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Prologue 3

TL: Chinozuku

「First of all, the world you’re going to be reincarnated is called Revil! In that world, every living being has something called status.

It’s okay if you think it like game status from the game you used to play before.」


I see……


「If this is a game-like world, then monster, magic, and skill do exists, right?」


「Of course they do.」




I want to go to another world right now, it sounds fun!


「Then….. say 【Status】」


「Hmm? Why?」


「Just say it.」


It sounds like the word, to see the status.




Well, I said it for the time being.




  • ○●○


Name: Kirinima Shinji


Race:??? Lv?




Title: 【Earthling】






Strength: 2


Defense power: 1


Agility : 3


Dexterity: 5


Luck: 3


Skill: None


  • ○●○


In front of me, something like a game status screen appeared.


Some parts are different from that of a game but, most of it are the same.


As I thought, 【Status】is a word to see the status, heh?




If I look closely, my race and occupation are written 『?』, why is that?


「Oy God, why does my race and profession are 『?』? The level as well.」


「That’s a matter of course you know.

Because you’re a soul right now, you know? Due to being a soul, your status become 『???』.

The same goes for the occupation.

Soul has no occupation.」


「I see, I somehow understand that.」


Being told like that, I remembered that I was dead.


「Oh yes, if you say 【Status】 once again, the screen will close.」


I once again said 【Status】, and the status screen disappeared.


「Hey, God? What will happen to my race when I reincarnated?」


「You may choose it from now.」


「I will chose that……?」


「Yup, you will decide it.

Fron this list, right!」


The God snapped his finger, two things similar to status screen appeared in front of me.


「These are?」


「This is the list of all races and occupation available in 【Livile】.

Choose one race and occupation from the list here.


Apprently, all races and occupations were listed there.


  • ○●○


 〔List of races〕
























  • ○●○


  • ○●○


 〔Job list〕








































 ・Holy Knight


 ・Dark Knight


 ・Dragon Knight








 ・Air bandit












  • ○●○




There is so many……


 ⋯⋯⋯I have to do my best⋯⋯⋯