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Chapter 8 Blessings of God

TL: Yuki


Two more years have passed since I’ve started speaking.
During that time, I have learned a lot of things, like my appearance for example.


I wasn’t able to really know about my looks when I was a baby because I can’t even move my neck, but my hair was bluish silver with the texture like that of a thin silver thread.
Along with that, which I’ve witnessed looking in the mirror, the color of my skin was white enough to say that it was deathly pale, and the color of my eyes were different, which gave me a rather distinct characteristic.
My right eye is red, and my left eye is blue. It seems like I’ve inherited both Lyell’s blue eyes and Maria’s red eyes.


Combining all features that I’ve inherited, it could be said that I have quite a noticeable appearance. My facial features alone are already quite adorable, and I could already see a promising future even though I am only this young.


Of course, other than that, my body has also grown. However, even though I tried so hard to train my magic and body, the results were not that good.
Although magic still exists in my body, when I try controlling it, it goes out of control and I won’t be able to consciously manipulate it as I wanted.
This body, though I tried training it was quite similar to Maria, and is somewhat weaker than most children of the same age group.
Well, Maria is actually quite a sturdy person who was able to overcome our tough adventures. She has more physical strength than an average person. Compared to me, even though we were on the same level of experience, I am more frail and weaker than her. Even though my aim is to be similar to the hero Lyell, it seems like I have inherited more of Maria’s features instead.

Today, after a day of training, my family gathered in front of the fireplace and was bonding with each other.
I’m going to be three years old soon, and because my legs have become pretty firm, I am now able to move around freely in the house.
But right now I sitting on the floor this evening and was doing some mild stretching.
My physical strength has already been exhausted, but if I’m only doing mild stretches, then the impact on my physical strength won’t be that much.



Lyell sitting on the sofa behind me looked at me smiling as I do some stretching exercises.
Next to the fireplace is Maria, knitting, and Finia who was sitting beside her.

I was sitting on the floor, aligning my knees and bringing my heel beside my butt.
It would be hard to do this in a male’s body, but this body had no problems with that because of the difference in body structure of both genders.
Apparently, this body has a considerable problem in terms of physical strength and endurance, but seems to have considerably high dexterity and flexibility.


I secretly spread my left foot and kick my right foot a little.
Moving a few centimeters in this form, I then move to the left.


I repeated this several times and was moving right to left for a while.
But Lyell picked me up from behind and put me on his lap.


「Ya, Lesh–me-go!」
「Don’t hate me, Nicole … Can’t you play with dad once in a while?」
「Muu ~」


I twisted my body and jumped out of Lyel’s lap.
I’m going to pronounce it more clearly, 「Stop it, release me」 but as my vocal cords are still underdeveloped, I will definitely end up wording it in baby talk.


After escaping, I instantly found my point of protection.
Maria looked at me jumping off, and was ready to receive me with open arms.
But well, to jump into my former comrade’s chest would be too embarrassing. So I decided jump into Finia chest instead who was standing next to Maria.


Because she is a small and petite, I could easily jump up to her chest. Finia hurriedly picked me up who jumped suddenly.
Just like how elves look, she has a thin body but had a thin waist and a soft fluffy chest which could make you say that she’s certainly a woman. The fragrance flowers drifted slightly around her which was really comfortable.


I followed the source of the smell and it was drifting from a small bag hung around her waist.
Perhaps it was a potpourri made with wild grass.
She is wearing such a simple scent which is better compared to noble children wearing perfume.


I stretched out my hand to her waist, and took the small bag to check what was inside it. Other than that, I don’t really have any other ulterior motives. I just wanted to see the origins of this flowery scent.


But after seeing my actions, Maria couldn’t help but smile wryly and giggled.


「Nicole is still a girl after all, she seems to be curious about the potpourri」
「It’s not that rare,」
「But you know, she was not that keen on such small things before. Not only did she not want to wear skirts, she even asked Lyell to teach her swordsmanship, which was something that a boy would do」
「Nicole-sama is very after all, right? You could even say that she’s the cutest in this village!」


Finia emphasizes that while holding me.
Certainly my appearance is similar to Maria, which is a very good appearance that is neat and mature.
Moreover, because I am considerably smaller and more frail than the average child, it made me look like an adorable aristocratic girl.


But what I am aiming for is the hated Lyell style. With a figure of a Hero who could freely use the sword comparable to the length of his body. It was a form that I was aiming for and was not able to reach. However, with my current body, it seems impossible to also reach that figure even now.


「That’s right, Finia. Won’t you be making potpourris together with everyone tomorrow? 」
「Everyone, is it?」
「Yup, I think the west village have now become a meadow? It’s also getting warmer soon, so the flowers will blooming」
「Thinking about it, it’s about time… Will it not be dangerous going outside of the village? 」
「It’s not only Finia who will come along」
「But, won’t I be protected by Maria-sama instead?」
「Well, it’s not like I’m really that bad at close combat」
「I understand」


Maria was not a priest warrior, but a pure rear-guard. When it comes to combat abilities then she would have the lowest, and even during the refuge, it’s even weaker compared to the beastman Cortina and the elf Maxwell. However, she still surpasses the strength of ordinary people. Well, the current me is far more inferior though.


「Then it’s concluded, right? Well then, tomorrow let’s prepare some packed lunch before going to the meadow」
「Hai, I understand.」
「Also because a ceremonial baptism will be started soon, let’s take a break before that time arrives」


The ceremony of baptism is a ceremony received by a child three years after the birth, and is also a ceremony to examine the abilities of the child. In this world there are children who are given the ability called blessing, the benefits of that gift give the owner overwhelming effects.


For example, from mythical grade abilities like a different dimension space that can store objects unlimitedly, eternal youth as the name suggests, and charm ability that could attract others just by eye-contact. There are also blessings like ones possessed by Lyell and Maria possess that are useful in battle like martial-arts and high speed chanting and others. There are also other abilities that aren’t that useful so it’s more of a gamble. Just by having a gift there are things that an ordinary person reaches would be able to reach in decades but would be learn by an ability use in just a few years.


Of course there things that you could learn without such abilities, however people who possess abilities far outshines those who don’t, like in swordsmanship for example which would greatly boost the ability of one who possess it compared to one who doesn’t.

However, depending on the presence or absence, the growth rate obtained by training will differ a lot. As a ceremony to investigate those things, residents of this world will always look at baptism very seriously.


By the way, Lyell‘s gifts are combat tactics and toughness.
This greatly improves the combat abilities and giving him high endurance. By possessing this, he can continue to fight with almost inexhaustible physical strength.


Gaduls’ gift is shield arts and robust.
It allows him to receive an enemy’s attack with a shield and also can attack with a shield to repel enemies. And robustness is the ability to endure enemy attacks. With these two Gaduls was able to demonstrate the defensive power which could be said to be the life-line of the party.


Maria possessed God’s Miracle and High Speed Casting. This is a talent mainly focused on the use sacred magic and the ability to activate it instantaneously.
This allows her to quickly cast sacred magic.
In a battle that even a difference of seconds could mean death, her magic is another life-line aligned with Gaduls’.


Maxwell’s gift is aptitude for all attributes of magic and magical power increase. It’s the ability to master all kinds of magic and the ability to enhance their effects. Maxwell, who releases the range attack with a powerful magical power, was a main attacking feature which is opposite to Gaduls.


Cortina possess Ingenious Strategy and High Speed Calculation. Ingenious Strategy is the ability to see the strategy of the enemy, to derive the optimal solution of strategy and tactics, the High Speed Calculation is the ability to calculate instantaneously as its name implies. With the combination of these two gifts, we could instantly handle the information in front of us and instruct us the best course action.

Because she of that, she was able to understand why help was needed earlier than anyone else at the time before I died.

Also I couldn’t forgive Gaduls who brought such a request, but more than that, I could not forgive myself who could not properly follow the right measures to help myself more than anyone else, I then I ended up in this place.


Compared to them, my gift was quite plain. What I had was a Thread Manipulation and Covert Tactics.
It was purely for assassination that could be done without being noticed by anyone else and stopping enemy’s breath by attacks using a steel thread.

That is why there are a lot of disadvantages if I confront an enemy head on. It could even be said that I was fortunate enough to be able to subjugate that demon.


I do not yet know what happened to that gift after being reborn, but it seems like those skills are inherited by me which I found out how dexterous I was when training along with Finia.