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Chapter 25 The Journey

TL: Yuki

While being shaken by our carriage, we continue our journey towards Raum. On our way, we didn’t really have to worry about any raids… more than that… uugh…


「Uhhhgg, I feel sick」

「Are you okay, Nicole-sama!? 」


Finia couldn’t hide her surprised after I became sick for the second time today. The journey itself was fine, but my physical condition was not. Knowing I would end up like this, Maria made sure for me to carry potions that would help relieve the intoxication.

But even with that, it didn’t really help much due to m frail constitution. Seriously it’s not really working.

On the other hand, my best friend Michelle-chan couldn’t even hold her laughter while looking at my condition.


However, stopping the carriage in order to mend my physical condition would only end up delaying our journey.

Right now Finia was letting rest on her lap and took out a potpourri on her pocket to relieve me of my dizziness.


The carriage we were using is not something with passenger seats but much closer to a covered cart that could only stop wind and rain.

Although the ride we have is not the best, there are also advantages to it like being able to stretch out like this.


Placing my head on Finia’s lap, a refreshing scent was brought to my my nose from the potpourri that she brought.

The potpourri she had contains mint and a mix of lavender, that’s why it was giving off a refreshing scent.

That refreshing scent was healing the damage from my senses and is making me relax.



「Kukuku, right now Nicole-sama you are acting like a spoiled kitten」

「Un, Nicole-chan turned into a cat」

「Oi! 」


Michelle and Finia were teasing me at my  current condition, and Michelle’s mom couldn’t help but smile at them.

Though I am like this, I am still the daughter of heroes and was considered to be a respectable noble.

Although her mom knows that despite all this Maria wouldn’t really mind them if they were a little disrespectful, still, the thought of angering Maria is something that is really scary.

She will also be helping us in supporting our daily life at the academy, but they still have no idea on what they should do.


「Uuugh, it’s finally subsided a bit. The fact that my body is really weak is reflects with this…」


I also feel kind of weird being more feminine than usual, but I have now gotten used to calling myself watashi [TL: how females address themselves].


In this carriage headed towards Raum, there are also several merchants that joined us on the trip other than Michelle-chan and her parents.

Some of them were also here to return to Raum after trading with the village.

There are currently three escorts and there are people carrying huge amounts of money.

They are kind of a little tense due to the presence of a person that should not be in this carriage.


「That’s right, Adventurer Nii-san, can I ask you something? 」

「Nicole-sama…… that is……」


They are also in charge of escorting us.

There’s no need for them to listen to a child’s request, well they can at least lay low for a bit.

Well, keeping their eyes on the surrounding all the time would wear them out more than necessary though.

After all, I have also experienced being an adventurer.


「It’s fine you know, there are no monsters in the surroundings at the moment」

「Eh, how do you know about that? 」

「I can somehow tell」


This is one of my skills, being able to sense life, since this skill doesn’t require physical ability. I was able to learn it almost at the same level as I had before.

And right now, there are no strange presences or enemies within my range of sense.

Even if they want to continue, they still need to stop the carriage to take a break.

Though everyone should be alert, it is not good to stay alert all the time. If they are too strict about this, they would only end up tired and would loosen their focus and might end up making a mistake.


「Is that……is that really true? 」

「Well there are no enemies within my detection range……」


Hearing that, Finia tried asking one of the adventurers, but a similar answer came back from them.

Well, we don’t really have to rush our trip.


「You know? I also have a good pair of ears」

「Is that so, fine then――what is it that you want to know? 」


And with this, the adventurers told us stories about their adventures. It was something that a normal villager wouldn’t know of. Everyone was listening intently to their stories, other than me that is.


From my point of view, after hearing about their adventures, I couldn’t help but think about how sloppy and careless they are as adventurers. Still it is interesting enough as form of entertainment on this long journey.

Well it is better than accumulating fatigue and staying silent all journey long.


「Then suddenly a troll jumps out of a shade――」

「Whaa!? 」

「But you know, it wasn’t a troll that came out right? 」


A troll is a huge monster about 5 meters in height. From what they were talking about before, they said that they were inside a cavern with a ceiling of about 3 meters in height.


「Ugh……Tha, That is……」

「Mou, I’ll continue the story…… it was goblins that came out from that place」


The three adventurers were two men and one woman. The female adventurer contradicted the explanation of the man.

Well, as for me, I don’t really know how the general public would see this, but I’m still listening to this as well, so I’d like you to forgive me from doing a tsukommi from all this.


Well, despite being cramped in a small space like this, the other passengers were laughing out loud. Though everyone isn’t related, their bonds were becoming stronger.

From my past experiences, over-skilled experts tend to be admired without their notice.


While watching adventurers having fun with the passengers, the journey continued while gaining such fun memories.