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Chapter 18 Talks about the King

TL: Yuki



A few days have passed since Finia’s Confession.

As for me, I don’t really feel bad being favored by such a beautiful girl. But that is assuming that it was not the me in this body.


To honest, the current Me is much more adorable than Finia.


Having a bluish silver hair and different colored eyes that gives off a mysterious atmosphere, plus the frail structure(?)that I inherited probably from my previous life, giving off a feeling as if I would break if touched.

With slender limbs that stimulates a person’s protective nature, and a face that closely resembles Maria showing her future prospects to be great.


Because I only had average looks as a person on my previous life, my present appearance somehow gives me a different sense of achievement and confusion at the same time.

It is also slightly a fact that my current look is actually what an Ideal woman would look like for Reid.

In this way, it’s another reason for me not to tell anyone that I am indeed that person.


Then one day, while I was living my peaceful daily life while subconsciously paying attention to Finia’s gaze, a strange event happened




The day that Lyell returned home, he was showing a really disgusted face.

But the moment I and Maria greeted him, he quickly reverted it and showed a smiling face, but soon enough returned to the extremely annoyed look.

That situation continued even until meal time, and Finia who was taking care of our meal fell in a slump.


Due to his good nature and mild personality, Lyell, whom I have known since my previous life, rarely shows such an expression.

No matter how badly he is treated, he would either pass it with a smile or look completely depressed.

It’s very obvious right now that he’s in a really bad mood.

Then Maria asked Lyell as to why he was acting that way to know the situation.


「Darling. What happened today? You seem to be really upset about something……」

「Nn? Ahh…… was it showing on my face?」

「Yeah, it really do」

「Sorry about that. It’s just that, a little unpleasant deal came up……Ah, wait, you are also not a stranger to this」



When he says that Maria is also involved, is this something that involves the whole family?

While I was thinking about that, Lyell continues.


「Today you see, the King contacted me」

「From the Capital? You mean the now King, Prince Elliot? 」

「Yeah. He was already crowned now as King. So you also have to address him properly I suppose」

「Well, that’s right」

「That King you see, is going to be 20 years old soon. And with that, the question of who to be the future queen have been raised」


At the time that I’ve died, Prince Eliot was just born from the Royal Family and was a little younger than Finia.

After hearing that he’s now 20 years old, it made me felt intrigued by something.

A queen huh, certainly with how the kingdom was devastated before, it will have a great meaning to have a successor.

In any case, they wouldn’t know when they will be attacked by monsters. So given the danger, they want to immediately raise a successor in the worst case.


「And for the first choice, he decided as queen」


「Seems like he took a liking to Nicole」



I was kind of pretending that I didn’t understand the situation, and I was happily eating soup, but then my name was suddenly called out and nothing more but a burst of soup came out of my mouth from reacting to that.

What, queen candidate? Me?


「Is he serious?」

「Yeah. Even I doubted my sanity when I heard the news」


It seems like Lyell has already protested against it, but at the same time felt remorse for doing so.

But their reply seems to disagree and want to go into it.


「One month ago, there was a time when I boated to everyone about Nicole and showed them a picture of her, and at that time, it seems that it caught his interest」

「Is the current king, A pedo?」

「No, it’s not that… He says that it was Nicole’s eyes which were mystifying that caught his attention because of the different colors it have 」


Listening to all of that, Maria made a full swing of her hands.

I could certainly understand if it’s 『A characteristic not normally found』 for people to be attracted to it. But they also have to consider that the one they are dealing with haven’t even reached the right age. Not only with that rare temperament that comes along with it, but… it was also a non-standard person born out of two heroes.


「Since Nicole is about to reach 15, we could say that he’s a little too old but also not far too old. It could also be said that the difference could be balanced after reaching the proper age in ten or so years. 」

「That’s just being ridiculous」

「I agree」


Maybe because of understanding it, Maria’s tone seems to be getting a little ticked off more than usual.

This is only a premonition of what terror awaits.


「They wanted to take away are angel is it, from us… then, should we destroy a country for now?」

「Yup, I’m good to go if you are」

「No, please don’t you two! Please return to sanity, Maria-san Lyell-san!!」


The two people just muttered something really dangerous, and Finia hurriedly try to calm them down.

Do your best, because if it’s for me, then this two would definitely do something that insane. Urg, it would also hurt my conscience if they so.


「But you know Finia. If you let them take Nicole away, then you won’t be able to see her anymore, you know? 」

「Eh, ah, but…」

「It is true that Nicole didn’t succeed in any Noble position, but there are our achievement that is to be considered」

「If you are able to take Nicole under you, then you could also say that you could have a really solid credibility」


 Certainly, if you are able to take the daughter of the two Heroes who saved the kingdom as your wife, then there will definitely be few nobles who would dare to oppose you.

After all, Lyell is a hero that could rival even a whole army alone, Maria also is in the same situation.

There would definitely be expectations for me, their daughter, and even without that, it is still true that I could solidify the have connection to the two of them.


「It’s not only that. There were other problems too」

「What is it?」

「It’s about Michelle’s gift. They were somehow able to sniff it. They were even offering to be Nicoles aide」

「About that, is it……」


Maria sighed unenergetically.

It is indeed and exceptional offer for Michelle.

Although she possesses an excellent gift, she was nothing more than a commoner. It was such an impossible story for a commoner to be assigned as a Royal Princess’s aide.

This is of coirse only on the front, and she will probably be used as a secret force, or maybe be assigned as Royal Guard. Still, she was commoner from a frontier village, it would be better for her to continue living just as a normal villager. Or more likely, they were probably searching for people with valuable gifts to use as soldiers.


「If that is the case, then that child would be nothing more than a soldier. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be a bad offer for her. But it would still be leading to giving up Nicole」

「With that, it will definitely involve you in the country’s power struggle.」

「That will indeed definitely be the case」

「I am against it」

「I am against it too」


The two people concluded their agreement that they will definitely do something about it.

The topic for dinner has been a hot topic for a moment but had now seemed to cool down.