about that!」


「Nope, to tell you the truth, I myself don’t really understand either……」


「What are you, useless.」


「You’re cruel….. well, all I know is that you’re irregular and can’t be reincarnated on earth anymore.」


「I understand the reason why I can’t be reincarnated on earth.

Just let me reincarnated into a different world.」


I would like to see the different world soon.


I bet everyday will be exciting……


「No no, I won’t let you rencarnate yet! I have things to teach you before you go to the different world!」


「…..Then, quickly teach me!」


「Yes yes, I understand.」


….. It looks like I couldn’t be reincarnated yet.