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Chapter 20 Prospects for the Future

TL: Yuki



The prospects for the future have been prepared but first.

It would be two years later, that my entry for the Magic Academy have been decided in the Kingdom of Raum.

I have a gift for interference magic.

This belongs to the so-called support magic group, and is a system which mainly focuses on the weakening or strengthening of attack, strengthening the weaknesses or reduction of defense.

There isn’t any strong magic included in the system, and the time duration would last from a few minutes to a whole day at most, so it’s not really that reliable.

The benefit is that it’s an easy to use system that can be used by a user with a small amount of mana. That is what mainly the interference system is.


「That’s why you shouldn’t consider that as useless magic. In a one on one fight, the effects of this magic system could become a fine line between life and death, and the higher its level the more prominent the effect will be. 」


Maria, who was standing in a teaching platform, explained it enthusiastically.

We are currently in one of the free rooms in our house where we are being taught about sorcery.

She is not as proficient as the teachers in the magic school, but she knows and teaches us the basics and we are also taught in the Adventurer School how to be proper adventurers, where the head of that institute is Maxwell-san’s nephew, which also teaches magic.


「Is that so?」

「Michelle would have great benefits from this system you know? It is possible for Nicole to strengthen Michelle’s bow, at the same time combine it with weakening enemies making it easier to defeat them」

「That’s amazing! I want to do it with Nicole-chan! 」


Swinging her arms in excitement, Michelle-chan energetically asserts her enthusiasm, and with this I will definitely have to do my best to master Interference Magic.

I am now able to sense magic, but it’s still not in the stage where I could effectively use it.


「But Mama――」

「Were in a lesson so call me Sensei, Nicole」


She was poking my forehead as she corrected me. She would change like this during times like this. Strangely enough, our skinship levels drop during times like this to the point where we are only like we were familiar with each other.

She is in a position known as Healer from the rear guard, and it was quite unusual for someone like her to take the lead in guiding others.


「Sensei~, if we can only improve our basic skills, won’t there be that much of an effect?」

「That’s a good point there, Nicole. But you see, there are wide variety things we can think of in terms of Interference. Some of them are things that could even interfere with the very existence of the target」

「Existence of the target?」

「Yes, for example, an interference which can transform you into a monster」



I was utterly surprised.

I have seen Maxwell using that system too, but I have never seen or heard of him transforming into a monster.

And then Maria continued.


「Of course you can’t just transform into anything other than those you know of.」

「Those I know of……」


I see, if it’s transforming into something I’m familiar with. Then there’s one I am most familiar of in the world, and that is……


「Turn into Reid……Is it possible?」

「Reid……? Ah, the one you heard from Finia. An old friend of your mom」

「Eh, hmmm. Maybe possible」


Though I accidentally blurted it out, the possibility did exist.

Though I ended up in a woman’s body, there was actually a chance for me to turn back into a man for a bit.

女の身体になってしまったが, 男の身体に戻るチャンスは残されていたのだ。


「Transformation Magic, I also want to know about it! 」

「That is very difficult, you know? It’s one of the highest tier in terms of Interference Magic」

「But I will do it!  Um, how long does it usually last? 」

「Well, since that magic creates a lot of burden for the body, it seems that the effective time isn’t really that long. At most, it would probably reach for about a day I guess? 」


A day long! In other words, I could return to my old self for about a day, it also doesn’t mean that I have to stay like that for the whole day.

That would basically be returning to my former self.


「Hai hai. Anyways, let’s return to the topic now. First we will be learning how to sense magic from within the body」


Clapping her hands to get our attention, Maria returns the lesson to the basics of Magic Theory.

But my excitement still haven’t calmed down. With my current body, I won’t be able to use proper sword techniques nor use heavy swords. However, if I were to learn sword techniques using Lyell’s sword techniques with Reid’s body……

I might probably be able to reach the height that I have dreamed of.


After a while, I was able to learn how to detect magic, then after that were long time consuming training, and I did my best to be able successfully cast magic.

Maria was also pleased by the speed results, and then we were talking about various things regarding the lessons, and after confirming, it was decided for me to move to the next phase.

By the way, Michelle-chan wasn’t able to immediately learn how to detect magic, so it was decided that I would be moving to the next phase first.