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Chapter 23 Results of the Exam

TL: Yuki

ED: Chinozuku



Placing a rope over a thick branch, we managed to hang the Strike Boar to drain its blood.

Carrying the boar for several hundreds of meters would be impossible to do with a child’s strength, that’s why, with the principle of pulleys, we managed to pull it up and hang it on a branch.

We tear up the major arteries on its front legs and neck, cutting deep its muscles in order to remove the blood.

During that time, Michelle-chan was scouting around, because there is a possibility that the other beasts would be attracted by the smell of the blood.


After draining the blood, we cut open its belly and process its internal organs, then I separate edible parts and not, then bury all the inedible in a small pit that I dug up. The meat was then dropped down from the branch and was processed into small pieces to make sure that it fits properly into our small cart to carry them back to the village, and when we were preparing ourselves to depart, someone called on to us.


「Ok, that should be good enough. The challenge is passed. The overall process took a while, but there’s no problem. Well, I didn’t expect Nicole-chan to be quite familiar with it though. 」

「Well, I also did my best, mou」


Well, it was simply because of my experience in my previous life, having repeatedly doing this made me quite familiar with it. However, because of my lack of muscle strength, it took a lot of time and effort to peel off the skin.


That battle we have performed so far was actually a graduation test for us. Together, we need to defeat a Strike Boar or a monster of the same level and harvest food ingredients and materials from it. The process was also checked.


「What’s the result? 」

「Well, before that, Michelle-chan, why were you focused on aiming at its neck? 」


Certainly, with her Marksmanship gift, it’s also possible for her to aim at other spots like the head, but she only focused on the neck, not the body or the head.


「Umm, well, if it’s the head, it might be repelled because of its skull, and if it’s the body, I might not properly hit a vital point 」

「Certainly, if it’s in the head, then there would be a chance of being repelled, but I don’t think that hitting the body would be bad though」



If it was a strike to the body, the pain it received might actually inhibit its movements, and if you could also manage to hit a vital spot, then that alone would be fatal. It would have also been easier for me to dodge its attack if its movement was slowed down. That is what Maria is trying to say.


「Ummm, it’s because the neck is more of a fatal spot……」

「True, but you didn’t really have to force it. A Strike Boar’s neck is actually quite tough. If majority of its attack is based on front charges, don’t you think that it would need a strong neck to support it? 」

「――Ah, I see」


It was charging with a huge body and moving at a fast speed. It would need a neck strong enough to support that. It could also be said that the thickness of the muscles in the neck is higher than on any part of its body.


「Then……Umm, am I not qualified? 」

「That’s not really the case. Of course, you passed! You have definitely hunted a Strike Boar. This is only a recommendation, that way you may have more means of finding weaknesses in the future.」

「Really! I’m glad」


Next, Maria turned to me.


「Next is Nicole-chan……Though you did well on making it focus on attacking you with meager power, strengthening yourself would have also made it much easier.」



That’s right. At that time, I was certainly able to avoid the Strike Boar’s attacks and counter. And at that time, if I have properly enhanced myself, I would have also been able to deal more damage. But well, when I was in front of my opponent, I was a bit nervous. I immediately lost the thought of using support magic, and fought it head on with my current status.


「If Nicole-chan’s damage was also effective, the battle would have ended earlier, and the burden on Michelle-chan would also be lessened.」


「That’s why, think carefully about it from now on. The shorter the time you fight, the better it will be. Well, if it was Cortina, it would have already been dealt with even before the fight starts……」


And finally, Maria comments about how it would end up if it was with her companions.

If it’s that woman, then certainly she would set a trap on its movement path, reveal herself on the target to lure it, then kill it with the trap or any kinds of methods she could think of like poison.


「We’ll be careful in the future」

「Un. But still, this is quite unexpected. You two were able to defeat it on our own, despite being seven years old children」



I and Michelle puffed our chest filled with confidence. However, on my part, it’s more of trying to puff up my chest though since there isn’t any to puff up.


「Shall we go home then. Michelle-chan can carry half of the meat back home later」

「Yey! 」

「You don’t need to celebrate that much about it, it’s simply because Michelle hunted this together, you know? I won’t even mind if you have more」

「Eh? But I wouldn’t be able to hunt it if I was on my own. If it’s only me, I won’t be able to attack it directly」

「I also won’t be able to beat it on my own.」

「That’s why we’re splitting it in half. You don’t have to hold back in times like this. It also won’t be bad if you request for more」



And so after tying it down properly, were about to grab the rope, but Maria took it from us and pulled it on her own as if it wasn’t heavy at all.

As expected of a High-Ranking Adventurer. Even though she didn’t train as much as vanguards, she still had enough strength that far surpassed normal people.


Seeing Maria who had an image of a young wife carrying a huge pile of meat as if it was nothing, made us stare with blank eyes and dumbfounded.

How to say this, I think I just actually saw a glimpse of just how strong-willed and powerful my mom is.





Our dinner for that day was a lavish one with a large amount of meat dishes being served. After hearing about us hunting all the meat, Lyell ran out to show off with a teary face. He seems to be really proud about it.

And with the fact that we were able to defeat a Strike Boar is more than enough qualification on ability for us to enter the academy. At the same time, it will also be proof that our time to depart will be arriving and the time to say our farewell to our parents is closing in.


I then started knitting something in front of the fireplace with the whole family after dinner. The season is approaching spring, yet I am currently weaving a scarf made out of wool yarn. The reason for this is because I’ve become more feminine, but it is part of my training to improve my other hidden gift which is thread manipulation. Well, in actuality, I am also going to use the product as a gift for my parents.


「Nicole, are you sure that it’s fine to knit a muffler during this season? 」

「It’s fine」

「But Mama want to wear something cooler, you know? 」

「Then, I’ll make a Summer Cardigan」

「So happy」

「What about Papa? 」

「A Sweater」


After my cold and cruel decree, Lyell made an orz pose depressed about it, but he still accept it happily.

If it’s a gift from his lovely and cute daughter, something like that won’t matter. Even a Sweater in the hot seasons would be great. Well, he’s saying that it was his Policy as a Hero.

I will be away for many years from now. So giving them gifts before I leave should be fine. Well, if its Maxwell’s magic, I could actually go back home several times a year.


Then, probably remembering about something, Lyell stood up from the couch ran out of the room.


「Mou. Nicole, you shouldn’t be so mean to you Papa, you know? 」

「U, unn……」


It just can’t be helped. He is my former Rival after all. I am showing him enough affection as a daughter, but I want to be spared from anything other than that. Well, this sense of distance is kind of offsetting me from becoming closer as a daughter after all.


After a while, Lyell returned to the room carrying a sword.

No, it was too thin to be called a normal sword, and it was wrapped in cloth. It was a kind of sword that was called a Katana.


「Nicole. If it’s this sword then maybe you can handle it?  I really wanted to present it to you a little later, but well, you are now strong enough to hunt a Strike Boar, so there probably won’t be any problems」

「Eh? 」

「Because you are knitting a scarf to give to Papa. Think of it as a return present」


I held it in my hand and see it directly. This, this is a really good sword. When I pulled it out, I could see my cloudy reflection on the blade along with the light from the lamp.


「It’s not a magic sword, unfortunately, but it’s a sturdy one. It’s the type of sword that won’t become dull easily even with little maintenance, I think? 」

「Th, thank you」

「Listen, Nicole. Unfortunately, you don’t have the aptitude to be a vanguard. Please avoid doing so if possible, and use it as a last resort if really necessary」

「Un, I understand」


Though he says that, I don’t intend to follow that advice.

I am aiming to be a magic swordsman as my last resort after all. This time, I won’t be feared as an assassin but will be hailed and loved as a hero.

Only that will of mine stays strong even now.


Then after taking some more exams, the day we leave for Raum finally came.