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Prologue 4

TL: Chinozuku

I selected one from the as the result…..


I decided on this two.


The race is 【Vampire】, occupation is 【Dungeon Master】.


When saying that to the God……


「Ahahaha, you choose something interesting.

A vampire as a dungeon master……」


He said.


Why huh?


I don’t find these two were interesting.


「Why does there two that interesing?」


「First of all, vampire, is the enemy of humanity, a monster or demon-like existence.

Being the enemy of humanity is interesting」




Eh? Vampire is the enemy of humanity? Can’t I co-exist?



……Then, about dungeon master, from humanity’s perspective, it’s an existence called 【Demon King】」




Demon king…… I do know demon king but, demong king is……


「Dungeon master has the skill to spawn magical being, being the lord of the magical being is the same as a demon lord」


「I understood dungeon master’s level but…… vampires too huh……」


Well, even in the novel I read, only few vampires could co-exists with human, guess it can’t be helped……


「Ahaha, then you want to change your race and occupation? I’m all good with that.」


「No, choosing again would be pain, and it does looks interesting as God said, guess I’ll try it.」


「That’s fine but……yep, those are something you choose」


As the God said, I tried to confirm.




  • ○●○


Name: Kirinuma Shinji


Race: Lesser Vampire Lv 1


Occupation: Dungeon Master


Title: 【Earthling】 New 【Dungeon Master】


Rank: D-






Strength: 35


Defense power: 37


Agility: 32


Dexterity: 28


Luck: 48


Skills: 【Create Dungeon: Lv-】【Bloodsucking: Lv1】【Regeneration: Lv1】【Sunlight Weakness: Lv-】


  • ○●○


Ooh, It’s a lot better than the first status!


I don’t know if it’s because the race or the occupation but, well as long as it’s good.


Next is……


「I should be choosing vampire but… why do I become lesser vampire?」


「Ah, I haven’t explain that.

Sorry, sorry.

All races written there are the race that what you will become.

……Well most of them are early race」


I see……


「Aside from vampire, what are the initial race for the other?」


「Aside from vampire are, demons, angels, and dragons」


「All of them are strong races」


「Of course」


「Oh yeah?…… Is my status high?」


「Nope, that’s difficult.

You’re Lv1 afterall.

Even thought there aren’t many things to compare, your current status is higher than common human, and you also have skills」


Should I be happy?


「But, due to 【Sunlight weakness】 of vampire skill, you’re just a harmless kid unless it’s nighttime.」





It’s vampire, you know?」


Is that how it is?