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Chapter 34 The Uncomfortable Feeling within the City

TL: Yuki


After my magical measurements have been finished, I was given sweet treats with plenty of sugar. Apparently, it seems like such behavior of Maxwell is very unusual, but he declared that it’s because he would also like to care and spoil me. I wonder, will all of my old friends treat children of our group like this as if they were all relatives?


Sweets and confectionaries were also a favorite of mine in my previous life, so I’m really grateful to be treated like this. I was also able to witness Finia and Michelle-chan’s happy faces, and they also praised Maxwell for the treats despite knowing how mischievous he could get.

What’s mostly rare in particular is Finia’s current state. She is not that unfriendly, but most of the time she always shows a serious expression. That’s why seeing her show a natural smile is really cute.


After a while, Cortina and Maxwell talked about how they would nurture my abilities, and then then it was decided to continue discussions at a later time and we were dismissed.

When we were about to leave, Maxwell got out of his mansion and calls Cortina.


「Cortina, it’s a bit troublesome but there is a little talk that we need to attend with the Lord. Can you join me for a bit?」

「Why now? Are you telling me to just leave these children on their own going back home? 」

「There’s also that, but it’s about 『That Case』 you see」

「――It couldn’t be helped…… but won’t the children be in danger leaving them on their own like this?」

「They will probably be fine reaching your house. Your house is close and there’s still a lot of traffic at the moment」


Maxwell who is usually aloof and free spirited says that with a serious expression, the atmosphere around him tells us that he also didn’t really want to do this.

Cortina then looked back at us.


「My bad, will you guys go home first? Here is the key for the hows」

「Eh, ah…… yes?」

「This is a problem that involves the city and we will probably have to discuss about it. Sorry but I couldn’t speak about the details to outsiders……」

「Oh, is that so. Understood! 」


Well, technically they would be deemed as heavyweights in this country. No, it’s not only this country but in the whole world. Though Cortina’s position right now is only that of a teacher, that doesn’t change her reputation from the achievements she obtained.

If it involves this two and probably not including outsiders, then it will definitely be something really bad.


Me and Finia didn’t bring much baggage, and Michelle-chan brought only enough baggage not to hinder her movements. Unlike me who is used to travelling, it is natural for them to have the need to adapt to their new living environments from scratch.


On the way back, Finia and Michelle-chan expressed their feelings of excitement being able to face the great heroes up close.

Although people in our village are quite resilient in regards to their admiration to heroes because of the fact that Lyell and Maria living close to them, but…… the situation from before is not something a normal civilian would be able to encounter.

Of course, the same goes to the people of this land having tolerance because of the existence of the two heroes living in this place.


「But you know, Maxwell-sama and Cortina-sama were much kinder than I have expected!」

「That’s right. They were really friendly and I was thinking that they would be really strict」

「From now on, I will be learning a lot from Cortina-sama. I’m really looking forward to that! 」

「Yes, I would also like to ask a lot about the old days」


Finia, what you really want to know is stories about me, right?


「Even so, Cortina-sama and Reid-sama. Nufufufu, I could smell the scent of romance! 」

「Is that so? I don’t really know what to say――」


Unlike Michelle-chan who was having a bright atmosphere around her talking about the heroes, Finia can’t hide her shock from those facts and was having a complicated expression.

Well, I don’t really hate Cortina. But in the same way, I also consider Finia and Michelle-chan to be important people.

It has only been seven years since I was reborn. Right now, regardless of the length of time I’ve spent with everyone, I see everyone the same way as Cortina now―― that’s right, just like my family members.




During that time, Finia reacted to something.


「Nn, what’s the matter, Finia?」

「Well, earlier…… No, maybe it was just my imagination」

「What is it?」


Finia was disturbed about something and I feel worried about it. Evening is approaching. There were still a lot of traffic in the streets, and wagons could be found doing round trips. There are also carriages carrying thick lumber that seems like it would fall off if they were not careful.


「no, you see, it’s about a carriage that passed by, but…… I’ve heard something different coming from it」

「Sa different sound?」

「Yes, it sounded like some kind of musical instrument」


As she says that, her ears twitched. That gesture was like that of a small animal trying to hear something.

Elves are sensitive to sound because of their large ears. That’s why many of them use this advantage and enter the path of music. Like the so called Bards.


「That…… Was that something to be concerned about?」


The wagon that passed us by was carrying thick lumber. Because the capital of Raum is surrounded by forests, seeing carriages carrying lumber is a frequent sight. Forestry is one of the major industries in this country after all.

But for the sound of a musical instrument to be heard from that…… could it be that the timber they carry is hollowed out?

If so, I’m a little curious as to what they were going to do with that.


「I’ll check it out for a bit. Finia, please send Michelle-chan home?」

「Eh, but Nicole-sama!?」

「I also want to goー」

「It’s no good at the moment for Michelle-chan to follow. You won’t be able to move properly with your luggage」



Michelle-chan currently carries some luggage. She is still not used to travelling so she carries move luggage than the bare minimum.

The same could be said to Finia.


「Finia is also the same carrying a many stuff. You need to unpack all of that quickly, or else we won’t be able to rest properly later, right? 」

「Uuu, but the same could be said to Nicole-sama……」

「I only need a sleeping bag though」


After leaving everything to her, I went to follow the suspicious carriage. Well, the fact that we have just arrived at this city and would need to organize our luggage would remain the same.

If it was the usual, Finia would probably follow me. But right now, she also needs to guide Michelle-chan.

She just can’t abandon her after all and have to bring her to her parents soon. Because of that, she was not able to follow.


Immediately after all that, I melded within the crowd. This was just based on my intuition, but I could sense that something really bad is happening.