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Chapter 1 Time before Death

TL: Yuki



「Don’t die!」


With teary eyes and runny nose, combined with drool covering her face, the elven child wailed.

Her small maple-like hand was pressed on the chest of the fallen man.

From there, blood was endlessly gushing out of big cut which that reaches down his stomach, exposing his internal organs.

With her little hands, she was desperately trying to close the wound in order to extend the young man’s life.


「PPlease don’t die… Reid-sama!」


The young man attempted to wipe the child’s tears… but then gave up.

His left arm was broken and unable to move.

He wipes the little girl’s cheek with his remaining right arm. But instead of clearing the tears, blood smeared on her face. That blood came from the young man, along with the blood of his fallen enemy.


In the corner of the young man’s vision was the corpse of the Demon he defeated.

On the other corner were the children who have fallen and were not able to move out of fear. They were the children who barely managed to escape becoming a sacrifice for the ceremony.

Among them, only one little girl ran towards the young man to help.

Adding to that, there were children who became a sacrifice in a different place and were too late to be saved along with the priest who was also the culprit.


「Do…Don’t cry… it’s… alright」


He knows that wasn’t actually alright. But the young man was already prepared death.

However, there was one reason why he claimed that it was alright.


It’s because his companion who was supposed to be with him before went escaped.

She was a girl who always followed the right answers and was called a sage. That girl she was able to run away. But that was not pointless move.

Because there’s only one thing she would think about. That is to call for help. And that was because he ordered so.


She’s not very talented at magic.

Even so, compared with average magicians she is considerably skilled, but she doesn’t have the ability to save the young man from the verge of death.

That’s why she left this place, so she can call for others who can help. She was tasked to escape.


「That’s why… It’s okay… right…?」


He struggled to speak only to spit out blood— he knew that his lungs were already being filled with blood— yet he still did his best comforting the girl.


I’ll probably die. Even if that friend of mine did her best calling for help, it will probably be too.

That’s why the only thing I can do now is to reassure this girl.




It was a promise that I couldn’t keep.

Leaving the girl behind, the young man— one of the heroes, the young man who known as Shadow Wing Reid… passed away.