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Chapter 5 The Harsh Reality

TL: Yuki


After filling my stomach with milk and training my muscles, I went to sleep. I want to stand up with my own legs as soon as possible.

*Poko poco* I was moving my short legs up and down while swinging my hands left and right.

That’s the only kind of exercise I was able to do, I can’t even roll around.


However, I’m different from an ordinary baby, and I am getting nutrition from cow’s milk.

In other words, my nutrition intake is very strange compared to normal. And as a result, I ended up having a lack of stamina.

I easily get tired overworking myself and sleeps as if I had fainted.




As I continued to do that every day, I was finally able to roll over and squirming around became possible.

Little by little I was able to move my hands and my legs as I desired.

And so I, in order to realize another dream of mine, decided to take action.


That is magic.


In my previous life, my talent in magic was unfortunately almost zero.

Although I studied under the magic expert Maxwell, he reached the conclusion that I was completely talentless and told me to give up even after acquiring all the necessary experience I would need to learn.


However in this life, I’m the child of Maria.

That means, there’s a high probability that I would have a hidden talent in magic.

Maria mastered sacred techniques based on her religious beliefs, and sacred magic is still magic.


I never studied under Maria, but all the knowledge I got studying with Maxwell still remained.

Closing my eyes to enter in a meditative state, I started to explore the presence of magical power inside of me.

Then I was able to feel something similar to a warm energy somewhere near the center of my body, under the belly button.


—-Oh, is this magic power?


I wasn’t able to feel it no matter how much I force my senses on my previous life, that’s why right now I felt like my tension rising.

In order to mold this into shape, I drew a magic circle in my mind, and then by adding a spell designating power and range, magic is manifested but…


I’m having a really hard time manipulating this.


As I try to move consciously the magical power within my body, the magical power escapes and disperses.

However, I won’t give up. In the first place, I know that my tenacity if far more intense compared to normal people.

And because I can’t move my body skillfully yet, the only thing I can do now is magic training.


Unlike before where I couldn’t even feel my magical power, right now I could at least be able to manifest magic.

Adding to that, I should have inherited the talent to use swords from Lyel, not to mention that my own fighting experience is also carried over in this body.

Thinking about it, I have the potential to be stronger than anyone, so I couldn’t stop my training here.



I kept receiving warm milk from Maria, though there were humiliating stories where she had to change my diapers, and it was at least half year had passed, that I started cursing that self-proclaimed god.

I was able to sit now and was able to move my neck looking around. While putting power into my body I was able to use my upper body, and on that day I finally saw my lower body for the first time.

What appeared from under the diaper Maria was exchanging with her hands…..No, it was more like what didn’t appear was the little male genitalia appropriate for my age… There was nothing, simply nothing. No, there was a valley.

In other words, what I want to say is that I’ve become a girl.



「Kyaa! What happened, Nicole? Why are you screaming all of sudden」


To me who suddenly fell into panic, Maria immediately inspected me with a worried expression. However, there’s no problem with my body.

No, for me there’s all kind of problems, but for her it’s just a normal occurrence.


After replacing my diapers in a hurry, I was lying face down while sobbing.

A feared assassin who was once called <Shadow Wing of Calamity > …became a girl? What kind of ridiculous story is that?!

I who freely controlled mythril steel threads, which are said to be sharper than the Holy Sword, and was even able to trap the evil dragon Colchis …



「I don’t quite understand, but… why are you crying?」


*Pon Pon* Maria taps my back trying to comfort me.

She’s still the same as in my previous life, however this kindness now is making me sad.

Now that I think about it, Nicole is a name that is both for men and women, but is mostly used for women.

I’m really stupid for not noticing this until now… No, I couldn’t confirm my own gender by myself because of this baby’s body.


In other words, this was an act of god.

Being born as a girl, that is. For half a year, I didn’t notice this fact.


In my previous life: I was born as a man, a talentless failure using swords, and chose to master the steel thread art as my fighting style.

In my current life: Born as a woman, inherited my extremely talented parents’ blood, and will be receiving education from heroes.


I could say that my completely opposite life have started from this moment.