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Chapter 6 The Little Girl who Stood on the Ground (Bed)

TL: Yuki


Since then, a short amount of time has passed once more.

I finally recovered from the shock of knowing that I was born as a girl.


—–I’m certainly a girl. My chest is certainly growing a little bit, but I won’t grow that much, right?


Half forcing myself to accept the facts, I returned to my daily training again.

*Poko Poko* I Moved my limbs to build my muscular strength, and then training my magical power control before going to sleep.

As far as magical power is concerned, there has been no response as usual, but I once had received a warning from Maxwell: 「This won’t happen in a day」

To begin with, even in my current state, I’m already far ahead compared to my previous life, because at that time I couldn’t even feel my magical power.



「Mou, Nicole, you’re looking very sharp again today. If you don’t go to sleep soon, you’ll end up feeling sleepy later.」


At night, I was practicing magical manipulation before going to sleep.

Somehow I felt motivated working today, so I want to continue further.

However, Maria who thought that I was having troubles going to sleep, carried me in her arms.


「That’s right. If I don’t go to sleep soon, it will be a bit troublesome」

「Ara, dear. I was taking care of Nicole you know.」

「If it’s about this much, she probably won’t care right?」


While Maria was carrying me towards the double sized bed near the crib, Lyel leaked such lover’s talk.

You people… Are you going to do that here in this bed?

If things end up going in this direction, I obstinately won’t go to sleep. Couples should die, there’s no mercy.


I was really determined—–and before I realized, it was already morning.

That time I concluded that a baby’s body can’t stay up until late at night.



Before I died, Maria was doing missionary work at a church in a remote region.

Because of the complete devastation caused by the evil dragon to the three countries, it was not possible to re-establish them as a country anymore.

So we decided to unify the three countries into a single one, and excluding Maxwell the five of us would govern it.


Of course, all of us were clueless when talking about national power.

Fortunately, we have found a survivor, a boy who carries the blood of royalty from one of the three countries, and with that  reason the boy was pushed to be the king, the nobility that was able to survive also joined as his assistants and the nation rebuilding was resumed.


But even for us, we weren’t cold-hearted enough to just pretend that nothing happened.

When they were asking for rescue, we immediately lend our powers to them.


Even though Maxwell was now separated and is living in his own country, we could deal with just about any circumstances with even with only the five of us.

In the first place, it could also be said that most unsolvable problems would be easily solved just by using our names.

The inspection of the orphanage which was the cause of my death was the only job that ended in this kind of strange circumstance.


But it’s different now.

Receiving shock from my death, Cortina moved away from this territory, Maria gave birth, and the heroes’ party almost got disolved.

On another note, the young king was able to barely reorganize the nation by the end of the year, so Lyell and Maria were able to retire without worries.

Now they are fully enjoying their plain ordinary retirement life, although they didn’t even realize my feelings.


—Brace yourself, me. If I don’t take a stand here and now, when will I do so!?


Right now I was on the fence of my crib, desperately trying to stand up with trembling legs *Kaku Kaku*.

Skipping even the *Haihai* guided stand, I will show them the results of the Spartan Training.


It’s not like Maria is always there watching me all the time.

Right now, she went out to buy meal.

Of course, ensuring that not happens to me during those times, she reduced the burden of childcare by hiring a servant.


She was a beautiful elf girl who is about 15 year’s old working as a servant which is strange, and is not something one would encounter in such a remote region.

When Maria has to take her eyes off me, she is directed to take care of me.

However, even that girl is currently washing my diapers right now, so I’m all alone.

As a babysitter, she’s still have a lot of flaws, but right now I’m thankful for that.


I don’t want anyone to know that I’m able to stand now.


「Auaa–, nuaa–!」


With my fighting spirit rising, I stood erect and firm on my own feet.

It’s been almost one year since I was reborn in this world.

Crawling is all I could do up to this point, and I was a little slower in development compared to an ordinary baby, because of that, I couldn’t stand up yet.

Although I started training to acquire strength from a far early age than a normal baby, it was all useless.


It was all because of my decision to have an unbalanced diet.

Since I had been reborn, I stubbornly refused drinking Maria’s milk, because of that my body became very frail and my growth was stunned.

Thanks to my frequent repeated fever, both my parents became really worried.

That Lyell bastard didn’t matter, but I had worried about hurting Maria’s heart.


When my physical condition was finally stabilized, they also decided that it would be alright to leave me to another person, resulting to the final steps of employing a servant.


Anyway, I have no doubts that there’s no one watching me right now.

Even while staggering, I was able to stand up, that’s why I raised my short arm above my head and let out a victory cry!




But this is only my first step, literally.

From this point on, I have various missions in waiting.

First of all, I need to go to Maria’s private room to read her grimoires and bible, it’s necessary for me to accumulate knowledge about magic.

Half a year after sensing my magical power, I still haven’t succeeded in manipulating it.


Perhaps there was a mistake in my training method.

Perhaps there was a problem with my magic aptitude.

I have to know of a method in order to investigate those.


I continued walking while holding the edge of my crib, and also started practicing to stand up without supporting myself.