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Prologue 5

TL: Chinozuku

「The race and the occupation has been decided, let’s move on!」


「There’s still next ehh……」


「Of course! ……You have decided your race and occupation」




「Next one will be decision too!」


「What is?」


Even if he said, I have suddenly decided it! I still don’t understand……


「What is…… is there anything to choose other than skill?」


It seems skill is a decision.


「So, can I choose whatever skill I want?」


「Of course! …… is what I’d like to say but, There’re impossible skills too.」


「For example?」


「To be able to use 【Create Dungeon】, only the one who had special job can use that skill 」


「I see, I see」


「Inherited skill, your regeneration ability, slime’s devision are the example」




So sad.

I was thinking to get the dragon knight’s skill.


「You will have to choose from this list.」


Then the God snapped His finger.


Then, the race and occupation screen disappeared, a new “Skill list” screen appeared.


  • ○●○


「Skill list」


 【Swordmanship】50 points.


 【Spearmanship】50 points


 【Axe technique】50 points.


 【Joujutsu】50 points.


 【Shielder】50 points.


 【Mallet】50 points.


 【Archery】50 points.


 【Dagger art】50 points.


【Dual fencer】50 points.


 【Fencer】50 points.


 【Taijutsu】50 points.


 【Martial arts】50 points.


 【Ninjutsu】50 points.


 【Cane arts】50 points.












  • ○●○


「There’re a lot of them」


「Well that, even without the impossible skill, there are fighting skill, production skill and teaching skill」


「Does capable of understanding all language is not important?」


「Ah-, I forgot to explain that」




「Explaining what?」


「About skill point」


「What is skill points……?」


「Every skill is selectable except race and occupation skill.

But, some strong skill have skill point system.

That is skill point」


「I see」


「The stronger the skill, the more points you need…… in the other hand, a weak production skill cost less points」


Certainly, the remaining skill point was written at the bottom.


「You will be specially given 500 points」


「It’s written there」


If you look closely, points were written next to the skill.


「You can choose as many skill as your points suffice.」


「Roger that」



30 minutes after that.


「Ah, finally decided? Tell me!」




I told the God my chosen skills.


「The skill I have decided are 【Spearmanship】, 【Appraisal】, 【Pysical strengthening】, 【Alchemy】, 【Dark magic】, those 5」




The reason was simple.


First of all, 【Spearmanship】was the skill I initially want the time I choose vampire.


Because vampire = spear for me. (TL: Vampire = scythe for Yukine)


【Appraisal】 is your standart another world’s skill.


【Physical enhancement】 was to raise the status a little.


【Alchemy】 seems interesting.


【Dark magic】 is because I want to use magic!


「Everything has been decided, time to reincarnate you to the other world!」


Finally I can go to another world!?


「Ooh-, then hurry reincarnate me!」


「Hurry but, well it’s okay for me but…… speaking of which, you don’t know anything about Dungeon master, will you be okay?」


「I will be okay」


「I’m worried about you…… let me give you a brief explanation」


「Even though you don’t have to do that……」


「Because I’m worried…… Dungeon master with 【Create dungeon】 skill is capable of creating a dungeon.

Well the detail can be seen using appraisal skill on create dugon skill at the status screen」


I see…… I could see the detail using 【Appraisal】 on the 【Create dungeon】skill……


「…… I have done explaining, opening the gate to the other world」


That said, the Godcast something like a spell, a gate with various decoration appeared.


「If you pass through there, you will be reincarnated into the other world.

The place is originally randomized but, this time you will be reincarnated in a place with no human around! Be grateful!」


「Ou, thanks」


「I want you to be more grateful though!」


「You’re annoying…… later then!」


That said, I went through the gate.


Now, my life in another world starts now!