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Chapter 19 Raum and Studying Abroad

TL: Yuki



The two of them continued eating their food while frowning.

The two of them seems to trying to think of a better Idea to deal with this.

Also, as the main party related to this, I just couldn’t pretend to be someone uninvolved.


「I guess. I wonder if there’s is no choice but to make those two go abroad」


「Yes. Fortunately enough, Nicole has talent in Interference Magic right? And that we have acquaintances that are known to be the best in the field of magic, and they will also be the best teachers.」

「Are you talking about Maxell and Cortina?」


「But, doesn’t that also mean that Nicole have to leave our side」


Maxwell is a heavyweight from the Country of Elves surrounded by a large forest in the western area of the continent.

And at the same time, he is also running a Magic School over there.

It would certainly be great to receive the teachings of someone who was known as the greatest magician in the world, but it a place very far away from here.

Working as a guard for this village alone, Lyell just can’t easily leave for his own convenience.

The same thing goes for Maria.


「We also want to confirm your intentions regarding this」

「Well. What do you think, Nicole? Do you want to go and learn magic from Maxwell? 」

「Well, About that……」


If it was only me, then learning magic is definitely one of my aspired goals.

First is to be a Swordsman, second is a Magic swordsman.

And unfortunately, this body won’t be able to handle the first one. However, magic can be used as supplementary to weakness, so the path to being a swordsman is still open and won’t be a dream.

And two of the highest legendary figures in terms of magic, Cortina-san and Maxwell-san will be teaching there.


In regards to Cortina, although could only be ranked half as a magician, but her speed of invocation and scope of variety in the application of Arts are of no equal.

And Maxwell is also known as the best Magician in the world without even anyone to match.

If it was to be able to learn from these two, there will be many magicians scrambling to apply no matter how much the price they need to pay.


And I have people who could give me the previlage to do just that.


But I can’t just answer them immediately.

A decision like that shouldn’t be something left to a 5 year old child. Such decisions actually cannot be decided by just openly accepting it, so this time I will leave it to my parents.




And so, I leaned my head to the side trying to look as if I’m really thinking about it.

Seeing me like that, Lyell runs towards me at a terrible speed, and then violently assaulted me by rubbing his beard on my cheeks.



「Ahhh, nooo, I don’t want to end up separated from Nicole! I will be sure to stay with you forever! 」

「Darling, aren’t just being sly?」


Maria also moves to my other side, and then embraces me.

Maria aside, having Lyell brush his beard on my cheeks is just plain annoying and awkward.

My body instinctively stiffened and goose bumps are starting to pop out.



「Hahahaha, why so awkward!」



I pushed Lyell away with everything I’ve got, but comparing our basic stats would make it look like a baby fighting a dragon.

My resistance was pretty much useless, and the rubbing assault continued.


「Fine! I’ll go! I’ll go and stay at that place! 」

「Eh, why!」

「Well, isn’t that your fault doing crazy things like that to Nicole」

「It was my fault!?」


In this way, it was decided that I will be going to Maxwell’s place to study Magic.

However, I will need to be at least 7 years old in order to enroll in Raum. Two more years are needed to enter.

If it’s only that amount of time, then we can safely escape the request of the Royal Family, is what Lyell thought of.




But even though my training has already been decided, I still need to confirm things with Michelle.

And so, on the next day, I came to visit Michelle’s home and invited her to join my training.

Lyell and Maria also followed to persuade her parents.

My role is to persuade her to join me. Right now, I’m in her room trying to persuade her.


「Ne? do you want to go with me to Raum?」

「Raum is the Elf Country right? Is Nicole-chan going there?」

「Un. I’ll be going there to study Magic」


Well, I can’t really go on my own. AS a precaution, Finia will be coming along as my guardian.

Also in Raum’s school, there is a facility which fosters adventurers. She should only be able to study basic shooting techniques over there.

That’s because she too would be someone who would get involve in difficult things if she continued staying in this country.


「But mom and dad can’t come together with me……」

「There is a dormitory in Raum. We will probably be living together there with Finia」

「Hmm, but……」


As expected, this would be the legitimate reply of a typical 5 year’s old. Michelle-chan is having difficulty on what to do.

But I can’t back out in this too. It is already of certainty that I will be studying abroad. There’s also the situation that if she come back after being trained, she will definitely be recruited, is a situation that would likely happen.

She is my first friend in this new life. I want to avoid the worst situation to happen to her.


「But……But um……」


Not able to decide on what to do, tears were starting to form on Michelle-chan’s eyes. Despite having a combat based gift, she is just a very timid child.

As long as this innocence is present, it will really be  a concern if she was to be used in war.


「We will be coming, Michelle」


The thick voice of a man broke in our conversation.

From the entrance of her room, Michelle’s father and Lyell came in.


「Eh, but……」

「You don’t have to worry about it, you know? You won’t be going alone」

「Umu. Lyell-san has firmly persuaded us the Michelle has to study there. And because we can’t just let children go there on their own we will too also be coming along」



Michelle-chan finally shows a convinced face, but won’t this really be bad for them financially.

Her father turned to me who was showing a worried look and smiled realizing what I was worried about.


「We will be getting financial support from Lyell-san. I am also tasked to watch over you」

「Franco is a hunter, as long as there are forests around, he could live」


Maria, who moved from behind Michelle’s father Franco, shows herself supplementing about details.

If it’s about that, then he could certainly make a living by hunting around the area. Especially since the country of Elves is surrounded by forests, and he would definitely be able to make use of his skills.


When thinking about being able to travel with her parents, Michelle-chan who was sad suddenly became filled with joy.

Well, it doesn’t mean that we will be leaving immediately though. We still need to train and learn about the basics of what will be needed precisely in the next two years.

Still, we won’t really be forcing her if she were to decide what she would choose in the future with her own will.