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Chapter 24 Morning of the Departure

TL: Yuki



And finally the day to start out travels began.

It will only be me and Michelle-chan who will be taking the exams to enter Raum Academy.

In the first place if you are not eligible enough, you won’t even have the chance to take the exam of that school.

In other words, it’s a narrow path even for the chosen ones may enter.


After loading my luggage near the entrance of the village, I finally said my sad farewells to my parents

At the moment, Finia was loading other luggage that we would need for travelling. The amount of luggage was kept to the bare minimum since everyone was already used to travelling, or more like it Finia who had a lot of extra luggage.


「Well then, Nicole……I’m really sad to say goodbye……I will be really lonely…… ah forget it, I’m also going! 」

「Darling, please keep it a t that」


With his face sloppy from tears, Lyell who was trying to stop me and even attempted to board was thrown back by Maria without hesitation.

In recent times, I could certainly feel that Maria’s Iron Mom toughness is coming out more often.

And Lyell…… where did that handsome full of confidence guy go?


「Nicole, please take care of yourself. You have that potpourri to help you with nausea right? 」

「Un, I’ll be fine」

「Please understand that you are physically weak, so be careful, okay? Also, feel free to tell Cortina or Maxwell if you have any troubles, okay? 」



There are reasons why I’m allowed to go to Raum.

One of them is that Maxwell and Cortina will take on my guardianship.

Well, Finia will also come along but she is only a commoner. If things become difficult, it would be hard to rely on her for help.

Michelle-chan’s parents all followed along, but they are just ordinary hunters. They won’t be able to help against children with high social status that will also be attending the school.


「Don’t worry, they will definitely help when you are in need」

「Did you use something that would make them remember something embarrassing from their past? 」

「No Comment」

「Oi, Maria…… What are you trying to teach her……」


As a trump card, Maria told me something that would force Maxwell to cooperate in times of need. Well, what she thought me were mostly embarrassing moments of the two from the past. I knew a bit about Maxwell’s past……and yes, Cortina is included…… but what I’ve learned from Maria was even more surprising.

Or more like, it was something I wouldn’t really want to know if possible.


Lyell who was listening to what we were talking about from that side was covered in cold sweat. It seems like he was shocked discovering how absurd the dark side of her wife was like. Honestly, even I draw back for a bit.


「Wel, never mind that……Nicole, do you have your Katana? 」

「Un, from now on I will be swinging this」

「Then, keep this in your mind. If things become dangerous――be sure not to hesitate to kill」


This time too, Lyell made a serious look as he gives the advice. With Lyell and Maria around, the protection of the village was quite secure. There are monsters that occasionally invade, but they were killed by Lyell before they could even cause any damage.


But if it’s outside of the village, then that would be a different story. Three of the northern countries have suffered a lot during the fights and united together to bring back security. But because of that, there was a lack in terms of human resources.


Other than strategic areas of the country, the security on other places was not that good. Farmers were being devastated by monsters, some fallen mercenaries became bandits. And in order to cope up with those threats, it is necessary for one to be able to kill or they will be killed.

Even Michelle-chan did her best in order to be able to kill monsters.


During these times of confusion, the chance of encountering that is high. That’s why Lyell gave that advice.

But well, that advice is useless for me, after all I am one of the six Heroes, not to mention that I am one of the most ruthless of them.

By the way the top one for most ruthless was Cortina.

In worst case scenario, she would even cut off allied soldiers and use them as bait. That’s why there is no one else who stands above in terms of ruthlessness other than her.


After they finished loading their luggage, Michelle-chan and her parents boarded the carriage. Finia also finished loading our luggage.


「Well then Finia. I’ll be counting on you in taking care of Nicole, okay? 」

「Please leave it to me Maria-sama. I will be sure to protect her even at the risk of my life! 」

「Oh, and I forgot to mention this before but……Nicole seems to be so tomboyish and was missing a few things to be more ladylike, be sure to teach her well, understand? 」

「Yes, I will be sure to make her into a fine lady! 」

「No, that’s no good」


Is what I whispered behind Finia, and of course I made sure that she didn’t hear it. It’s not really like I’m avoiding it, but it just didn’t sit well with me. In this case, I really have to make use of my covert skills to try and escape.


「Remember about what you have learned from Lyell. Your own safety is a first priority, okay? 」


「Finia too? 」

「Eh, me too? 」

「Of course you are included, you are part of the family? That’s why be sure to also protect yourself」



Finia started to murmur things.

She was still probably concerned about the fact that she was the cause of Reid’s death. That’s why Maria was insisting that she should also protect herself. As for me, if I was driven to a corner and have to save someone, then I would probably offer my life in order to protect someone.


「I understand. If Maria-sama says so」


Even though she was still confused, she still swears to Maria to fulfill that promise. Seeing her like that, Maria puts her hand on Finia’s shoulder.


「You know? I have told you this many times now, that Reid’s death wasn’t your fault. It was the fault of that idiot for messing things up and ends up dying」

「But! Reid-sama was――」



I who was treated like an idiot by Maria, was secretly coughing behind Finia while I listen. However, this is not a really good place for me to act strange while holding my mouth.


「That idiot, in order to save…… and also in order to save Cortina, sacrificed his life. That was a decision he made during that situation and what he thought was necessary. That’s why there is no need for you to blame yourself over this」

「Still, because of me……」

「His death was the result of his own judgment. To go against his judgment and force your belief would be comparable to blasphemy by denying what he believed in」


I also agree with what she was pointing out. There was no reason for Finia to blame herself. Probably because of the shock seeing someone dying before her, it ended up becoming a trauma and was haunting her making her blame herself.

Though I feel like a lot of beautifications were applied to filter the things that she believed in…… I really wanted to tell her that it was my own mistake, and that there is no need for her to be blamed.


「Please do you best to forgive yourself during this long journey」

「Was that the reason…… That you have assigned me? 」

「There is also that included. But it’s because Nicole was the most at ease if it’s with you. You could also think of it as a sign of atonement for Reid, so please do try to do it」


After telling her all of that, she gently hugged Finia. After clearing up all the tears after responding to the hug, we finally started our journey.