Chapter 33 Magic Power Measurement

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TL: Yuki


No matter how much Cortina retorted, Maxwell has the same nonchalant air around him.

She retorts and reprimands him without any sign of hesitation, while the other completely ignores it and moves at his own pace.


「What’s wrong, did I do something wrong. You were always telling me about what mistakes I’ve done」

「It’s because we have first time visitors over here, can’t you even act decently in front of them!」


Continuing his preparations for tea, Maxwell continued listening to Cortina’s remarks without caring about it.


「Well then, Nicole right?  place your hand over here」

「Hey, I’m still not done talking……」

「Shut it already, Cortina. It’s because of you acting like that, which made Reid misunderstand」

「Yo, You! That has nothing to do with this situation!?」

「You should have cleared it up that time while you’ve had a chance. Well, I guess it was already too late」


No, wait. If I remember correctly, I should have been rejected at that time.

Why does it seems like Cortina is bothered by that?



「Nn? Ah, you didn’t know about this story? Well, it’s sjust that she was hiding her real feelings for Reid, it seems like she was really reluctant about it」

「Oi, what are you trying to teach the children!」


Cortina who seems to have finally got fed up went straight to Maxwell and attempted delivered a pound on his head. However, comparing the tall Maxwell and the small stature of the cat tribe, her protest was not that effective.

Well, I’m really interested in the continuation of this story.


「Well, Reid was a really serious person. He often gets misunderstood though, and because of his nature, he sometimes creates misunderstandings instead. One of those misunderstandings involves her you see. Hahaha! 」

「Maxwell! You, you still remember about that!?」


What is he saying? Though I’m only guessing. If I actually attempted to continue and didn’t give up, was there a possibility that have accepted!?

I was convinced at that time that continuing was futile so I gave up, but apparently I still had my chances if I actually continued.


She shows an unexpected look, Cortina was showing a really lovely smile for some reason.

Even I couldn’t blame her because of my actions.


「Ah, wait Nicole-chan? Why are you having an expression as if you were having troubles?」

「Eh? Eh, that is…… probably, that? 」

「Mou, sometime you really act like an adult, you know? Such failure happens once or twice in a lifetime! 」

「In the case of that person, he died though. But still, for a person with a title of God of Death to confess to the Warlord, that’s something that I wasn’t able to predict」

「That’s just because Reid didn’t any Guts…… Un, that’s not it……」


Cortina who was in high spirits a while ago is now embarrassed. Seeing her figure, I could somehow understand the cause. She is also one of the people whose life changed because of my death. After all, in order to face the demon, it was me who told her to escape to call the others. That would have probably been traumatic.


「Uuu, okay, enough of this. The story ends here! Now start with the measurements already」


After shaking her head as if to shake something off, she urged everyone to proceed with the measurements. However, the vision of me facing that unreasonable enemy pops out of my head.

It was an enemy that I know I wouldn’t be able to defeat on my own. If it was from the time before I was hailed a hero, I would have done my best to escape that situation. She definitely continued living while carrying that burden on her back.




Though I thought about it, I don’t have any plan to reveal my identity right now. Even if I am able to return to my original self, I would only make her feel burdened by my situation. If I was born as a man, I might have been able to inherit that name…… but right now, I’m a woman. Also, I was often hugged and cuddled.


When I placed my hand on the tool, my magic aptitude was displayed on the tool. After reading the results, Maxwell leaks out a surprise.


「Hou. Your magic value seems to be extremely high. If this is the case, then you won’t have any problems in regards to magic」

「Eh, but…… I can’t handle my magic that well and its effect is really short」

「That’s because your magic control is not that great, so it won’t be able to completely manifest your potential. The release amount you can control also seems to be low. Honestly speaking, this is something I will be looking forward to」


There are three important factors that is measured when evaluating magic power.

That is Potential, Release and Control.


Potential is the total value of magic power contained within a person, it could also be compared to a tank.


Release is the amount of magic power that you could extract from inside you at one time. It’s comparable to a faucet.


Control is the ability to manipulate the magic power that was taken out and turn it into magic.


If you don’t have the potential, your magic won’t last long, if you don’t have a high value, you won’t be able to pump out more magic to power it up. It would also be useless if the amount you could pump out is not enough to supply the magic. Then if you don’t have control, you won’t be able to properly mold the magic power to for magic. These three factors are all important factors.


And as for me, I am the type that has problems in regards to Release and Control.


「Don’t be impatient. Magic Release will improve as you grow up, along with that is on how much you train. Control is in the same way. Or rather, Potential alone is the main factor above everything else is what I would say.」

「Is that really so?」

「Well, if we really push the pace. You would be able to reach above Reid and Gaddus on potential alone. I would deem you to be a better disciple than those two」


For some reason Maxwell is doing his best to encourage me. Isn’t his attitude a little different than how I used to know him? The time when I realized that my potential is zero, I can’t forget about how depressed I was and laugh it off.


「If you have this much magic potential, it definitely won’t be a problem entering the Magic Academy」

「Then, that means!」

「Yes, you’ve passed. Welcome to Raum Magic Academy」


As a hero’s daughter, I in a sense could be said to have a firmer connection to anyone else.

There wouldn’t have been a problem in admission even if I only have a small magic potential.


In this way, I finally acquired my qualification for admission to the Magic Academy.

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